15 couples among the signs of the zodiac who are likely to have a lasting relationship

Let’s be honest, we have all already consulted our horoscope, whether by chance by leafing through a magazine or after a voluntary search on the internet. People consult their own horoscope and also that of their partner and that does not mean much since many of us know that it is not an exact science. It’s usually pretty vague and quite entertaining.

For my part, I have already done research on the compatibility between a Leo and an Aries and the result was great … But again, that does not mean much, unless we are fully on it kind of things. In general, my friends are only interested in it if it’s positive and if it’s negative, they don’t care (which is the right attitude to have, I think).

According to astrologers, some signs are more compatible than others … This is enough to leave us perplexed, but some think that the month of our birth influences our personality and that is why we come to this article.

Here are some of the most obvious compatibilities of the horoscope.

(But, don’t break up with sir, just because you’re not on this list).

Pisces and Taurus

These two signs occupy two very distant positions within the zodiac, thus giving rise to more powerful karmic ties and to a deeper empathy. Their union is generally happy. Pisces tend to be more dreamy, more idealistic and the more practical and pragmatic nature of Taurus brings them down to earth. It’s a perfect balance.

In the zodiac world, these two signs are soul mates.

Aries and Libra

These two signs are governed by the planets of passion (Mars) and love (Venus). They are both sociable and extroverted: they are probably the soul behind each crazy party you have attended. They are open and give life to each of the evenings in which they participate. Their relationship is made of noise and pride, filled with frivolities.

Aries and Gemini

Fire and air. These two signs go perfectly together, as does their element. They form an optimistic couple and turn any situation to their advantage, whatever the difficulty. They overcome their problems and end up with a smile on their face, whatever the circumstances and as long as they are together. Their love is passionate and none of them will find themselves letting go of the other.

Scorpio and Cancer

This couple is potentially a couple of soul mates. It was love at first sight between two extremely passionate, possessive and loyal individuals. They can also be quite jealous, but their respective loyalties counterbalance all of this.

They can go so far as to show their affection publicly, to claim their rights over the other and keep the “unwanted” at bay … As I said, they are relatively jealous.

Sagittarius and Leo

This couple is a real firework. He is wild and ardent: these two signs are driven by life and ambitions. It’s a bit of a party, but with only two participants. They are both dynamic and push the other to exceed his limits … In the good sense of the word.

They push the other person to pursue their dreams, show depth and are able to have brilliant conversations without a problem. Sometimes they can end up fighting for the dominant position, but nothing that cannot be arranged thanks to their strong ties.

Virgo and Aquarius

We couldn’t be more different. They are like the two poles of a magnet. But as you know, opposites attract each other.

The analytical thought of Virgo coupled with the emotional thought of Aquarius can be the source of the best as well as the worst. It is unlikely that one will change for the other and to be honest this can give rise to all kinds of arguments.

Their differences lead them to respect each other and they love each other for what they are, whatever differences they may encounter.

It is a difficult relationship to start, but once it is set on fire, it is difficult to stop it.

Capricorn and Taurus

There is always this couple, who sits in a corner and begins to judge others, not meanly but rather with a state of mind: “you are my best friend of which I can allow myself to say that”. They both have styles that match and the latest fashion: they look like a power couple.

By sitting next to them, it feels like you are sitting next to a royal couple. Do you see what I mean? They do not have this royal aura when they are alone but together, they are touching and give off something powerful. It’s a bit Beyoncé and Jay Z, except that they are not Beyoncé and Jay Z (which are moreover of two completely different signs)… Let’s move on to something else!

Pisces and Scorpio

When these two signs of water come together … Thirst becomes real friends! They get along well and are considered soul mates in astrology. They are a couple who are pretty to look at and then, BOUM. It is as if they become other people when separated. They are a relaxed couple, with just the right amount of romance and respect … And a bit of rascality … Just a little.

