14 reasons why you still love him

The chabada-bada of the first months are now far away. However, the routine, the small (and big) fights did not get the better of your love, it is even much stronger than before!

1- He knows you better than anyone

Your character, your tastes, your values ​​… He knows you perfectly, he accepts your imperfections and loves you for that.

2- He makes you laugh (again)

You always laugh at his jokes, facial expressions and frenzied choreography. With him, a laugh can even arise a few minutes after a big fight. A great way to defuse conflicts.

3- You have great privacy

Fiery young lovers only have to behave well, because not only does s e x always have a place within your couple but your longevity in bed lets you know exactly how to get your foot together, without slowing you down by worrying what the other person will think of you.

4- He encourages you

A real life coach, he reassures you, listens to you and encourages you to always surpass yourself.

5- He is ultra-attractive

The years pass but his s e x has not aged. Sometimes you look at it as if you are seeing it for the first time and you find it totally to your liking even with its little dadbod.

6- He believes in you

When you doubt yourself, believe him for two and he always knows how to restore your faith.

7- He loves you for what you are today

And not for what you could become tomorrow. He loves those parts of you that are there in the present. And it supports you when you want to change things (but without putting pressure on yourself).

8- He’s your best friend

Your most faithful confidant , the one to whom you can tell everything without fear that he will judge you or turn your back on you is him. A real bond has been established between you and you intend to preserve it.

9- You have joint projects

The beginnings of a relationship are undoubtedly very exciting, but it is rarely there that projects for two materialize. Comfortably installed in your relationship, you peacefully weave a common future rich in travel, adoption of a hamster and purchase of a new basin for the bathroom.

10- You can argue and then reconcile

Fights are of course part of your married life. But arguing does not mean breaking up, and fortunately, because otherwise you would have broken a bunch of times.

11- He finds you super funny

And yet, your humor is so fine that it is not given to everyone to adhere to it. It therefore has an exquisite taste.

12- And still as beautiful

Your hammer toes? Adorable. Your panda eyes when you wake up, he likes it too. Have you gained 3 pounds this winter? It suits you pretty well. This man has the gift of making you feel beautiful and of giving you confidence in yourself.

13- Because you don’t need to be a fuss

Go to dolls up when you jump out of bed, be careful with everything you say, don’t see it because a button has burst on your forehead … You continue to take care of your couple of course, but the frills, you’ve been stopping them for a long time and it’s nice enough to be able to be natural with each other.

14- Because it is reciprocal

He too has so many reasons to be still madly in love with you on his side … And it is this fluidity, this evidence that makes your couple so solid.