17 ideas for romantic evenings at home

Looking for romantic ideas for a romantic evening at home? So you are in the right place! For us and for you, planning a romantic getaway is not always easy.

You know what we’re talking about … we get dressed, we hire a babysitter and we’ll spend the night in the city.

Rather than reaching for the sky and telling you that your relationship is failing until the kids have grown up and gone, use some creativity at home to find yourself in love every night of the week.

Here are 17 ideas for romantic evenings at home, all tested personally.

1 – A Fashionably Late Dinner

Wait until the children are in bed to order, or have a candlelit dinner for two. This can save a marriage, especially when the children are small.

Depending on the season and where you are, you may or may not dine outside under the stars with candles.

You will have wonderful conversations during your late dinners! And it’s the perfect time to dream and be close to each other.

And let’s be honest, who does not appreciate taking a snack at midnight? Especially when you are in the presence of a loved one!

2 – Movie night

There are movies that you do not watch with your family. Stay up late at night to watch a thriller or action movie.

If you both like movies and popcorn, go crazy and buy what you like.

You can also take lighter soft drinks and sweets (if you really want to adventure).

There’s nothing better than snuggling up against your other half and watching a movie in the comfort of your own home!

3 – Picnic in the backyard

Who would have thought your backyard would be perfect for your next date?

Prepare a picnic and go outdoors. You can also add some music! Set up a tent and stand up into the wee hours of the night laughing and enjoying your “alone” time in your backyard!

4 – Watch the video of your wedding

Who does not like to remember that special day? Take the time to enjoy your wedding video together.

You will be surprised to have fun with so many things that were filmed that day.

Whether it’s jokes you told at the altar or family members who behave like crazy, it’s surely a fun time for a romantic evening!

And to have a little fun, share a cake in memory of the good old days.

5 – Browse books and memory boxes

Spend time watching the story of your family. Take a look at the pictures, have fun with the memories you will see and see all the way you have traveled together.

You probably have some small photo boxes where you store all our memories …. a must for a romantic evening! Try to do it at least twice a year.

6 – Make a snowman

Remember this fun winter activity and become the child you once were!

You only need a few accessories to make the face of your snowman. And let’s face it, it’s something that can turn into a snowball fight, which will bring you closer to the one you love!

7 – Play with leaves

This is another way to return to your childhood. Go outside and jump into piles of leaves.

It is when we leave aside our “adult” lives that we discover that we have so much more fun with each other.

It is soothing for the soul to relive some of our childhood enjoyment!

8 – Sip a drink outside

At the end of the day, it is so pleasant to relax to the rhythm of the sunset and listen to nature and the sounds of the evening.

Enjoy these moments together on your patio, on your terrace or on the landing while savoring your favorite drink!

9 – Cook together

Preparing to eat together in the kitchen can be a lot of fun (but sometimes it takes patience). Prepare a special dessert or something for breakfast the next day.

10 – Gardening two

This activity is like work (and somehow), but you’ll love working together in the garden!

Whether it is to pull weeds or plant bulbs for next spring, you work together … and you spend pleasant moments!

11 – Dance in a duet

Dancing with your spouse is a great way to get together. Just put some music and start waddling. You can set the tone with the type of music you choose.

12 – Pass in front of the sprinkler

As adults, we tend to leave behind that childish side we love so much. Do you remember when you ran and shouted with your friends when the cool water fell on you?

Try it again. You will be pleasantly surprised to find how refreshing it is for your mind!

13 – Find Constellations

You probably remember some constellations to look for, but star charts can also help you in your quest.

Relaxing in front of a sky filled with stars, you will enjoy a romantic and relaxing moment with your spouse.

14 – Plan a treasure hunt

In turn, create treasure hunts between you. Write a series of clues that will lead you to each other and lead you to a treasure at the end of the hunt. Another great way to return to your childhood.

15 – Make a dessert for each other

Spend time alone in the kitchen as you prepare creative and unique desserts for both of you.

Besides being fun, it’s also delicious! Yes, sweets can really spice up your life as a couple!

16 – Write poems or love letters

Sit opposite each other and write a poem or love letter that you will address to each other. Then read it to him or exchange it to find out what the other person has written.

17 – Plan your holidays

You may be at home right now, but planning a trip is a good way to spend a romantic evening.

Talk about your ideas, research online for more details, and have fun creating your next getaway.