15 reasons why you’ll be okay if you don’t have a boyfriend

Having a partner is something very fun, it can be a pleasant company that contributes to our lives but, believe me, it is not a necessity.

Some women mistakenly believe that they need the company of a man to feel fulfilled and happy, and they cannot take advantage of the time alone to focus on their projects, personal growth, health, and everything wonderful about being a woman.

Happiness is not achieved in another person! That is something to keep in mind if you want to be emotionally well.

In fact, many times being in a relationship limits you, because your time and activities are constantly shared with the one you love.

That is why I present 15 reasons for you to feel comfortable with your singleness. At least while it lasts!

1. You live without worries

All the daily activities such as working, going to the gym, studying, going out with friends, are carried out and appreciated without the questions: What is my boyfriend doing? Why hasn’t he called me? Could I call him now? Would you forget about me?

Without these kinds of concerns, life is enjoyed more freely.

2. Socializing is more fun

When you are single, outings with your friends are usually light-hearted, relaxed, and fun.

It’s simple, you don’t have to be self-conscious, much less be aware of pleasing your partner or avoiding their jealousy. This makes each outing a new opportunity to socialize naturally.

3. You can look natural

Staying groomed and very feminine is a deeply ingrained custom of most women. And although it is good to do it yourself, many times having a boyfriend influences the need to groom yourself more, to always keep waxed or more combed than normal.

Being single this concern is greatly reduced because you can relax with some aspects and it only depends on you to decide.

Just relax! Get more sleep, eat all you want, get up late, and look natural. No one will claim you for it!

4. You decide freely

This is another great advantage of your current sentimental situation: you have complete freedom to decide all things.

If you want to travel to another continent, escape from the routine or practice an extreme sport, no one will question you for it. You should not ask permission or worry about what your partner will think, just make your decisions and try new experiences.

5. Goodbye jealousy

You no longer have to worry about the possible adventures of your boyfriend, because the uncomfortable feelings of abandonment and deception caused by jealousy also disappear from your life.

6. It’s easier to meet new people

Going to clubs, having fun, and chatting with other people is easier when no one is jealous of you, nor are you wanting to control the movements of a boyfriend. Do what makes you feel whole without prejudice!

7. You can be authentic

You don’t need to watch every answer to avoid offending your boyfriend and having him put on a show in public.

Being authentic is something that you should always maintain, with or without a partner, but many times having a boyfriend influences you to act differently in different contexts, such as parties or arguments. Without a boyfriend, you can be as daring as you want.

8. Forget about symbolic dates

Special dates like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, anniversaries are no longer a concern. You can be aware of yourself and buy gifts to please yourself, without the pressure of not being able to forget these celebrations.

You can say goodbye to long hours from store to store to search for good gifts and try to convince a boyfriend.

9. Your family is not a priority

Being in a relationship also implies having a relationship with your family, and that can be an element of tension in any courtship.

Being single you do not need to impress anyone, or worry about Sunday lunch with their parents, express your tastes or admit that you practice another religion. No one will judge you!

10. Allow yourself a drink

If you have a partner, receiving free drinks or invitations from other men is prohibited. It looks very bad and it would also make your boyfriend jealous.

Instead, these invitations are precisely one of the best things about being single: going out all night and not having to pay anything at a club, for example.

This is a drink, not a marriage proposal! Accept it and thank him for it.

11. The bed is all yours

Few simple things are as pleasant as feeling like you own your whole bed.

It is simply great to have all the blankets, pillows, and space to move around at ease, stay in your bedroom without anyone disturbing your peace or endure the snoring of another.

12. You express what you dislike

If something bothers you, you just say it. From the towels on the floor to the shaving cream on the bathroom mirror, or the improperly closed fridge.

Each and every one of the things that you do not like about your ex, you can express them without fear of offending him, because he is no longer by your side.

13. You are not accountable

Your time and money are yours now, so you are never accountable to anyone for buying a new pair of shoes, spending 3 hours with the stylist, or hanging out with your friends.

14. You have more time for yourself

Since you don’t have constant appointments with just one person, you have more time to dedicate to your late projects. You are not worried about the opinion of others and you can feel more calm and confident to do what you love for as long as you need.

15. You are not half of anyone

I have never agreed with the expression “better half”. No one at all is half another person.

You are an authentic and complete being by yourself. Neither your happiness, fulfillment, or thoughts are worthless for having or not having a boyfriend. The couple is a complement of each other, that should add positive things to your life, but that is not really necessary to live. Always remember that.