14 things a real gentleman does to his wife

Being a gentleman has become a kind of lost art in recent generations. He has become associated with men who have a sensitive side and who are not as “manly” as the others. However, a true gentleman has very high values ​​and standards. He is refined, respectful and respects everyone around him. Here are the 14 things a gentleman does differently.

1- He opens the door

Opening a door is a gesture of courtesy and deference. With regard to revolving doors, good manners require that a gentleman allow the woman to come in first. Car doors are no exception, no matter who drives. If a third person is driving, you can open the door and make sure it is safe before closing it.

2- He makes reservations

Doing something as simple as a reservation shows not only initiative and planning, but also concern for your comfort.

3- He is punctual

A true gentleman knows that there is no excuse for being late. He respects his time and that of others. And that’s why he’ll be even ahead of time to keep you waiting.

4- He makes you compliments

The first words that come out of his mouth when you meet are “you are beautiful “, “the dress you wear is befitting” etc. This means that it does not take you for granted because you are in a relationship, and always tell you beautiful things.

5- He leads you safely to your door

Your safety, comfort and well-being are his priorities. After an appointment, a meeting, a dinner, he makes sure that you come home safely and thank you for the pleasure of your company.

6- He is listening to you

If you want to get to know someone, ask them questions and listen to their answers. Listening does not mean “wait for the turn to speak”. It means being attentive, learning to read responses, understanding reactions, and navigating someone’s emotional landscape. A gentleman speaks very little and listens attentively.

7- He apologizes

Having the ability to say ” I’m sorry ” is one of the rarest qualities in men and women nowadays. A gentleman is not afraid to apologize, and takes full blame.

8- He is responsible

Being responsible is an additional characteristic of what it means to be a gentleman. He takes his responsibilities on a daily basis, whether in his work, with his family or with his friends. Nothing he does should be broken or left unfinished.

9- He knows how to cook

There is nothing worse than men who assume that it is up to the woman to cook all the time. A gentleman knows how to cook at least some good meals.

10- He always seeks to improve

The gentleman is never satisfied with mediocrity. His mission is to improve all aspects of his life and achieve his goals

11- He is always ready to offer help

He understands that you are a strong and independent woman. But this will not prevent him from always being there to offer his help, if only to give his opinion on a job that you must present, or a puncture at 4 am, a water leak, etc…

12- He offers you his jacket

He is ready to brave the cold and give you his jacket, to prevent you from getting sick.

13- He wears the umbrella when it rains

When it rains, he holds the umbrella and it does not bother him to get wet.

14- He never criticizes a homemade meal

He knows that a criticism of a meal as a guest is considered a lack of respect towards the guest. This person has made efforts to prepare it, so it would be rude to talk about it in derogatory terms.