12 things men should know about women

These things will help you understand women better!

You tell yourself that women are complicated. No, they’re not that complicated, and it’s easy to make them happy, plus they always give some clues. You just need to understand their needs and know what they really want. If you’re struggling to maintain a good relationship with them, here are some ideas that will come in handy!

1.Small texts, she thinks they’re so cool

Your sweetheart very much appreciates receiving a message from you during the day, it immediately makes her smile. “What are you doing my princess? “, ” How is your day ? »,« I can’t wait to see you tonight! »… Flash calls, she loves that too. For her, these are real proofs of love that immediately make you fall in love. Even though she’s too busy to respond within a minute, these little touches go straight to her heart. You probably find it harmless, but it has a lot of effects.

2. Little touches mean a lot to her

Think you only have to surprise her once, and you’re done? Think again, she takes note of all your little attention towards her. If you rarely do this, she’s just biding her time to repeat them to you. Look no further, for little is enough to touch her heart. After work, buy her favorite cake or just give her a pretty bouquet of flowers. But you can also suggest a movie to go and watch a movie that she loves together. This is how you make him happy. So, Gentlemen, try every now and then!

3.You behave like a real gentleman, she loves it

When you are together and behave like a true gentleman, she loves it. But do not confuse being gallant and being old fashioned. Open the door for her, help her to sit down when you are at the restaurant, invite her from time to time to go out… Your darling, she only dreams of that!

4.confidence has nothing to do with arrogance

Women fall for confident men because, with them, they are reassured, they feel safe, but above all, they find it super attractive. But, arrogance, they find it unbearable. Still, some guys tend to confuse the two. You have great self-confidence, she loves it. On the fly, be so honest, stop the lies, even about a small thing. However, keep your infidelity to yourself!

5.that you listen to her and take note of everything she says

When you get home at night, your sweetheart loves to share her whole day with you. Most of the time, you really don’t care, you just want to watch TV, but not listen to his whining. Know that she hates talking in the wind, and it is very annoying. Yes, you’ve had a hard day too, and she understands, but make an effort to listen carefully to everything she says. Ask her questions, comfort her, and engage in the conversation. Rest assured, you will be generously rewarded afterward.

6.Your immaturity, she’s not really a fan

Your girlfriend likes to pamper you, and she helps you with some household chores. But what she hates the most is that you treat her like your mom, she doesn’t like to play moms. Helping you, yes, but having to do the work for you all the time and on her own, she hates it! So get more involved in the housework. By doing this, she will love you even more!

7. take your time under the duvet

Intimacy is a pure moment of happiness for both Monsieur and Madame. But some men really behave like real boobs. They rush in and finish what they have to do when their partner is just starting to enjoy it. Know from now that the fairer needs a little longer to be satisfied, unlike you. So, Gentlemen, take your time, it will be 7th heaven guaranteed for both of you!

8.she is your priority

Your beloved loves knowing that she is more important than your game console than your football night with your friends… She wants to be the priority in your life because, for her, you certainly are. So don’t make it just a filler. From now on, learn to put things in order, and you will see that your relationship will be healthy, strong, and lasting.

9.When she doesn’t feel like it doesn’t mean she doesn’t like you

Men often get it wrong when it comes to intimacy. When your chick says she doesn’t feel like doing it tonight, it’s a mess because what you hear behind is that she doesn’t like you. Know that she too has the right to be tired and stressed, so don’t take it upon yourself. It is in these moments that she wants to talk, to confide, and especially that you take her in your arm.

10.Themes about the toilet, she doesn’t like

Topics that revolve around pee or poo, discuss it with your friends, never with the woman who shares your life, even if it makes you laugh. She finds it disgusting, and for her, it’s the worst love kill ever, even if you’ve been together for 5, 10 years, or more. Don’t leave the bathroom doors open, and don’t talk about it!

11.When to say “I’m sorry,” don’t hold back

Once you’ve made a mistake, swallow your pride, and learn to apologize. Acknowledge your mistake, a simple “I’m sorry” means a lot to her, and will only do your relationship good.

12.Don’t forget birthdays

Whether it’s his birthday, Valentine’s Day, the anniversary of your first meeting… Don’t skip them anymore, and please him by taking him to the restaurant and giving him a nice present. There are 356 days in the year, and you really have a hard time remembering 3 or 4 super important dates for her, but especially for your couple?