15 scientific facts about romantic relationships

Love has always had something mysterious and magical about it! And it has not yet finished revealing surprises to us! Discover these 15 scientific facts about romantic relationships!

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1) Speaking statistics, men say “I love you” faster than girls

According to studies, men turn out to be great sentimentalists! A pretty little heart hides behind their shell 

2) It takes a maximum of 4 minutes to find out if you have feelings or not for a person

According to Albert Mehrabian, 55% of the answer is reflected in body language, 38% by voice and 7% by the content of the sentence.

3) Many animals are also monogamous!

Many animals also have only one love in their life! This is the case with our penguin friends, ducks, foxes and many others!

4) Falling in love is a primitive biological need

Thanks to studies, we know that the feeling of love causes an effect on dopamine in our brain, like a dr**g. Added to this is the fact that human beings are social beings and that they need others to live (talk, touch, see themselves through another individual to know themselves and exist).

5) The hugs act as painkillers and anti-stress

The “free hugs” movement is witness to this! Better than a magic wand, hugs can solve everything: stress, fear, sadness, and even conflicts! So cuddle the little wolves! <3

6) If two lovers look each other in the eye, their hearts beat in unison

A study has managed to demonstrate this completely crazy thing! Make noise with your little loving hearts, it’s magic and your neighbors will not be able to complain about the noise at night!

7) Expressing gratitude to people you love makes you happier

Feeling gratitude for the gifts that life has given us or the people we love is the best way to be happy all day! A simple “thank you” to a friend, a hug to his darling, or an “I love you” to his parents and you will be filled with gratitude all day long! In addition, if you do it every day, we can assure you that nothing can affect your happiness and that you will be in joy all day!

So what are you waiting for to be happy? We take advantage of this article to say a big THANK YOU! Thank you for following us for a few months or even several years for some! We have fun every day in our profession to get you the best ideas, tips, or testimonies on this great mystery that is love! To serve you!

One study found that men generally suffered more than women when ruptured. Although some do not show it and try to look good or move on quickly to try to forget, their little heart takes time to heal… <3 We wish you lots of happiness in love and we hope that one day you will find this girl so extraordinary that you will no longer need to go and get bandages for your heart at the ph**rmacy

9) You are more likely to fall in love with a person encountered during a great danger

According to a study, the danger is such that love produces dopamine in the brain. Being with a person during a tragic moment or saving a loved one during this type of event, a lifetime mark

10) Holding your darling’s hand can decrease the pain

Do you remember your parents who asked you to hold their hand before crossing, so as not to get lost or find yourself making chased steps on the pedestrian crossing? In love with your sweetheart, holding hands unscrambles you, allows you to face fear as well as all the challenges of life!

11) Looking at pictures of our darling can ease the pain and stress

According to a study, looking at the photo of a loved one can suddenly relieve stress and reduce physical pain! Bring photo frames with your sweetheart to your work desk and look at them when you are on break or after experiencing a little stress at work

12) It’s the adrenaline due to stress that gives you butterflies in your stomach (like stage fright)

According to a study, what you can feel when seeing the man you love (blushing, being frozen, sweaty hands, …) is only the result of adrenaline!

13) The drop in serotonin levels makes you dependent on your partner

Obsessed me? Pfff… No not at all… I don’t see at all what you are talking about…: p

14) Love has effects similar to dr**gs

Like coc**ine, love brings an excessive dose of dopamine to the brain, which makes you feel like you’re hovering. If your teenage child suddenly wants to experiment with dr**gs, tell them to find a girlfriend! The same effects but not harmful!

15) You can get drunk on love with all the bad sides that go with it

Like alcoh**l, love can very well sometimes be harmful … A surplus of oxytocin (love hormone) can cause aggression and strong jealousy in a person … Thus, the feeling of love in this case -it has similar effects to heavy drinking…

I hope you enjoyed this article and that you will now know a little more about the mysteries and magic of love!