15 Reasons Why a Relationship Doesn’t Work Out Often

1.- Relationships fail for the most ridiculous reasons

It is frequent to hear, my relationship with my partner does not work, what do I do? When a relationship does not work it is because there are problems in each of the people. It is important to understand that relationships often fail. It is a normal fact of life.

It is very difficult for two people who love each other for the first time to live together for life without problems. But people want long-lasting relationships. The problem is most of these people place the responsibility for their happiness on the other person.

My relationship with my partner does not work, what do I do? The other big problem is that many people think about the failure of love only when it happens. Immaturity, lack of self-esteem, irresponsibility, dependency and many other ridiculous reasons are responsible.

2.- A relationship does not work when you expect your partner to make you happy

A relationship doomed to failure is when at least one partner fails to take charge of their happiness. It is a common problem with people with low self-esteem. They hope that their partner will make them happy, and since this is not possible, they complain and blame, making the problem worse.

These people feel victims, suffer, cry, complain and blame pointing to their partner. When a couple fails, one of its members has low self-esteem. When a couple does not work, each one needs to take charge of what they have to do.

3.- A relationship fails when one of the two does not contribute


One of the keys to making a relationship work is for both of you to take responsibility. Responsible for your own happiness, responsible for your wishes and well-being. But many times this does not happen, and one of them assumes the entire burden.

If you complain, my relationship does not work, take care of what corresponds to you. Do not allow your partner to be responsible for what is due to you. He will get tired and end up with you. When the couple doesn’t work out, both of you are responsible.

4.- When there is too much dominance of one of the members of the couple


Ongoing love failures can be due to a relationship that is not based on love, but on fear. Instead of fostering love, trust, and the freedom to become better, fear predominates.

One of the members of the couple suffers from an overrated and toxic self-esteem. He only cares about his happiness, but he is never happy. Looking for that happiness forces your partner to your whims.

5.- Failure in love occurs when there is too much jealousy


When there is no trust, what continues is doubt and jealousy. A distrustful partner will be sniffing for what you think, not what your partner does. Everything will seem suspicious of cheating and infidelity.

With a lifestyle based on mistrust, a relationship will not work well. Soon one of them will get tired and want to finish. When a couple does not work, each one must work on their self-esteem.

6.- A relationship fails when there is a lot of selfishness

Rest assured, when a relationship fails it is out of selfishness. It is a cold war that can go on for years. Each is determined to get what he wants regardless of the other’s wishes. A war to dominate that kills love.

Commit yourself to your own happiness and well-being, it is the way to bring about change if your partner is selfish.

7.- When too much emphasis is placed on the mistakes of the other

At first everything is beautiful, everything is new, we are focused on what we like about our partner. But over time certain routines are imposed and our habits acquired at home prevail.

We began to put more emphasis on failures than on successes. We do not love each other enough and little by little comes that point where the relationship does not work. It was only necessary to enhance the strengths.

8.- When a relationship fails it is due to lack of time

It is very easy to believe that a relationship stops working due to lack of time. The difficult thing is to admit that it does not work for lack of desire. They don’t care about continuing to build their relationship. They take it for granted that there is no need to keep falling in love anymore.

In such an interconnected society, being very busy is not an excuse to neglect a love relationship. When the couple does not work, both of you need to establish what your priority is.

9.- The failure of young couples is due to interest

There are couples who have a lot of time to be together, but are not interested in really being together. Each one is on his own, for example on the internet. For many, the news of social networks is more important than their relationship.

When the couple’s relationship does not go well, each of them does not do well. Both are sailing on the surface, they are distracted by not knowing each other more thoroughly.

10.- My relationship as a couple does not work because we live very far away

A relationship stops working not because of the physical distance, but because of the distance in the heart. Many couples live apart for a time for work reasons. Many relationships are strengthened by physical distance, because in their hearts they eliminate distances.

It is true that physical distance contributes to a relationship failure. Fewer intimate relationships tend to harm a good relationship. When a couple does not work it is not because of the distance but because of the lack of love and dedication.

11.- Failure in love begins when emotional distance increases


We are very emotional beings. We all need to give and receive affection and when it does not happen the relationship begins to fail. A relationship is doomed to failure when:

– There is a lack of intimacy and s**xual contact
– When couples accumulate small and large unresolved issues
– There are too many negative criticisms
– Instead of highlighting virtues, they disparage mistakes
– React badly, counterattack for some fault
– Hide in silence, not say What it feels like

12.- Not giving importance to the little lies damages a relationship

Not giving importance to the little lies can cause over time that a relationship does not work. My relationship is not working, what do I do? Stop lying, especially stop lying to yourself. It is very easy to resent someone else’s lies and downplay your own lies.

13.- If everyone has different objectives and there is selfishness

A couple is not necessarily going to agree on their personal goals but they need to set goals as a couple. Home, children, lifestyle, saving, meal plans, fun, vacations, responsibilities, etc.

It is normal that everyone wants to focus on their particular goals, but if you do not act with love, conflicts will arise. At first it may seem unimportant, but over time they will cause cracks in the relationship.

14.- When one of the two carries negative emotional baggage

We all carry an emotional burden from our past life. When this emotional load is too heavy, the relationship does not work. Everyone has to learn to deal with their emotions in a healthy way. Your partner can help you but it is your total responsibility.

– Family problems
– Emotions aroused by memories with your ex
– Your own depressions and way of seeing things

How to stop suffering from negative emotional baggage:

– Do not take things so seriously, do not be offended
– You are not always going to win, it is okay to lose from time to time especially with your partner
– Forget about the need to always be right
– Feel superior that your partner does not contribute
– Avoid the urge to want more
– Remember that you are not your material achievements

15.- If you don’t build a good relationship with your partner’s friends

Your own friends and your partner’s friends and family can greatly influence your relationship with a partner. But it does not depend on them, but on the relationship you build with them. If your relationship with your partner’s family is not good, your relationship may not work well.

The type of friends your partner has greatly influences who he is. If you don’t like it, don’t try to change them, change your, shine in that circle. A relationship does not work when you disagree with your partner’s family and friends.