13 signs that no matter what, he will always love you

Whether you need a lot of attention, whether you play out of category or you’re not the romantic kind doesn’t matter if your man is a guardian angel and loves you for what you are, despite your shots slack, your faults and your cracks.

Living in such a judgmental world, loving yourself is already a challenge, so letting someone else love you is even more so. If you find yourself with a man who is always there for you and who, rather than walking away, stands by your side, then he is definitely a guardian angel.

Therefore, he will show many signs that he is much more than an average guy. Here is a very simple list in order to discover what qualities are those of your man and to “measure” his love and dedication towards you.

1. Your terrible haircut doesn’t scare him away

Have you ever experienced one of these embarrassing moments, in a public space where a stranger tells you that your hair is haphazard? Unless you are a fan of the franchise at all costs, you must have felt a little embarrassed or nervous.

You felt like everyone was watching you. Then you went home, your man told you that you were beautiful and you saw this spark of sincerity, this laconism in his voice and knew that he was telling the truth.

If this type of event warms your heart, it is because you are lucky in love and that your man really loves you, even when you return exhausted and sweaty from a long day at work, your hair turned upside down.

You may think this is crazy, but he finds you beautiful and he is more interested in the beauty of your heart than in the appearance of your hair. We all know this maxim saying that the beauty of the body is fleeting while that of the heart is eternal yet, we seem to forget it from time to time, don’t we? The weather is bad and your hair looks like nothing. You were going to a party but the hairdresser was unable to style your hair well and now you have a funny look.

But once the damage is done, you go home and your man gives you funny and kind remarks that leave you perplexed … You have a head so bizarre that you wonder how he can still find you beautiful. And you tell yourself that this is a sign clearly indicating that your man loves you unconditionally.

2. In his eyes, you are beautiful with or without makeup

Hide facial flaws with a little foundation? What girl doesn’t want it? In any case, we all do it or almost. But if your man takes your face in his hands, a face revealing all his flaws and imperfections, without makeup and tells you that he loves you, believe me, it’s the truth.

He is not just in love there, he is crazy about you. Perhaps by meeting someone who loves us in such a pure way, we can learn to love ourselves through their eyes and see our true worth.

3. Seeing you age doesn’t bother you in the least

You may occasionally find yourself not looking pretty. It is attested that when one is well outside, one is also well inside. The opposite is also true. Therefore, when we do not like each other too much or when we need a little makeup to hide these dark circles testifying to our lack of sleep, we do not hesitate.

But wait… When you don’t wear makeup and your dark circles are clearly visible, does he like you less? Does he tell you that you are imperfect and worse than if you were wearing makeup? No and that says a lot.

Even if you have scars on your skin, he will not see them as weaknesses but as living proofs of all the times you have experienced and overcome in the past. He will not see these types of faults as something degrading, on the contrary, they will only push him to love you more. You’ve gotten old after your thirtieth birthday. You start to get a little more lazy. Wrinkles form on your face and the whole idea of ​​”I’m starting to age” makes you panic a little.

But at the same time, your man continues to remind you of your importance to him, whatever your age, because he loves you despite this. In a way, he believes that, yes, age is just a number.

His manner of showing you his devotion and affection will make you realize that the heart does not measure love according to the years that go by, but according to the changes; of those that we induce in each other. Your wrinkles are memories for him, signs of your good times and you are fortunate to be able to begin to view your wrinkles as time markers and not as something negative.

4. Your weight is only a number for him

She is too big. She is too thin. She is too white. She is too tanned. She is too small. It is too big. But what about his heart?

Is it also defined according to materialist categories and having no value? If your man seems to think otherwise, know that his love for you is eternal. He could not care less about your extra pounds or less. He literally sees the beauty of your mind and your heart. He may find your forms adorable, but certainly does not consider them as a reason to love or respect you less. It is said that what we love is always beautiful. Go figure.

