12 Real Signs Of True Love In A Relationship

True love is the true definition of a perfect romance.

But it’s not easy to find.

Do you see these 12 signs of true love in your own relationship?

True love is not felt in a blink of an eye or a second glance.

True love takes time to take shape.

And, contrary to popular belief, love, at first sight, isn’t really love.

In fact, love, at first sight, is just a crush.

It is a strong wave of romantic emotions that overwhelm both people.

Before asking yourself what true love is and what the signs of true love really are, you need to understand that it is very important to take things slow in a relationship if you want to ensure your success.

What Is True Love Then?

True love, ironically, cannot be defined.

It’s the kind of love that many of us chase, but few really discover or realize until it’s too late.

So what is true love really?

True love is the kind of love and affection you have for someone who is not bound by the laws of human behavior.

Human behavior is simple to understand.

When someone hurts you, you get angry with them.

When someone is lucky or gets a better job, you get jealous.

And when someone breaks your ego or humiliates you, you want revenge.

This is human behavior because these traits are ingrained in us.

But when you experience true love with someone, your primal instincts and behavior change just for that person.

True love transcends typical human behavior.

It makes you a better human being compared to someone special.

When Does One Experience True Love?

True love takes time to blossom.

What you experience in the first year of a relationship are passion and attraction.

As the bursts of passion begin to fade with the first arguments and the first misunderstandings, that’s when love starts to enter the picture.

And this is where most couples start to emotionally drift apart, or even end up breaking up because of incompatibilities.

If you’re in a relationship where you both truly understand and feel compatible, and most importantly, love each other, chances are you’re already experiencing true love.

Experiencing True Love in Your Life

Is true love a once-in-a-lifetime experience?

Not really.

You can try them multiple times and with many people at the same time.

You can experience true love with your spouse or lover, your children, and anyone else you are attached to in your life.

But true love can also fade over time.

For most of us, our first love is the first time we experience the purest form of true love.

We are not afraid to let that special person into our hearts and we are not afraid to suffer heartbreak because we still don’t know what heartbreak feels like.

We are fearless in love and we love passionately with all our hearts.

But when the first romance dies, the true love we had for the first partner also disappears, even if it takes years and several new relationships to get over.

And as we get into more relationships, most of us fall into two groups.

One who believes in true romantic love and the other group who are convinced that true love does not exist.

The type of relationship you’ve had in life can play an important role in understanding and expectations of true love.

And if you’re wondering if true love and romantic love are the same, they really aren’t, even though we almost always associate true love with romantic love.

True love is love in its purest form, while romantic love needs physical attraction to stay alive.

True Love Cannot Be Forced

True love must be experienced naturally and sincerely.

You can’t fake true love, no matter how hard you try.

If a couple does not pass the compatibility test at their infatuation stage, it is very difficult for both of them to experience true love.

On the other hand, if the two partners can understand and relate to each other, they will begin to love each other’s company and become inseparable.

And eventually, that bond will grow into a pure, selfless love that we call true love.

The 12 Signs of True Love in a Perfect Romance

True love can be hard to define, but the signs to read true love can be seen clearly in every perfect love relationship.

If you’re in a relationship and you want to know if you’re experiencing the purest form of love, use these 12 signs of true love to find out for yourself.

1. Give And Receive In Love.

You give yourself into the relationship wholeheartedly, with no desire or expectation to receive anything in return from your partner to justify your actions.

2. Pure Happiness.

Just watching that special someone smile or laugh out loud fills you with intense happiness, even if you are suffering or having a rough day.

3. Pain And Anger.

You are terribly hurt when your Beloved bothers you, but their actions never irritate you.

You might get irritated or frustrated every now and then momentarily, but you just can’t stay mad at him for long because getting mad or giving them the silent treatment hurts him more.

4. Sacrifices.

You make sacrifices for his happiness or well-being, even if he never realizes it.

5. The Right Effort.

You try your best to improve the relationship and play a conscious role in trying to please your partner and make them feel loved and special.

6. You can never hurt him.

When you’re truly in love with someone, you can’t even imagine hurting them, emotionally or physically.

Revenge is a strong human instinct, but true love makes you completely selfless.

7. You Keep Your Promises.

When you make a promise to them, you keep your word, even if that person never finds out if you broke the promise.

When you experience true love, your moral conscience becomes very strong when it comes to that special someone.

8. Us.

In a perfect relationship, it’s nice to have your own space to grow as an individual.

But at the same time, if you really love your partner, you’ll see them as part of your life.

When you think about your future, you can’t help but see it on your side.

9. You Share His Responsibilities.

And you do it even if you don’t have to.

You can’t stand to see that special someone suffering.

If he’s dealing with a problem, you’re always willing to offer a helping hand, even when you have your own difficulties to resolve and overcome.

10. Pride And Jealousy.

You smile with pride when he achieves something, even if it’s the same thing you failed at.

You can be jealous of a friend who has outgrown you, but when you love someone, jealousy never enters the picture.

11. Suffering.

You would be willing to suffer, just to see you happy.

12. His Perspective.

Everything you do, keep your lover in mind and think from their perspective, whether it’s planning a surprise party or hanging out with your friends after work.

You never want to hurt your lover, so always think from his point of view before making any decision that involves him in any way.

Are You Experiencing True Love?

If you’re in a relationship and you’re not experiencing these true signs of love, don’t worry.

Perhaps your relationship has not reached the state of emotional maturity that overcomes the physical attraction or infatuation stage.

Take your time and test the waters.

You can’t fall in love with someone by forcing yourself to have a relationship.

If it doesn’t work out, try to understand yourself better.

And if nothing you do can bring happiness back to love, maybe you’d better date other people.

But at the same time, if you’re already happy in the relationship, don’t try to change anything about it.

Sometimes selfless and unconditional love takes time to materialize.

Remember, you cannot advance to the next stage of love unless you are both ready for it.

As long as your lover and you are happy and understand each other, you are already experiencing the perfect kind of love!


Use these 12 signs of true love to understand what true selfless love really means.

And even if you’re not there yet, don’t worry.

It’s only a matter of time before a happy romance follows the true path of love!

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