14 things girls do in secret

Yes, they do things in secret without telling their man!

Do things without assuming them, women are the pros. But what is certain is that they will not tell anyone, especially the one who shares their life. You are curious to discover their little secrets, we have broken all the myths about the weird stuff they do in secret so, read on, a lot of things will surprise you, we promise!

1. Take off makeup every day, not really

Remove makeup every day… Boff! It takes time to put it all over the face in the morning, but also in the evening to remove them, so we very often skip the small makeup removal session before sleeping. Yes, we sleep most of the time with make-up on, and we wake up the next day with the make-up of the day before while leaving plenty of paint on the pillow. Before leaving the house, we add make-up where there is no more, and it’s over!

2.Our ton of bras

Bras, we have plenty of them, but we only have one or two favorites, the one that gives us beautiful br**asts. Some days you even wonder why you bought the others. Sometimes you change the color depending on the top you wear, but it also happens that you don’t change your bra for very long until it really starts to smell bad. We admit, our favorite bras are dirty!

3.Armpit shaving

Shaving, you only take action if you really have to, a date with Jules or a day at the beach. When we forgot to wax our armpits, we put on a long-sleeved top and the same for the legs. We are too lazy to spend once again in the shower! But also, we do not always shave in winter, because our fur keeps us warm, especially if Jules is not around, in other words, if we are celibate!

4.We buy, and then regret

Yes, when we go out, we often fall for everything we see in the stores, we can’t help but pull out our wallet to have fun, even for something we already have, with the difference that it is another color, and immediately after, we regret. It’s always the same, a vicious circle, what!

5.We often look at our bu**tocks for hours

When we are in front of our mirror after the shower or before leaving the house, we love to look at our bu**tocks while contorting our bodies in such a weird way, just to see if they have not grown or shrunk during the night or to be sure we have a hell of a bu**t in our mini-skirt.

6.When we meet a guy, we already do a lot of scenarios in our head

When we meet a guy who would like to go out with us, all kinds of scenarios come into our heads. Most of the time, we wonder what kind of father he will be if our wedding dress will be satin or skincare, the names of our children … We even associate our first name with his name to see how it sounds! It’s a little creepy, but it’s true!

7.We’re a great Facebook sleuth

When we are on Facebook, we stalk everyone, more particularly our ex-boyfriend, our ex-girlfriend’s, our boyfriend’s ex… We are weasel regularly, so what?

8.We collect the food on the floor

When you’re home alone eating super crunchy and delicious fries, once a fry falls on the floor, you pick it up, blow it, and eat it. The fries are so good, and each one is sacred. No waste, no waste!

9.We watch ourselves cry in front of the mirror

During a big session of depression, we shed all the tears of our body for hours, and curious as we are, we walk past the mirror just to see our face when we cry while hoping that we will always be pretty. The depression continues, because the experience is really disappointing.

10.When no one is looking, we lift our br**asts

When we are sure that no one is watching us, we readjust our bra. But that’s not all, we slip one hand in to lift the br**ast, then the other hand for the other br**ast, and we readjust our bra again before tightening everything.

11.We don’t wash every day

We say well done to the man who invented dry shampoo because it’s hard and complicated to wash your hair every day. Other inventions of this kind for the rest of the body would also be welcome in our bathroom because it is not always nice to wash. For lack of difficult awakening, we are in a hurry, and we skip the shower, a little deodorant under the armpits and perfume are more than enough. For the face, we did not remove makeup last night, so much the better, we put it back on the parts that the pillow took the night, and let’s go for a beautiful new day.

12.we fart discreetly

Yes, we are not stupid, we know very well that we should not fart in public, especially during a first date or a job interview. But clever as we are, we found plenty of ways to let go of a farce discreetly by doing many leg movement techniques.

13.we put a lot of stuff in our bra

When we go to a party and we don’t have a handbag or pocket, we put one, two, three… tickets in our bra, ditto for the phone, the lighter and other.

14.We get ready 2 hours before a meeting with Jules

We know that men hate to wait, so to avoid being late, we prepare 2 or 3 hours in advance. But at the last minute, we run around the house, because we want to change our outfit, or we want to do something last minute like varnish, curl your hair with an iron …