13 Signs That You Have A Toxic Partner Who Will Try To Steal Your Happiness

Toxic love is, unfortunately, one of the most common forms of love. He comes from a place of insecurity and does no favor to anyone.

The more we get attached to the wrong people, the more toxic our environment becomes. Toxic people will hang on to you for as long as you allow them to, and they will drain you of your happiness, whether you think you allow it or not. Toxic relationships rest on unstable foundations and often collapse.

Below, I will review some of the signs that you may be in a toxic relationship/signs that your partner is toxic. If these signs are present in your current situation, you may need to change. Toxic relationships are not good for anyone and should be cleared away as quickly as possible, even if it hurts.

14 signs your partner is toxic and will empty you of your happiness:

1- They don’t make you a priority.

I’m sorry to say something, but if they don’t make you a priority now, they never will. You have to be held on the same level as you hold your partner and if they refuse to give you this, then you should move on. You deserve more than you get.

2- They always act as if their mistakes were yours.
Their mistakes are not yours and they must recognize what they are doing and saying. You are not a doormat and you should not be treated as such. Toxic people will always want to drop the people closest to them.

3- They are double standards.
Toxic people tend to think they can do certain things, but they refuse to let loved ones do the same. You may want to hang out with your friends while your partner is gone with his friends, but they will kick you if you talk about it. They don’t see you as a human, they see you as property.

4- They do not respect your limits

They will not respect your limits and will always force you to do things you do not want to do. Many uncomfortable situations will ensue, and this should NOT happen!

5- They always make you feel bad.
Toxic people will always work to bring down their partners. They don’t build the people they surround themselves with, they tear them apart. When you feel good, they will spoil your mood. Why? Because it brings them a special form of pleasure.

6- They lie a lot.
For some reason, toxic people like to lie. They will lie about things that don’t count and go the extra mile to make you feel bad. You just can’t trust them, even if you want to with all your heart.

7- They refuse to give you personal space.

A toxic person will never allow you to have your own space. When you have your own space, you have time to think, and if you think you might decide to leave them behind. They just love crossing borders and if you do things yourself (without their consent), they will get very angry.

8- They are trying to control you.
Toxic people like to be in control, not just of you, but of everything that goes on in their lives. Having this kind of control is the ultimate superpower for them! They want to be able to get you to do the things they need. If they can’t control you, they’ll just cut the ties.

9- They don’t listen to you and don’t care about your needs.
Toxic people will not listen to you or your needs. They are far too self-oriented to worry about you and the things you want. They will only care for themselves when you are together for years.

10- They don’t want you to grow as a person and hold you back.

Toxic people don’t want you to grow up as a person, they want you to stay the same and be exactly the way you are. They chose you because they thought you were weak. Becoming strong would be a major setback for them.

11- They manipulate you with physical love.
These kinds of people could deprive you of pleasure or use it to gain power over you in general. They know what’s going on and will, by all means, get their power where it needs to be.

12- They never compromise on anything.
Toxic people don’t compromise. They are very much like “my way or the road”. Of course, this may not seem too serious at first, but over time it will become unbearable.

13- They expect too much from you.

Toxic people want the most people in their lives. If you can’t do something for them, they will push you until you realize it. They have extremely unrealistic expectations.