13 things to do with your partner to avoid getting bored

The recreational activities to do as a couple that we will present to you range from the weird to the scandalous and from the silly to the sweet. Best of all? You will get rid of the “traditional”, we will explain how to make them and we will give you other interesting tips to have fun.

1. A picnic

They can do it inside or outside the house, they just need a basket with some food for both of them, a blanket to put on the floor and the desire to spend time together.

Does the idea seem boring to you? Add a touch of fun: plan to read a romance novel together, or play outside with a ball or frisbee . After they eat they can watch the sunset huddled together as they talk about their dreams and goals together.

Here we leave you a variety of options such as romantic getaways, nice things to do with your boyfriend and much more.

2. Exercise

Training together can be super fun, there are many routines to do as a couple and both of you can be motivated to stay consistent and disciplined.

3. Marathon of series or movies

Pick a saga or series that has enough material to watch for a whole day or weekend. Some of the most common movie options are:

  • Harry Potter
  • Star wars
  • Star trek
  • The Lord of the rings
  • The Hunger Games
  • Terminator
  • the Avengers

As for series there is a great variety, but some of those that we can mention are: Game of Thrones, Friends, Breaking Bad , Lost , Grey’s Anatomy and Law and order.

4. Skate

Whether on ice or concrete, there is nothing more fun than putting on your skates and testing your balance. In case either of you don’t know how to do it, it can be even more romantic for one to teach the other and enjoy the moment together.

5. Play hide and seek

Who said that to participate in this game you have to be young children? Play around the house and make the game more challenging: set a maximum time for one to find the other. If you can’t, you’ll have to do the winner a favor.

6. Stories around a campfire

Who says a date night means having to go somewhere? One of the things to do with your boyfriend at home alone is go to the backyard and build a fire.

Get some blankets, drinks, snacks like marshmallows and hot dogs . Snuggle up under the starry sky and, with the campfire as the only lighting, talk about funny or horror stories, share your dreams and fears.

Let yourself go and enjoy a perfect night by the fire, united and stress free.

7. Weekend disconnected

If the above idea inspires you, dare to totally disconnect. Travel to a place where only nature, you and your abilities are.

Camp for a weekend in a forest. Bring only what is necessary: ​​water, tents, blankets, some changes of clothes, insect repellent cream, a knife and some fishing rods.

Take it as a challenge: you must hunt what you are going to eat, build your own fire with tools that nature gives you. Live a wild adventure to the fullest.

8. Night of tapas and  cocktails

It is not the typical night in which they cook while they drink, in this they must apply their creativity when preparing different snacks and cocktails to taste.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a huge ingredient list. They only need basic things: some fruits, vegetables, salt, oil, a protein of their choice, an alcoholic drink and sugar.

9. Volunteer

These are perhaps the most meaningful and fun adventures you can do with your boyfriend, while you both contribute to your community. It is a good way to be grateful for the good things that you have in your life.

Find a cause that piques your interest and find out how you can get involved. It can be from collecting food and clothing for those most in need, to going to a hospital to help. Surely there is something that encourages you to be better people and be grateful for what you have.

10. Zipline

What could be more invigorating and elicit more smiles, happy screams and memories than tapping a cable and flying among the vibrant colors of nature?

Also, if either of you has a fear of heights, this may be an excellent opportunity to lose it in the company of your partner.

11. Climbing classes

This is an amazing way to try out a new hobby and immerse yourself in nature. Contact a local recreation center and sign up to learn the basics of an indoor climbing wall.

When they have improved, they can gradually discover the exciting natural terrain that comes with this hobby that is practiced outdoors, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and with a panoramic view that takes your breath away.

12. Visits to a museum or exhibition

Shake up your daily routine with touches of science, culture, history, or art! Attending cultural events encourages them to learn new things while contributing to their artistic community. And they will do it as a dynamic duo!

Although these types of outings are not a “norm”, remember that variety is the spice of life.

13. Lazy floats

When the heat is scorching, there is no better plan than to cool off in the water. How to make it different? Go to a club or beach, get cold drinks and big inflatable floats, throw them in the pool and throw yourself on them along with your favorite drink.

This activity is as relaxing as it is refreshing. They can stay as long as they want while they talk and spend time together.

An important tip is that this activity is only fun in places where the water does not have much movement, such as swimming pools or lagoons, so that they do not run the risk of being swept away by the current.