One of the easiest ways to find out if someone likes you and how they see your soul, not your body. Of course, we know that bodies atrophy and weaken. But the soul contains our charisma forever. When someone falls in love with your soul , it says a lot about their personality.

The fact that he falls in love with an eternal thing, rather than trivial things like weight, just proves that he knows how special you are; he has an idea of ​​the consequences if he lost you and therefore, he devotes his love more to those parts of you that will largely survive the number that represents your weight.

You will know how much your man loves you when his eyes see the beauty of your soul and not your body. Of course, he will also appreciate all the beauty at home, whether you are chubby or skinny and he will always come home, find the comfort of your arms, smile at the sound of your laughter and treat you as you deserve.

5. He secures your back, even if you are unemployed

Sharing one’s life with someone is difficult, it is perhaps even the most difficult task of life, apart from perhaps raising children. When we think of a couple living together, one of the first things that comes to mind is: they both work then? But imagine a situation where the man works and the woman, for personal reasons does not work.

If you are not the type of person who works and have decided not to take a job, your family and friends will criticize this decision. Maybe you don’t like being a salaried worker. Maybe you can’t handle this kind of pressure. Perhaps you cannot mix private life and professional life.

Whatever the reasons. Whoever they are, we have this special person, who loves us unconditionally. He will not ask you the why and how of this decision and he will support you as much as possible. If you face financial problems, it will secure your back rather than requiring you to do it on your own.

Putting social standards before your happiness is something that a man who loves you more than anything will never do. You are his world and not a social idea of ​​success, considering that you have to sell yourself in search of a job, a career, etc. When you tell him you choose not to work, he won’t change your mind. Instead, it will support you, morally and financially.

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Your family and friends may not even support you in this kind of decision and belittle your choice, but your man will support you. It is a sign clearly indicating that he is here to stay. He is there to make you feel good and with the life choices you decide to make or not. He doesn’t care if you work or not, he loves you anyway.

6. When you are not well, it does not leave you with a sole

You had a bad day at work, coming home you are cranky and this state of affairs did not escape your man. He doesn’t make it worse by asking you to tell him in a minute. Instead, he tries to calm you down, advises you to freshen up, cooks you a good dinner and makes sure you’re ready to talk about it. He will do his best to soothe you. It is a clear sign of his unconditional love for you.

His love is so deep that even if you are rude and insensitive, his feelings for you will remain unchanged. If it is not pure love, then the latter does not exist! Nor does he show the slightest hint of selfishness. Most of the time, even those who love you are fed up with your gloomy periods. They spot this black cloud over your head and leave immediately.

Because, let’s be honest: managing someone who is not well is difficult. It repels you, it empties you and only those who unconditionally love will accommodate this, choose to stay by your side and try to help you. When we love unconditionally, we love with the good and the bad, or it is not pure and unconditional love.

No one is perfect and we all have the right to make mistakes and to have mood swings. Those who love you will live with it and do everything possible to make you feel better. He understands you, your difficult times as well as the way to cheer yourself up at such times.

7. He doesn’t control you

Never forget how rare it is to find a man who does not control you, that is to say, does not choose in the company of who you can be, where you can go, how much money you have the right to spend for you, the kind of image he wants you to maintain and so on. If he lets you do all of these things and more in your own way, we can reasonably say that he is a guardian angel.

If he gives credit to your freedom gives you the chance to explore and travel, don’t be foolish because in the modern era, men like these are rare. Men know that women have the right to liberty, but some people stifle this right, and if your man is not one of them, whatever happens, he loves you.

Controlling someone so restrictively causes people in a relationship far more damage than they think. The fact that your partner does not control you further demonstrates his consideration for you (you, an individual who needs to grow and evolve emotionally), his desire to visit the world, to explore, to experience and to live to the fullest.

And such feelings make him your refuge, he will never control you in anything. Of course, he may try to dissuade you from taking a wrong path, but even then we cannot speak of a controlling attitude. If he really loves you, he will motivate you to become someone, to do something good and to defend your potential, rather than controlling yourself.

