13 signs that you have found the love of your life

Surely you have ever asked yourself that great question:

Is he or she the love of my life?

It can be difficult to explain what it feels like when you find out that you are in love. But one thing is always clear: we all share the feeling of being in paradise  when we are with the person we love  , with whom we have fallen in love.

We live in a society that sees love as an idealistic concept, pushing us to a point where we cannot recognize it when it is present in our lives. Love  is such a precious emotion and feeling that you cannot let it slip away once it happens.

Next, I invite you to read and  discover if he or she is the love of your life with the help of these 15 signs .

You stop thinking about previous relationships

When you find true love, everything else becomes secondary. You feel that you are in a cloud and you are sure of your feelings. You are not afraid because you are aware that the person next to you will never hurt you.

Without fear, doubt does not exist. The only things that exist are your enjoyment of the moment and the person you love. Exes only appear in your memories as a necessary learning experience in your life and an opportunity to continue growing. Nothing more.

You don’t have to constantly talk. 

Love is security, trust and authenticity  . You feel comfortable, loved, and silence becomes your best friend because it can fill your hearts and communicate everything with just one look.

They make you feel good  . 

When we love, we are making a journey together through empathy and mutual respect. The pursuit of happiness for everyone in a relationship inspires them to make you feel better when you’re not feeling well. Just seeing them fills your heart.

You feel free to be yourself.

In both good times and bad, their opinion of you doesn’t change. The judgment disappears from your emotional vocabulary and a »  What will they say? “It becomes a”  I love you  . ” Nothing else matters.

There is no jealousy or anger. 

You know that you have chosen to share your love with them and only with them. The security of your relationship has already been demonstrated many times, so jealousy and anger no longer have a place.

You become their priority. 

Their love leads them to do things for you that they would not do for anyone else freely and sincerely. They will accompany you wherever you need them just like you would for them, without asking for anything in return.

They understand the importance of family. 

They accompany you to visit relatives, and they always do it happily and with a smile. They know that your family is an important part of your life. And they want to share your life.

They know what is important to you. 

Important things and issues that need to be addressed in relation to the well-being of your relationship are resolved easily and naturally. You don’t have to worry about constantly making them see your needs as a person. They strive to discover them for themselves and make you feel good.

You never stop laughing. 

You come to understand each other so well that every joke and situation becomes a unique and fun-filled moment.

They are your number one fan.  

They always tell you how good you are as a person. How handsome, smart, and strong you are inside (and out!). They are always there when you need a little boost, and their support is some of the best you can hope for.

They know you better than anyone. 

When you are with the love of your vine, you feel free, even excited, to tell them everything about who you are and what you want to be.

You admire them for their personality and their heart. 

You’ve been thinking for a while that they are the most wonderful person you’ve ever met and they inspire you to be a better person than you already are. Loving others makes us better people and makes us capable of doing everything we want and desire.

This is the first time you feel like this. 

Surely, from the first days of your relationship, you have felt that it is different from any other you have had.

Can you explain how you feel?

Don’t worry, I know it can be difficult to choose the right words. They are the love of your life.