18 symptoms of a woman in love, what she always does and doesn’t say

What does a woman feel for a man when she is in love? The symptoms of a woman in love reveal what she truly feels. Women who are intense in love cannot hide their emotions from the man they love.

Women who are truly in love are not afraid to show themselves fragile by expressing their love for someone. If they cannot express themselves in words, their body language is responsible for expressing what you feel. But still, they are often ignored.

So that you know what a signal means in a friend or a girl you do not know, read on. Many times it happens that by not knowing how to interpret the gestures of a woman in love, you lose many opportunities.

1.- If she doesn’t mind making a fool of herself, she likes you

One of the bodily gestures of a woman in love is her ease. She is so happy with the man she loves that she feels empowered to do anything.

She doesn’t mind making a fool of herself by your side. Enjoy the moment and invite you to join her. She can dance in the middle of the street, scream that she loves you, or play like a girl.

2.- She always wants to spend time with you, romantic and having fun

For a woman in love, the most important thing is to spend time with the man she loves. That is why she is always looking for opportunities to be by his side.

She looks for you all the time. If he cannot find you physically, he will contact you by message. It is not strange that I try to lengthen the chat or the casual call for hours.

3.- Symptoms of a woman in love: Smile when she imagines or sees you

When a woman loves she cannot stop smiling when she is with you. The smile is a sign of attraction, it is telling you that he likes to see you and spend time with you.

He is smiling at all times. Even when they are silent she makes a gesture of satisfaction. If he talks to you on the phone or chat, smile often. He greets you from afar smiling with his body language.

4.- She looks for you to tell you how her day went

You are the only person to whom she tells her things in great detail. That’s why you can’t wait to hire the best and worst of your day. She explains what she did, what she ate, what music she listened to, etc.

She feels very happy telling you all the things that occurred to her, the new things that she saw or did. She tells you about someone she met and what she talked about with that person.

5.- She blushes at any emotional contact

Another of the signs of a woman in love is her sensitivity to emotions or physical contact. If you say something nice to her or if you roses her clothes she can blush, laugh or become very cute.

One of the clearest symptoms of a woman in love is when you tell her that she is beautiful. The same happens when you pink his body with your body. He is genuinely excited.

6.- Have a positive perspective of your hobbies

The way a woman in love acts in the face of customs that others consider negative gives her away. Everything that others consider negative in you she loves.

He likes that you are so different and unique. A woman in love sees your hobbies as adorable and as part of your charm. Her way of making you feel safe, special, and grateful.

7.- She considers you in all his future plans

Another symptom of a woman in love is when she talks about her future. She has practically stopped talking about “his future” to talk about “our future.” She has high hopes for you.

If she truly loves you, she won’t mind being intense with her desires, goals, and dreams. When she talks about the different aspects of her life, in the future, she has you in mind.

8.- She feels sure of herself and her love

One of the strongest body signals of a woman in love is her security with you. She does not feel jealous of anyone or anything, because she is sure of her love and works to make it stronger.

She trusts herself so much, she’s so sure of meeting your expectations that she forgets about the dangers. For example, he encourages you to progress, go out with your friends and he wants you to feel free.

9.- She tells you that she loves you with details

Another way of acting of a woman in love is that words are not enough for her to say “I love you”. She finds original ways to say “I love you” with details.

She is the one who gives you chocolates and invites you to go out to romantic places. He sends you a letter or writes you booty phrases. His life is focused on making memorable moments with you.

10.- Her friends and family know about you because she talks to them

One of the most wonderful symptoms of a woman in love is her happiness when talking about you with other people. He loves to show his enthusiasm, for you, to his friends and family.

All your friends and family know your name and greet you as if they know you. Actually, she tells them everything about you, your tastes, where you work and where you live.

11.- Your moments with her are more fun

The body language of a woman in love, when you are with her, is always enthusiastic and fun. He is always in a good mood, which is a good sign of the love he feels for you.

They don’t need anyone but the two of them to have fun times. Their humor complements yours so well that any insignificant detail is enough to laugh, celebrate, and thank.

12.- She does not hide the love she feels for you, she is happy with that love

Another of the symptoms of a woman in love is her carelessness showing what she feels for you anywhere. His laugh is authentic anywhere and he sends you to love messages without thinking about “what will they say”

If there is something you like, don’t be afraid to disagree in a good way. In addition, they do not miss the opportunity to take photos with you wherever they are.

13.- Be careful not to expose yourself on social networks

A wonderful gesture of a woman in love is that she does not need anyone’s approval to be happy with you. For that reason, he does not expose himself to airing his life on social networks.

You don’t have to appear happy, you don’t have to show anyone that you are together. He does not need to reinforce his security with you with the favorable opinions of other people.

14.- Her best weekend is to spend alone with you sharing

A woman truly in love prefers to stay home with you than to go out to the best weekend party. For her, the man she loves is her main priority and satisfaction.

One of the symptoms of a woman in love is finding a thousand fun ways to spend time with you. For her, more important than the holidays is building emotional moments with the man she loves.

15.- Always try to please your tastes with a lot of charm

Another sign of love for you in a woman is her desire that you enjoy every moment by her side. She treats you like a king, but not on a throne but encouraging you to do all kinds of things with her.

Whether it’s preparing food or doing a tedious chore, she makes sure it looks like fun. It always motivates you to be happy by your own effort

16.- She tells you shameful things about her life because she trusts you

Not hiding your mistakes and shortcomings are other symptoms of a woman in love. She shares her most embarrassing anecdotes with you and does it in a good mood.

She loves you so much and trusts your good judgment that she knows you won’t blame her or make fun of her. He tells you about the difficulties he went through when his taco broke or when he vomited at a work dinner.

17.- Learn from the good and the bad that happens to them, to improve

Another good sign of a woman in love is her willingness to learn from life circumstances. He always seeks to know you better and learn from you.

She is always attentive to what you do, say, and advise. He even asks you for advice and emotional support. You always accept life changes and take responsibility for your happiness and progress.

18.- She gets loving to teach you something new, useful, and fun

A woman who loves is not surprised by her partner’s mistakes or ignorance. She is very tolerant and accepts that her man ignores many things that seem simple.

She teaches you without humiliating you or feeling superior. Rather, she becomes more loving, treats you with great affection, and teaches you with great patience. He is very happy to serve and support you.

One of the wonderful symptoms of a woman in love is that she wants to see you happy and successful. Do your best to be a positive compliment in your life.