13 grim signs he no longer wants to marry you

The idea of ​​getting married is something that women praise most of the time because it is like a childhood dream to have the perfect wedding with the perfect man for them.

Not all men have this desire and many times they are the least interested in this aspect, this stage is not always interesting for them. But sometimes, out of the desire to please their partner, some men may agree to take that important, but mostly unwanted step.

When that happens, there are many signs of knowing when a man no longer wants to get married. After all, he may never want to marry you, or maybe he thought he did, but then realized he wasn’t really ready.

Then I ask you; Do you know which ones they are? Do you have any idea?

If not, and you are feeling quite confused about his new attitude toward marriage, I want to give you some daily signs that show you that this is no longer the time for him and that he might have changed his mind about your proposal. Take notes:

1. He never talks about it

Imagine this: he proposed, but never talks about it afterwards. When you try to bring up the subject of marriage, he is always a little nervous and looks for ways to change the subject very quickly, and it seems that he is not even excited to do it anymore.

That’s a sign that shows you that you’re not actually mentally prepared for that to happen and that you’re sorry you proposed it in the first place. Journal.

2. Shows no interest

You have wedding magazines all day, thinking about your wedding, starting to plan, but he, on the other hand, doesn’t even seem to have thought about it. He doesn’t even ask you about it.

The moment you realize that your partner is responding to you in that way, you should make drastic decisions if possible. He doesn’t want to get married, so don’t force him; I assure you that the marriage will end very soon.

3. He doesn’t seem excited about it.

One thing is that he accepts for you and another thing is that he does it for him.

This is something that can be told from any angle and by anyone and can be avoided if you are a mature woman. I mean, any man who really wants to get married is very excited about it, so if it’s not your case, then something is wrong.

Never force your partner to marry you, better wait a bit. If your goal is to start a family or it is a pressure from society, I invite you to live your life and let things flow as they should.

4. Gives you clues

Having conversations about how young you are, how much time you have left to get to know yourself more, how things shouldn’t be rushed is a way that men use to communicate, in other words: I don’t want to get married anymore. Since they can’t actually say those words literally, they look for ways to soften it like these conversation starters.

5. Is distant from the engagement.

Everything was fine between you two. Then he proposed to her and it felt like the climax of the relationship. But let’s stop right there, it was only for a couple of days. Then, he has distanced himself from you, it is almost as if the flame ignites in a matter of seconds.

That, my girl, is one of the biggest signs of a man who regrets having mentioned marriage. Because you feel guilty about having everyone excited about it, the only way you feel like you can cope with that guilt is by distancing yourself from yourself.

6. Dismiss the topic

Every time the wedding is talked about, he dismisses her with phrases like: “let’s not talk about it now” or “we still have time to talk about it”, almost trying to move the wedding forward and wanting it to one day disappear.

This is one of the main signs that you want to end up at the wedding, so be careful.

7. There is no date for the wedding.

I know that choosing your wedding date is quite difficult and not that fast, but, if months have passed and you still have no idea when it is going to happen because you two have not been able to choose a date, that is a sign that you are not there. willing to do it.

Yes, you may have tried talking about it with him, but again, he dismisses it and you can’t come to terms with it.

8. You have not told your family and friends.

When you are excited and happy about your wedding, you want to tell the world about it, you want everyone to know.

Now, if you are not excited to announce it and share the news with your family or friends, it means that you do not want anyone to know because you are not happy with the decision.

9. He does not refer to you as his fiance

Yes, I know this one may seem a bit far-fetched and too specific, but the details reveal great things that are happening. You go out, meet people, introduce them to you, and you’re still: “this is Casie, my girlfriend.” It means a lot, as it is the way he wants to portray his relationship with the world. If she doesn’t want to call you her fiancé, it’s because she doesn’t want to present the decision that she regrets to the world because she simply doesn’t want it to happen. It can be quite heartbreaking to hear that. It’s like “this is Casie, my friend” when you expect to be called his girlfriend.

10. He cancels wedding planning errands.

There is so much to do before a wedding: the invitations, the cake tasting, the fitting of clothes and suits, the rehearsals, talking to the priest and many others.

If for whatever reason he seems to always cancel or try to get out of any of those planning errands, even though you told him to go off that day months ago, it means he is trying to take the wedding as far as possible, so. It does not happen.

11. Doesn’t talk about the future

When two people get married, conversations about the future happen quite frequently; where are we going to live, what cars are we going to have, will there be children? Etc. If the future seems to exist between the two of you because he just doesn’t want to talk about it or never does, it means that he is not envisioning a future with you, like no wedding.

12. Has a bad attitude

Before the engagement, you loved each other very much, your relationship was perfect, you two were happy, he was an amazing man for you. Now, after the engagement, he has a bad attitude, he is no longer the same. It’s probably because he’s looking for you to cancel the wedding and get things over with him because he doesn’t want to get married.

13. He tells you that he no longer wants to get married

Well, this is the ultimate proof that you don’t want to get married if it’s not obvious enough. One day, he says he wants to talk to you and the words: “I don’t want to get married anymore” come out of him. I guess you better be honest, right?


You must be attentive to these signs every day, with the reactions or gestures that your partner makes.

Remember, pressure leads nowhere. Sometimes a man is afraid to take this step for many reasons, and no one can judge him.

If it’s your dream, wait. You will find someone who wants the same as you, sooner or later, so never give up hope over the cancellation of the wedding. In fact, you’ll be grateful that it happened and you didn’t go through something that wasn’t going to end well anyway.