13 Qualities of a Good Wife

Marriage is teamwork.

And it requires both partners to put in their individual efforts to make things work.

Just as you want a ‘good husband’, your husband wants a good wife.

Modern, progressive women may find it difficult to accept the idea of ​​a ‘good wife’.

But wait.

Don’t jump to conclusions that being a good wife is creating a stereotypical married woman persona.

Because it’s not.

In this ‘how to be a good wife’ article, we explore the different ways women can make their marriage a success.

Keep reading.

Qualities of a Good Wife

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to being a good wife.

But there are certain things you should or shouldn’t do in a relationship to be a great partner.

Here, we list some character traits that can make you a good wife.

1. Express Your Love

Do you love your husband?

Do you feel happy and safe when you are with him?

If you’ve committed to spending your entire life with a man, you must love him.

But loving is not enough.

A relationship thrives on the expression of that love, among other emotions.

So if you love your husband, tell him and show him how much he means to you.

You don’t have to make elaborate expressions of love every day.

It could just be small gestures, like a kiss on the cheek every now and then, or making him his favorite breakfast every now and then, or choosing a movie he likes to watch together.

2. Communication

In any relationship, communication is critical.

And marriage is no exception.

Throw away the misguided notions that one partner should know what the other thinks and wants.

Your husband can’t read minds any more than you can.

You can know his likes and dislikes and vice versa, but not necessarily what he is thinking or feeling.

Open communication in marriage means that you tell your husband what you think or feel and what you expect from him.

Talk to your husband – ask, talk and argue.

Avoid silent treatment, which can make things worse.

Don’t let your husband guess what you want and avoid assuming or imagining things about his behavior.

3. Be Solidarity

Whether it’s a career, a hobby, or whatever else your husband is pursuing, he needs and wants your support.

Being supportive in a marriage doesn’t just mean being there when your partner is having a hard time.

It’s about appreciating or praising him when he hits a milestone or when he gets over his fear and tries something new.

Support is not always saying good things.

It’s also about offering constructive criticism to encourage you to improve whatever you’re doing.

For example, supporting your husband’s new business idea when you are financially comfortable is a good way to build his confidence and strengthen the relationship.

4. Be His Best Friend

The best marriage is one in which the couple is each other’s best friend.

Nothing is better than being in love with your best friend.

This is deep, strong and genuine love.

Allow a healthy friendship to develop between you and your husband and see what a difference it makes in your life.

5. Respect The Person He Is

The best marriages are those where the partners respect each other.

Your husband is what you see, flaws and all.

Respect the person he is, not what he does for you or his family.

Mutual respect in marriage is mandatory.

This reflects in the way you speak and behave.

Do not belittle, humiliate, judge, or harm your husband, especially in public.

A little teasing is fine, but insulting is not cool.

So watch what you say and think before you speak.

6. Show Interest In His Interests

Not everything your husband likes could interest you.

You don’t have to do the things he enjoys, but give your husband space to pursue his interests and show some curiosity about what he’s doing.

Ask him about the game, book or hobby he is interested in.

Do some homework and learn about the things he is interested in so you can talk about that too.

7. Respect Your Space Need

‘Space’ is a concept that few people understand.

Every person needs their own space.

Even married men need their space sometimes and may want to retreat to the man cave.

Respect that and give him some space and allow him to pursue his hobbies and interests.

Restricting your spouse’s freedom and space can be suffocating for them and have a negative impact on the relationship.

8. listen

Listening is essential for effective communication, and perhaps more important than talking.

So make a conscious effort not just to listen, but to listen and understand when your husband is talking.

Pay attention to him during a conversation.

Put your phone away, turn off the TV, or turn down the music that might be distracting you.

Giving your husband your full attention when he talks shows how much you respect him.

Listening doesn’t mean you have to agree with him.

But even to disagree, you must listen to what he is saying.

9. Be Grateful

Men also have this need to be loved, appreciated and praised.

Tell him how much you appreciate the little things he does for you, the kids, or around the house.

Praise encourages him to do more for you and also sends the message that your efforts are recognized.

You don’t need to sing his praises to show appreciation.

A simple, genuine “thank you” will suffice.

10. Pick The Right Fights

Do you know a couple that doesn’t fight?

Marriage is about two different and unique individuals who will have differences.

Differences and differences can sometimes lead to fights.

And these fights, if they are too much, can damage the relationship.

That doesn’t mean you compromise all the time.


That means you have to think and choose your fights wisely.

Ask yourself, ‘Is this worth fighting over?’ What keeps you from letting your husband have his way sometimes?

If it’s a trivial problem, let it go.

Don’t let your ego get in the way of a happy, loving relationship with the man you love.

11. Be Honest

Honesty is the basis for a trusting relationship.

Marriages that last are based on honesty and open communication, with no room for betrayal or lies.

Your husband deserves honesty from you, as do you from him.

Being honest won’t always be easy.

Sometimes your honesty can annoy your husband and even lead to fights.

But dishonesty can damage a relationship so much that partners will have a hard time trusting each other again.

One lie or betrayal and your husband will always have a lingering doubt about your honesty.

12. Be Your True Self

If you don’t feel comfortable with who you are, you won’t feel comfortable revealing your true self to your partner.

Be your true self in a relationship, right from the start.

Being true to who you are is also being honest with your husband and it helps to build a trusting relationship.

13. Have fun

Not every wedding day is exciting.

Somewhere along the way, boredom sets in.

You get into a routine and do the same things day after day.

When ignored, boredom can lead to unhappiness.

So, what you do?

Have fun and don’t let boredom seep into your relationship.

Go on dates, picnics, trips and outings.

Or plan movie nights, have dinner together, watch a TV series, be silly, take yoga or dance classes together, learn a language together, and do something that will help you step out of your comfort zone.


Marriages are mutual; therefore, if you want a good husband, you must be willing to be a good wife.

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