15 Ways to Say “I Love You”

” I love you “. These three little words can seem so insignificant and yet carry so much meaning … And if it is appropriate to repeat them regularly as a couple, we should not distort their meaning! And for that, what could be better than changing the way you say it from time to time? Here are 15 ways for you to say “I love you” so that you never tire of saying to yourself and restoring your love!

1 / Message in the mist

An “I love you” left on the bathroom mirror that will only appear when fogging takes place. Something to surprise your darling after his bath/shower!

2 / Note on a post-it

No, post-it notes are not just for memory lapses! An “I love you” left on a post-it placed in the right place will brighten the day of your lover!

3 / Message in food

An “I love you” made with alphabet pasta, or more original, engraved in a banana (thanks to the natural oxidation of the fruit) will surely surprise your darling when he/she gets ready to eat.

4 / “I love you” polyglot

Aishiteru, Wo Ie Ne, Te Amo, Ti amo, Ich liebe dich… You don’t need to know how to speak all these languages ​​to say “I love you” to your darling, you will find them easily on the internet!

5 / Long live the sweets

This will delight the most greedy! A “I love you” written with candy! Vary the pleasures for each letter!

6 / Message in food (twice)

Cook an adorable pastry in the shape of a heart thanks to a mold, you can decline almost all the desserts of your choice for a gourmet “I love you”!

7 / Long live origami

For the most patient and skillful of you: an origami heart in a pretty box for each day/week/month/year spent together!

8 / Photomontage

Gather your most beautiful photos, print them in good quality and assemble them by forming a beautiful heart that will bring a romantic decorative touch to your room!

9 / For YouTube followers

Film and upload a video (in private or not depending on your convenience) in which you make a nice declaration of love … Adorable and fun, it’s a surprise that will touch him/her for sure!

10 / Put the forms in it!

Attention that will surprise and move your darling! Show him your love by sending him a  personalized love word,  calligraphy, and signed with your name!

11 / For difficult mornings

Buy a white mug, permanent markers, and let your creativity run free! Your darling will now be able to drink his tea, coffee, or hot chocolate by remembering every day how much you love him!

12 / Say it with balloons

Balloons are ideal for this kind of declaration! There is something for all tastes, of all shapes, of all colors, of all sizes! Otherwise, invest in balloons in the shape of a heart, drop them in his apartment after having previously fixed a message at the end of the strings …

13 / Bottle in the sea

If he/she is a sailor at heart, adapt! Find a nice glass bottle, drop a nice message on it after cleaning it, then run your darling a bath and leave the bottle there!

14 / Frame your love

Find the most beautiful photo of you two, the one that speaks to you the most, print it, frame it, and leave it on the bedside table of your darling!

15 / Display it on his desk

Change the wallpaper of your darling by putting a photo of you two with an adorable message, or simply, a beautiful message that he/she will necessarily discover the next time he/she uses his computer!