17 signs to know if your girlfriend loves you, never be unprepared

How can you be sure that your girlfriend really loves you? Have you ever wondered or do you just take it for granted that it is yours? There are some signs to know if your girlfriend loves you. This serves so that your security is based on evidence of what she does and not just on what you think of her.

It is special when you have been in love for a long time, the signs when your girlfriend loves you are important. When one is in a relationship, you should not lower your guard, love always has to feed. The lack of these signs will allow you to make her fall in love again and reinforce her love.

If that woman you love is not your girlfriend yet, if she is just your friend, these signs will give you the confidence to conquer her. Keep in mind that sometimes when a woman knows that you love her, she may try to take advantage of you by treating you badly or using you for some selfish purpose.

You will have to learn to differentiate the concerns of a jealous and controlling girlfriend from those of a girlfriend who truly loves you and gives you your space.

Keep these signs in mind to know if your girlfriend loves you

Today in Love Your Kisses we will tell you what are the signs when your girlfriend loves you. Keep in mind that custom kills love. And since we do not have a manual to know that things are beginning to fail, we can realize very late that our relationship is seriously damaged.

Therefore, thanks to the following signs to know if your girlfriend loves you, you can ensure that your relationship always stays warm, as it should be.

If she always wants to be with you, it is a good sign that your girlfriend loves you.

Whoever loves always thinks of the loved one, it is very simple. No matter what you have to do, being loved is always a priority. Whether you have a family lunch or your dear aunt has a birthday, it doesn’t matter. It does not matter that something very important is happening, the most important thing is to spend time with you.

It’s not that he stops doing his things to be with you, no. A responsible girl will ask you to accompany her and be with her while she accomplishes her priority tasks for the day.

A girlfriend who loves you always has you in mind and calls you to know how you are

Her love for you makes you become her priority, so she will call you to talk and plan something together. But she will call you above all to ask how you are. Worrying about you is one of the signs that your girlfriend loves you.

A friend can also call you to know how you are, but she will immediately add that you do her a favor. A girlfriend in love calls just to find out how you are, for no other reason. A jealous and controlling girlfriend calls to make sure you are where you need to be.

If you take her home, she will ask you to call her as soon as you return home to know that you are okay.

Every woman in love wants to be aware of her boyfriend. Any pretext serves to keep in touch and reaffirm his love. A girlfriend who loves you always feels like she needs to hear from you. For this reason, when they say goodbye to a walk, when you return her home she will ask you to call her as soon as you get home.

It doesn’t matter how you take her back home. In your own car which means greater security or on a bicycle that can bring more dangers. Your girlfriend will want you to call her as soon as you get home. A jealous and controlling girlfriend does too, but out of insecurity. The difference is in the way you do it.

The woman who loves you, loves to touch you for whatever reason

One of the signs to know if your girlfriend loves you is what she does while you are together. When a woman is really interested, she takes your hand, embraces you, caresses your hair, kisses you. I mean, it makes you feel like he loves you. If that’s what your girlfriend does, everything is going great.

If it doesn’t, worry, it’s time to reaffirm that love if it really exists. When you love, you feel the need for contact with your loved one, it is something very natural.

If she really loves you, she will always refer to you as her boyfriend

This is a powerful signal to know if your girlfriend loves you. You will realize when someone calls her on her cell phone and if she refers to you as “… a friend”, it is serious. But if he says with certainty “I’m with my boyfriend” or says your name, things are going well.

If you highlight the moment, for example, if you say “I’m with someone very special” or “I’m having my best time”, your girlfriend loves you.

If your girlfriend looks at you tenderly and smiles, it is a sign that she loves you

Cute looks and smiles are signs that your girlfriend loves you. Because when you love you feel something special in your heart and that is expressed in the form of looks and smiles at the loved one. The looks of a woman who loves you last longer than normal and convey emotions.

A jealous and controlling girlfriend will also look at you, but they do it to look for clues or to say something like “be careful what you are doing.”

Signs to know if your girlfriend loves you: be careful about talking about the ex-boyfriend

A girl while she feels in love with you will consider you the best thing that is happening to her. Therefore you will not feel any reason to make comparisons with an ex-boyfriend. A girlfriend in love only cares about you and it does not occur to her that something could be better.

On the other hand, if love is getting cold, you will feel that some ex-boyfriend was better in some detail. “My ex-boyfriend towards …” or “My ex-boyfriend used to say …”, and so on. It’s something jealous and controlling girlfriends do too.

If your girlfriend loves you, she will not try to take away your freedom of opinion and preferences.