8. He gives you the space to be yourself

The world and the people who inhabit it are a theater; it will empty you from time to time. You will need time alone to recharge your batteries. The love and support of your partner will be your strength throughout this process.

It happens to all of us to feel lost, to need time alone to see clearly, to know what we need and what we want. Having a companion who does not question your need to be far away, in this silent area that is yours alone is a great blessing.

Most people question their place in your life or worse, doubt themselves when you tell them that you need a little time alone. If your man lets you be alone when you need to, it’s because he really understands you.

It is gold. It doesn’t question your need for space. He is not intrusive. During this time, it also does not leave you completely isolated; he is hearing from you. He lets you live. He simply understands that solitude is necessary to rediscover yourself. And even if it’s not right and you ask him for time for you alone, he will let you do it, because that’s what we do for those we love.

9. He’s not trying to change you

You may be a saint or a sinner; a lawyer or waitress; a hippie or a simple woman and none of that has anything to do with his unconditional love for you. You only feel the need to change someone when you are unhappy or dissatisfied with what the person is.

Love makes us see the best in others. Everything else faints. It becomes our reality so why would we want to change anything to this reality, when it is all that we love?

When the good comes, no matter how odd your passions or tastes, it will not tell you what or what to be, what to love or what to hate, how to live your life, etc. Instead, he will love you for your originality and not for a personality he can modify according to his desires.

He knows very well that he has no right to deprive you of what you are, because that is what happens when you change someone’s personality: you deprive him of this right. It is soothing to love the delusional person that you are and that is what unconditional love is, everywhere on earth.

10. He doesn’t care about your attitudes and moods

People get angry often and sometimes, as calm as we are, we are unable to control ourselves. But since he loves you unconditionally, he will not make hasty decisions based on punctual feelings; he knows that your attitude stems from the way you are treated, while your personality is what you are.

It will accommodate your attitudes and not let them become a part of you. This is how his love is. His wives’ attitudes and moods are likely to vary a little more. Certain aspects of their personality can also be modified.

If your man decides to stay with you in spite of all this, it is because he will have learned that you are more than your moods and that you are worth it. In fact, you are the icing on the cake for him.

This is because deep down, after having observed all these attitudes and moods, he knows that they will help him to know you better and therefore to love you every day a little more. What is more, having to calm your moods will help him acquire a form of knowledge, about what soothes you, what makes you happy, etc.

11. He forgives you and your mistakes

Whether intentional or not, we are sometimes difficult with ourselves, perhaps more than we should. This pushes us to take our small mistakes for big ones and therefore, we find it hard to forgive ourselves. This self-hatred blinds us and prevents us from seeing that we are more than our faults and our mistakes. But someone who really loves you will know and see that you are more than your mistakes.

It is perfect when it recognizes that all human beings are allowed to make mistakes in their lifetime. Even when you don’t forgive yourself, he will forgive you without thinking twice. It may also teach you to forgive yourself.

12. He gives you a third chance

It is already difficult to give a second chance; most people take this for granted. But if your man gives you a second and then a third, if necessary, it is because his feelings for you are true, it is because he believes in you.

When we really love, we start to see the best in the other and we give him, not only a second chance, but also a third so that he can redeem himself. If your man tells you that you can do better, it’s because he doesn’t want to abandon you.

Motivating you to try again is his way of saying “yes, my love for you makes me believe in you, unconditionally”. Hear this message and try to do your best the third time!

13. He helps you to face your past

No one wants to carry more luggage; we each have enough. Coping with your own past is a daunting task, but when your man takes charge of your own and helps you face your demons, whatever happens, he loves you.

Someone who truly loves you accepts you, with your past and your future. If you have a painful past, your man will help you deal with it, not just by supporting you but also by showing you what lessons to learn. It will draw strength from your past and that is why, it is the right one.