15 funny quotes about love for him that will make him laugh

Love is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. When you fall in love with someone, everything around you seems beautiful. You feel overwhelmed by the smallest things around you. Often, love is only talked about and talked about when we are going through anguish; That is why we forget to emphasize that love is much more than suffering, pain, and heartbreak. Love is smiling alone for no reason thinking of a nice memory from the day before. It’s about being loving, generous, and selfless. You can be over the moon when you are in love and also loved.

Humor: the best medicine to keep love alive

We often hear about how important it is to keep love alive and how we should strive to keep love and harmony alive in our relationships. However, most of us don’t know how to keep it alive. One of the most important things that is also considered medicine to keep love alive is humor. Humor is best when it is natural and timely. You don’t have to try too hard to be funny or humorous. You just need to be yourself. In a relationship, there comes a time when you can be your true self. You wouldn’t mind if your arms are unwaxed or your mustache is too big and you can be as dumb and dumb as you want. However, your boyfriend will love you because this is the real you. Keeping the silliness alive in any relationship is extremely important. You don’t have to worry about being too much or too extra for your boyfriend. Get comfortable in your own shoes without trying too hard to be someone else. Be fun, crazy, and wild. Making some harmless pranks will keep your love and bond alive forever. Laughter has many benefits that will help you develop that intimacy with your partner.

Quotes and beautiful sayings have always had our back. Whether it is to feel validated and understood through words when people are around us, it does not seem to be that understanding, either to find the motivation or if it is to find humor. Likewise, funny love quotes can also bring that flavor back to your relationship and send the message of your love while making them laugh at the same time. This article has all the humorous quotes and sayings that you could use to do just that. Confused as to how to use these? I have it covered too. Here are some creative ways to wear them and make your day. Let’s dive in!


1. When you’ve had a bad day at work

After a bad day at work, you are often irritated and generally in a bad mood. You can use humor to brighten his mood. You need to cheer him up and you can do that by making him a funny card or a funny love letter. You can add funny pictures of the two of you and add silly captions like, “I promise to be by your side, or on top of you. Or under you ”. This will not only make you smile, but it will also show you that you will do anything to improve your mood.

2. Use funny captions on Instagram posts

Social media is a platform where you can show all your love and affection for your boyfriend. You can add cute and funny love quotes as captions and make him realize how lucky he is to have you in his life. Some of the funny quotes that you can use as Instagram captions are: “You received me at hello.”

3. Use funny quotes as a birthday wish

In a relationship, your partner’s birthday is just as important as your own birthday. Most girls and even boys would do their best to make this day the most special for their partner. You can write him a cute wish or even a poem and use funny quotes to make him read that wish over and over again. Your wish can be both cheesy and funny, as you can tell that it’s the apple of your cake. By replacing the word eye with the word cake, you’ve turned a cute quote into a fun one.

4. Use quotes at your anniversary dinner

When you’ve spent more than a year of your life with someone, now you can be completely silly with him. At the anniversary dinner, your partner will be expecting you to do your best and be grateful for how lucky you feel to have him in your life, but you, instead of being sentimental, can choose to be funny. Instead of telling him how lucky he is to have him, tell him that he is the luckiest person in the world to have you, but then you can show him how blessed you feel. Use fancy quotes like, “By the way, I’m wearing the smile you gave me.”

5. When he’s mad at you

The best way to cool down a heated discussion or conversation is to use funny quotes in the middle. If your boyfriend is mad at you about something, say something funny and make him laugh. Your mood will change and the discussion will end on its own.


Love isn’t always 3 a.m. conversations and deep emotional intimacy. Sometimes love is having pillow fights at 2 PM by hopping at the end. Love is much more than a serious part. Humor and goofiness are extremely important in keeping love alive. Know how to use humor at the right time in a relationship. Be as silly as you want to be with your boyfriend and make him fall in love with your crazy and irritable side. Making someone smile is the part of love that we often forget to highlight. We need to focus on how to keep relationships alive by being real and crazy.