Another of the signs to know if your girlfriend loves you is that she encourages you to express yourself with freedom and optimism. Only a jealous and controlling girlfriend is going to get upset when you talk about another woman or express your admiration for beauty.

There is nothing wrong with admiring the beauty of another woman. A confident woman accepts your tastes and preferences. You can get a little jealous, but don’t overdo it.

If you don’t call her, she takes the initiative to call you and doesn’t mind spending her balance

Another sign when your girlfriend loves you is that she is generous and above all attentive. Therefore, investing time and the balance of her cell phone to hear from you is something that pleases her and makes her feel good. If she is overreacting by calling you just to say “call me,” she may be a jealous, controlling, insecure girlfriend.

When a person loves the best thing they can do for that love is to invest in it, time, efforts, thoughts, and money.

If your girlfriend loves you, she is likely to give you original gifts made by her

When a woman loves she always looks for ways to express or show that love to you. Therefore, if your girlfriend loves you, she will try to tell you or show you in some unconventional way. If he likes arts and crafts or talks, he will have a perfect reason to do something in honor of the love he feels for you.

Be very careful to appreciate their gifts, they can be very simple. What counts is the intention, what you want to express. A jealous, controlling, and insecure girlfriend will rather ask you for gifts.

The girlfriend who loves you will try to have a good time with you, no matter if they spend money

In the macho culture, women consider that it is the man who has to make the expenses when they go out. But a girlfriend who loves feels that this limits her from expressing her love. Therefore, she feels free to invite you to have a good time with you without caring about spending money.

A woman truly in love considers her boyfriend to be her top priority. Consequently, take the initiative to spend happy moments with him.

A woman who loves you will make you feel good about yourself

If your girlfriend really loves you, she will try to increase your self-esteem, your self-confidence, and your sense of identity. This is only done by women who know each other well, have good self-esteem, and know what they want. They know the importance of valuing the loved one as it provides a strong motivation for love.

It is very natural to prefer and love people who make us feel good, they know it and seek it. You will still have good and bad days, but with positive support, everything is bearable.

If your girlfriend really loves you, she will help you when you need it.

We already told you that if your girlfriend loves you, she will consider you her priority in every way. That is one of the powerful signs to know if your girlfriend loves you that you should take into account.

You can get sick at any time. They may give you additional work or have a problem that no one is free from. As she is always pending, she will find out and immediately offer her help. Go shopping at the pharmacy, clean the house, buy food, etc.

One sign that your girlfriend loves you is that she will always appear on a rescue mission. Always delighted to spend quality time with her love.

If she is willing to risk it for you and the relationship, she loves you

When you love, you defend what you love. It is something basic. We are not free from criticism, accidents, or misunderstandings, she will come out in your favor. It is not about putting more fire or agreeing with you, but about making you feel good about what is happening. You can be wrong and supporting yourself will mean using their love to correct you.

A woman who loves may risk her own well-being for the other. A jealous and controlling woman will flee from this scenario, as she is insecure.

The woman who loves you will show respect for your points of view

You and your girlfriend are not necessarily going to agree on everything. It is normal for everyone to have their own preferences and tastes. Even, according to studies, they may have completely opposite opinions. Politics, religion, and many other topics can be points of difference.

But even with great differences of opinion, couples who love each other find ways to be very happy. She accepts her boyfriend’s perspectives as a right.

If she loves you, she will always include you in her decisions

Another of the signs to know if your girlfriend loves you is that she always considers you to make her decisions. It doesn’t have to be a big deal to decide. Simply the love he has for you makes it important to include yourself in his decisions. What clothes fit you best, if you have to take a job if you are going to make an investment.

If he loves you and considers you part of his world, you account for everything. These are signs to know if your girlfriend loves you.

If she always shows affection, it is a sign that your girlfriend loves you.

You can only show affection for something you love. That affection in couples is manifested by physical contact, loving words, presents, and moments of intimacy. Holding your hand while walking, supporting your hand while driving your car, saying loving words to you at any time.

To feel connected with your partner you do not necessarily have to have intimate relationships. The details count, as there is more time for them.

Other signs to know if your girlfriend loves you

– He will always ask about how you are doing, how are you, what are you thinking, what are we doing on the weekend, etc.

– A girlfriend who loves you with true love will always trust you because her security is not in what you do, but in how she thinks about you.

– He will always look at you with tenderness. They are part of the body’s signals of the love he feels towards you. They look at you while they talk or while they do something

– They love to remember positive things from the past. How they met, do you remember when …? It’s nice when you feel positive emotions again.