15 ways to make a guy go crazy for you

Sometimes you really do your best to get a guy to notice you, but you remain ignored. Well, no more! Follow these 15 tips to make what you’ve always wanted to happen.

Getting and keeping a boy’s attention is not an easy task. With so many distractions in the modern world, whether it’s the media or just other people, getting a guy to go crazy for you can be difficult.

You never know what they are looking for in a woman or what deep down they are interested in.

On the other hand, we must also admit that men are just as complex as women because they are also human beings, they have very specific needs for affection and emotional bonding.

However, they all have something in common, and I do not mean an interest in physical attributes, but an interest in qualities that make them stop to think that a woman is also an amazing and interesting person.

How to make a man go crazy for you?

We cannot assure you that each of these tips will work infallibly on each man because as we said before, each man is different.

But in general, we have a very broad and efficient approach so that you can get the attention of a boy and have him all day thinking of you.

1. Be yourself

Yes, yes, we already know that this is nothing original because you’ve been listening to it all your life.

But you should get used to really heeding this advice because, in my experience, there are very few better ways not only to drive a man crazy but to be happy and successful in society.

Being yourself is the best bet you can make to gain genuine attention from the guy you like. You have to show him exactly who you are, from the bottom of your heart.

And trust me, if he’s the right guy, he’ll fall at your feet in no time. And not only that, being yourself all the time you make sure people really like you the way you are.

Don’t go through life trying to change the person you are deep down just because you think others will like you better this way. It’s a serious mistake!

Other people end up noticing and walking away. So instead of trying to be who you are not, dedicate yourself to exploiting the strengths of your personality.

2. Trust yourself

This is common sense, of course. But you would be surprised to know how many flirts do not come to fruition just because one of the two parties did not have enough confidence, although there was a lot of attraction.

Confidence in yourself not only allows you to get closer with a greater chance of success and to attract more attention in a better way, but it allows you to stand up with dignity if for any reason you were to suffer rejection.

3. Respect yourself

It is very difficult to respect someone who does not respect himself. And respect is one of the first steps towards love. Nothing is less attractive than a person who does not have the minimum of respect. Pathos is not the way to anyone’s heart.

If you live in a permanent state of insulting and belittling yourself before you try to drive any man crazy you have to urgently work on that.

4. Make your expectations very clear

If you are not the type to allow a guy to come into your apartment on the first date, or the second, and perhaps not the fifth, then let it be clear to him that you are not that type of woman.

If you want a relationship that is monogamous from the start, let her know. You don’t have to put up with her dating ten other people just because the standards of social openness say so.

Or if you don’t want anything serious at the time, too. There is nothing wrong with any position since they are personal decisions.

What is very attractive is that he sees that you are a person with convictions, whatever they may be, and that you follow them. This will leave him thinking of you in another way.

5. Be nice

For some reason that I don’t fully understand, some women think that spending the entire first date with a guy talking bad words about his family, his partners, or his exes or treating waiters badly is a good idea.

But no, despite what some rather misinformed TV series may have us believe, men don’t like wicked, cretinous women. Like us, we prefer kind men.

Let the kind Disney princess in all of us come out and you will surely get her inner prince charming to the surface too.

6. Be demanding

This does not mean that you are bossy, do not misunderstand me. While some men like a dominant attitude on the part of a woman, the truth is that they are the least and if you exaggerate you will end up making them run away.

Being demanding means that he realizes that when necessary, you can take control of things and that you do not depend on anyone.

This seems very attractive to all men. Take initiative, self-confidence, and don’t let anything intimidate you, and you will have reached this point.

7. Take care of yourself

I’m not saying you have to look like one of Victoria’s Secret models. I mean, you keep fit for health and love of yourself.

Exercising, eating well, and having proper hygiene are habits that all men find attractive. Why? because it means that you respect and love yourself, and that raises your value a lot in their eyes.

If you take care of yourself, he is also likely to realize that you have a high sense of responsibility and that is irresistible to men on many levels.

8. Be subtle

Don’t try to like him too blatantly. Be subtle with your compliments and the actions you take toward him.

Doing subtle things from time to time to give him hints that you like him is not only attractive but shows that you are not desperate and that you don’t need to yell at the world how you feel about him.

9. Show yourself with openness

It is quite difficult for a man to really like you if he hardly knows you. Open yourself to him. In other words, don’t go through life telling your personal biography from beginning to end when it is not required.

But if you detect any show of interest on their part, answer as openly as possible about who you are and what you like.

Tell him what your goals, hopes, and dreams are. Share your views on some controversial topics with him. Let him see your true self, and let him know that you are a human being with your own opinions, criteria, and points of view.

10. Be spontaneous

It is one thing to tell him “spontaneously” that you want him to be the father of your children on the first date, which, incidentally, is a lousy idea, and quite another to show up at his house with a pizza and maybe some beer for watching the American game.

Being too predictable can become boring and tedious for him. So get out of your comfort zone and surprise him pleasantly whenever you can.

11. Stay busy

Always being available is not the best way to get a guy’s attention. Remember that people do not like easy things, but challenges.

If you have a busy schedule and make him see it, he will value the space you make in your busy days to see it much more, and he will realize that your world revolves around yourself and your affairs.

12. Don’t overdo things

If there’s one thing most men hate, it’s for a woman to take two hours to get ready and try on five identical-looking pants before deciding on the first one to try on. Seriously, you don’t need to be so vain.

If you watch your diet and exercise, choose your clothes based on what suits you best and have a quick makeup routine, it will be more than enough for you to be sure that you look good at all times.

13. Accept him as he is

If you want a guy to go crazy for you, you don’t just have to accept him for who he is, you have to make sure he realizes so he can be himself when he’s with you. Few things we like more than being with someone with whom we do not feel free to be.

14. Give him your support

Even if his short-term goal is to build an organic fuel rocket and you have no idea how to do that, you should be interested and support him in any way you can to reach his goal.

Many women make the mistake of calling men’s hobbies and passions childish or useless. But the other way around it’s the same and we don’t like it either. So you have to avoid it.

15. Have your own ambitions

If what you want in life is to become a famous writer or a renowned plastic surgeon, make it clear that you already have a marked path and that you are willing to share it with someone but not put it aside to follow someone else’s path…

This shows conviction and respect for yourself and men find it irresistible to find a woman with these qualities.

In short, the best way to drive a man crazy is by being responsible for ourselves and trying to be a better person with each passing day.

Far from doing all this to get someone’s attention, you should be doing it in order to grow as a human being. Everything else will come as a natural consequence later.