17 Tips for a Guy to Return Your Text Messages

12. Keep Things Simple and Casual

Text messaging doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s not a good idea to bring up an important topic in text conversations.

It could be your feelings or something you’ve been thinking recently.

First of all, most men don’t really like to read and if you write a text venting everything that was kept in your heart, it’s likely that he will read only two or three words, or not read at all.

  • If the chemistry between you has started to evolve and you feel like you have something to say, say it face to face.
  • Don’t ask him what he thinks of your new outfit over text message.
  • Learn to end the conversation casually.
  • Use phrases like “I’ll talk to you later”.

Every text message you send him, you’re projecting your image in his head.

Make this image stimulate his curiosity.

13. Call him from time to time

All right, you two are texting every day. It’s a good idea to let him hear your voice from time to time.

The same rule applies for voicemails or calls: no bombing.

If you have something a little more important, it’s always better to talk on the phone than text or voice.

To see if this interaction is getting anywhere, check:

  • How many times has he called you?
  • How many times did you call him?
  • How is this guy different or similar to the image you had of him when you only texted?
  • Right after a phone conversation, does he text you?

14. Never Get Into A Text Messaging Discussion

If you were angry about something he said or you are not sure what he meant by it, give him a call. Never start a message thread.

Some problems with arguing over text messages:

  • Text messages do not express emotions.
  • Text messages can be easily misinterpreted.
  • You can write one thing with the best of intentions and he may understand something entirely different.

15. Showcase Your Sense Of Humor

Who doesn’t love a person who makes you laugh? The same goes for them. Men like women with a keen sense of humor.

They don’t like boring women, who make them nervous.

  • Send light, casual messages and share a funny photo or video. This is the secret to making him interact better.
  • Once you show your humorous and fun side, he will be more willing to make you laugh at his jokes.
  • Guys love it when the girl is on the same wavelength and they laugh together.

16. Be Spontaneous

Men like a little spontaneity and when you send him something unexpected, he will automatically know that there is a personality behind your beauty that he will want to explore.

  • Just a hi is no use
  • Send him a link to an article on a topic you’re both interested in.
  • You are a dentist and he likes to whiten his teeth, send him something about teeth whitening.
  • Unexpected text messages are great for getting him to respond.

17. Send Some Reflection

Some random text or famous phrase might catch his eye.

  • It could be a line from your favorite movie.
  • An inspirational quote you just read.
  • It can be anything that catches his eye and makes him smile.

18. Don’t Make Him Uncomfortable

It’s not a good idea to start discussing politics and religion early on in the relationship.

  • It’s best not to scare him off with your strong feminine personality or anything you believe.
  • That doesn’t mean not having an opinion.
  • You should always remain firm in your beliefs, but you can argue with your friends later.

19. Flirt a lot

Yes, that’s exactly what you have to do in the beginning. Text messages have replaced other forms of communication.

So if you want to tell him that you like him, then flirt with him a lot.

Men don’t like women who tell a man to try to guess what she means. He’ll only know you’re into him if you send him something straight.

  • Don’t be shy, be suggestive.
  • Give sincere praise from time to time.
  • If he’s showing that he’s interested by returning compliments, accept the compliments in good spirits.
  • Swap a simple “We’ll talk later” with “We’ll talk later!”

20. Don’t Annoy Him

Another thing to remember is that girls have a habit of sending a bunch of messages at once.

Nobody likes that.

If you send him text messages every hour saying “Thinking of you”, “I miss you”, “Saturday is coming soon”, don’t be surprised if he stops responding at once.

  • Respect his time.
  • Don’t scare him with an hourly text, he’ll start to think you have nothing else to do.
  • Yes, text him, but know how to strike a balance between keeping in touch and pissing off a person.

Unfortunately their minds don’t work like women’s minds. They like things short and simple.

Don’t expect him to get into a long conversation with you.

21. Stay Involved

Nobody likes to talk to a person who jumps from one subject to another.

This is like talking to a monkey that is jumping from branch to branch.

  • It’s okay to change the subject if the conversation naturally moves to the other subject.
  • If you want him to respond to your messages, keep him involved.
  • Asking open-ended questions is fine, but they shouldn’t be complicated questions.
  • If he’s talking about an experience or a memory, ask questions, don’t share your experience. He’s talking about him and not you.

22. Go With The Flow

Don’t stay on one subject if the conversation has naturally changed direction.

  • If he’s talking lighthearted things, don’t start complaining intensely about what happened to you at work.
  • See where the conversation is going, what the tone of the conversation is, and just go with the flow.

23. Don’t Drag The Conversation

If you’re talking about something, you should know when and how to end the conversation.

You don’t want to drag the conversation to the point where he gets sick of the conversation.

  • You don’t have to make it easy to end the conversation, but you do have to know when to stop.
  • Don’t stay on one subject for too long, know when to change.
  • End the conversation before him with something like, “I have to go, but I’ll talk to you later.”

24. Don’t Let Him End the Conversation.

Keep him engaged, ask questions and answer what he is saying.

Writing “hmmm” or “haha” kind of closes the door on open conversation. He can’t see her face, so he can’t exactly know her reaction.

  • Ask appropriate questions.
  • Please respond with appropriate comments.
  • Introduce a new subject.

25. Give Him Something To Think About.

You’re the one who has to finish the conversation first every time, but before you say goodbye, give him something to think about.

If you’re discussing something, how about saving some of your thoughts for later.

  • You can end the conversation by saying, “I have to go now, but we’ll talk more about this later.”
  • Or say “Oh! I thought of one thing, remind me to talk later.” This will leave him wondering and curious to know what it is.
  • This is sure to make him respond to your next message right away.

26. Text Like Men.

Men understand another man’s conversation much more easily. Don’t expect him to engage in an hour-long conversation with you.

Use language a guy would use to get a girl’s attention.

Here is the way to do it correctly:

  • Emojis and “hellos” are prohibited.
  • Instead, say, “Hi cat.”
  • Say, “I bet you look great in that pool in your swim trunks.”
  • “What’s my hottie doing?”

It might seem too straight forward for you, but it’s sure to get his attention.

27. How Often Does He Respond?

Remember what was said above about valuing yourself. See how often he responds to your messages and how often he initiates contact.

If he responds to you as soon as you send, that’s a great sign that the two of you are going to work out.

If he doesn’t respond or only responds after a day or two, do you think he’s worth waiting for?

Does he always start the conversation or is it always you trying to talk to him? Know your self worth.

Answering these questions will honestly tell you if it’s worth spending time and energy on, and if the answer is no, it’s best to find someone more compatible.

28. Be Yourself

It’s perfectly healthy to play the difficult woman or do something else outside of your personality at first, but never forget who you really are.

Relationships based on falsehood never worked and never will. Let him know your true personality and if he likes it, great, if he doesn’t, he loses.

Guys prefer girls who speak their minds.

Be yourself, know your worth and see if he values ​​you.

You deserve someone who admires you inside and out.


Here it is. 28 tips for you to do well in flirting with a man via text messages.

These tips don’t work because they are magic words, these tips work because they will help you see the person you really are.

They make you understand that you shouldn’t sit around waiting for him to answer, you have the power to change the situation and make him run after.

There’s one last tip: no matter how much he says he’s interested in you, those who are really interested make time and make an effort to interact with you.

If he doesn’t, don’t waste your time on him. Ball forward!

11 Tips for a Man to Return Your Text Messages