12 qualities of a desirable man

There are many men, some better than others. There are aggressive and hostile by nature, also gentle and loving, traits and qualities that no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to change in your partner overnight.

If your boy does not recognize that he hurts you or that the relationship could improve if he changes some aspects of his personality, he will never change no matter what you do for it.

Within each man there are inherent characteristics that make him different from all others, therefore, it is important to know how to choose a boy who makes us happy and not one with whom you have to live between problems and heartbreak.

Men who are really worth it have special qualities, which I will identify and describe for you below. Ready? Let’s learn about 12 of those qualities.

1. He looks at you

When a man is really interested in a woman he looks at her in a special way no matter where they are. These are the looks that touch a girl’s heart. Likewise, when the gaze is directly into your eyes when it is lost in yours, a man is trying to see your soul.

We all know with a natural ability when a man tries to connect with us by looking at our eyes. We also notice when they are looking at us but their thoughts in another place and time. If this last case is your guy’s, just let him go.

2. He is kind

There are gentlemen and weak of character, unable to say no even when asked to undertake a task they do not like to do. At first, this might seem attractive, but you will realize over time that they are people who do not fight for what they want, who do not defend their convictions, and sooner or later you will end up bored of a boy like that.

On the other hand, there are the aggressive guys who push out anyone who crosses their path, men who have kindness last on their priority list. Obviously, a man with these characteristics does not suit you either, so the ideal would be to find a boy between these two personalities.

The chosen man must be able to open his heart and support you in everything because you are simply his princess. He must be a kind-hearted boy but ready to face and win the battles that life gives. This is the perfect point between strength and subtlety in a man.

3. Relentless and patient at the same time

Regardless of the engines that motivate you to fight every day and earn a living, success will always be necessary. The human being needs that irreplaceable feeling of feeling like a winner, a winner. This gives you success.

A man who supports you, who fights for his projects and also does it together with you to achieve yours, that is a relentless man. You need a guy like that, who is not intimidated by anything or anyone but at the same time is also patient.

A man who does not mind waiting for you the hours that are necessary for the shopping center, one who listens to your problems and enjoys a sunset on the beach with you in which both of you are in silence, with the assurance that everything is fine between you. . A subject capable of sharing your interests and learning the activities that you are passionate about.

This is very clear to you. The physical beauty of a man is exhausted and in the end, after years together, what remains and matters is his human quality.

4. Ambitious but conscientious

You definitely need an ambitious man by your side.

There is a wrong comparison on this term. Ambitious is not the same as greed.

Society took it upon ourselves to make us believe that being ambitious is a negative trait when this is nowhere near the truth. An ambitious woman or man is the one who has dreams, the one who aspires, one who wants to be a better person or professional, someone non-conformist who seeks greatness instead of just comfort.

The people who are willing to fight for something better, who are not satisfied with the first job they got after college, the guy who is willing to accept the risk and invest in a business, an adventure, is really the man who it’s worth it for you.

5. Can cook

It is completely unacceptable that men around the world still believe that the role of women is to cook, care for children, do housework, and, last but not least, financially support the house without neglecting their appearance to stay beautiful.

Women of the 21st century are capable of doing these and other activities simultaneously, but we only undertake them because we want to, not because we assume it is an obligation.

It does not only count that your partner cooks, it should do it on the anniversary or to be happy after an argument.

What I’m trying to tell you is that your boy should be able to get up early and make breakfast without your help, be independent for these kinds of chores around the house. You must cook without complexes of genders. A boy like that is the one who is worth it.

6. Physically active

Here is a directly proportional relationship. Physically active equals physically attractive. This point cannot be left out of our list.

Men think that from a feminine point of view an attractive boy is that muscular one who is almost impossible to hug. I do not deny that this is something nice to see and feel, but it is not the prototype of a man that all women look for to have at home. A boy can be attractive to us for different reasons far removed from the muscles.

A boy in good physical condition, resistant to a long day of training, and with strong, shapely legs, is an excellent sign that he can be a great lover in bed.

7. Smart but not cocky

When you meet an intelligent, wise boy, capable of criticizing without damaging or belittling the ideas of second and third people, you will have to realize that you are on the right track to find the boy of your dreams. Despite this, these are not the only conditions.

Intelligence must be accompanied by modesty. That crafty boy must also be modest because it will be boring to hear his bragging all day, every day.

An arrogant man is equal to throwing all good conditions in the trash because there is nothing more unbearable than a subject with this defect. Look for an intelligent boy, prepared, but who is also humble. This combination will make you fall in love sooner rather than later.

8. He’s fun

He has a great ability to make you laugh.

Let’s be honest, men with a sense of humor have a much better chance of winning over us than a rich kid or an extremely handsome boy. Laughter is the best way to heal the soul.

There are many aspects that we can ignore when we choose a partner, some of them, their physique, economic condition, and even the relationship we have with their family, but what you cannot put aside is their sense of humor.

If you marry or accept as a partner a bitter guy whose life has no color, sooner or later you will perceive reality as he does.

Remember, to choose a partner you must make sure

first that its mere presence will help you to be a better version of yourself

9. He shows you that he loves you

Although there are words that are wonderful to hear from your man, his actions will say more.

You may feel safe in your man if he goes out of his way to tell you how much he loves you and how beautiful you are, but if his actions demonstrate other priorities above you, it will all be in words. This is definitely not the kind of love you deserve.

Instead, you should prefer a shy boy, not skilled at expressing himself verbally, who talks to you about his feelings towards you only when no one except you can hear him, but able to cancel any commitment to be with you. A man who says more with his gestures than with words is the kind of guy who is worthwhile.

Remember, anyone can swear eternal love, but not everyone is capable of demonstrating it with actions.

10. He is euthanized

One of the things that can ruin our women’s day is losing an argument with our partner. We are able to draw arguments from up to five years ago in order to win the contest, because more than a matter of pride, it is a matter of conviction. We women feel that we are always right, don’t we, girls?

Many men tend to say things they don’t really mean when they are upset, which is why one quality that makes a guy perfect is being willing to sacrifice himself and write off an argument, just not to make things worse.

11. He is always available when you need him

A man who loves you is one who, for example, does not care about distances to see you or leave you safe.

When a boy shows you his total willingness to help you in anything, be it painting your apartment, putting together a new piece of furniture in your parents’ house, or fixing a gas leak, it should be the one chosen for you. They are signs that it will always be there with you.

12. Without you, he loses himself

When your boy shows you with acts that you are a part of his life, that you are one of the essential elements of his existence, it not only means that he is crazy about you, but that he is a human being capable of demonstrating his true feelings and that he is not. He cares what others say or thinks about it since for him the most important thing is you.

There are many types of men and finding the perfect one could take a lifetime. You may die trying. The ideal is not to seek perfection, but to choose a boy who fulfills you in every way, who makes you happy.

Accept it as it is, with its flaws and virtues, but let it make you feel like the most special woman of all.

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