Gemini and Virgo

You know this friend who calls you at 3 am and tells you that the little speck of dust stuck in his eye reminded him of how inevitable the end of the world was? Yeah … And imagine that they are two, smarter still and in a relationship.

It is an even flatter version of the debate club. They are intellectual, deep and can talk about the same detail for hours until they are both satisfied. They are firm in their opinions and as long as they manage to exteriorize their feelings and not let them become frustration, their relationship will be clear.

They just need to make sure to have those little romantic conversations from time to time, more than necessary.

Aries and Capricorn

This is a relationship that will be difficult at first and difficult to stabilize, but once that is done, it will be magic. Their partnership is almost unbeatable.

It is a couple (a team) so united that trying to win against them amounts to … Trying to knock down a wall with your bare hands … It would take a hell of energy. Once their rhythm is found, they are unbeatable and you would have to be silly to annoy them if they are together, because they may not be members of the mafia, but they will not hesitate to act if they feel that their partner is threatened.

Gemini and Libra

They are intellectual, in love, compatible, in harmony and it is heartbreaking. They are both air signs and although Gemini likes a good fight, Libra do their best to avoid them. So it works relatively well.

They also need their time of solitude, especially so that the Gemini do not explode for lack of arguments. Otherwise, the passion experienced in such a couple is unique among the other compatibilities of the zodiac.

Aries and Sagittarius

An explosion in life, like an explosion in bed. They are ridiculously compatible. Three words: passion, enthusiasm, and energy. Their love is energetic and their energy only grows as their relationship grows. They are fun… Besides, the couple who hitchhikes together… They are them! I don’t know how they do it. And between us, I prefer not to know…

Pisces and Cancer

The intuition and the sweetness of Cancer, coupled with the depth, the emotionality and the passion of Pisces give birth to solid bonds. These two signs of water are highly compatible: their history is appreciated and envied by all. They are very secretive when it comes to their relationship, eager to keep it only for themselves.

Virgo and Taurus

They are both pragmatic, authentic and devoted to each other. They’re the ones who never give up on the other so if you’re in such a relationship, think twice before you give up on the other.

Aries and Aquarius

They are perfect when it comes to knowing what the other needs and when he needs a little time for himself. They will never tire of each other, because they are as adventurous as possible and in all areas, in the bedroom as well as outside … They are constantly trying new things together and form a thunderous team. You know, this couple who travels as a couple and tastes all these good things … They are them.

Taurus and Cancer

These two signs appreciate each other for what they are. They do not need to initiate forced changes, because they simply love each other and there is no need for them. They are complementary and know how to surprise each other perfectly so that their relationship remains exciting and satisfying for everyone.

Gemini and Aquarius

Their relationship is the crazy relationship par excellence. This couple, these are these strange neighbors that you just met and who were eating frog legs. They are adventurous, fun and not afraid of new things. They understand that the other needs a little time alone because generally, they are on the same wavelength on this.

They are linked as if they already knew each other in another life: everything seems simple and natural … Even if they have only known each other for the past week, it looks like they have known each other for years.

Aquarius and Gemini

This couple where one ends the other’s sentences.

They can be annoying because they use ridiculous little nicknames, but they are kind to each other. They are emotionally connected and respect for each other. They are not individualists and are able to put aside their needs for half.

Lion and Aries

This is my business. (I talked about it earlier!) This couple is a bomb. It’s a wild relationship. These are two fire signs and sometimes it heats up a little too much, but nothing that their link cannot bear.

But, if you are not on this list, don’t be afraid, don’t panic. It is completely normal to be a couple that is not part of the classic compatibilities of the zodiac. Your couple can work, whatever astrology says.

If you firmly believe in it and break up with someone according to the compatibility that the planets assure you, it is that you were probably not made to be together from the start.

Ultimately, in a relationship, it’s all about mutual understanding and improvisation. We don’t care if you are both Leo, Cancer, Aries or Scorpio. What matters is that you love yourself enough not to let such things get in your way.