19 things women do that make a man fall in love

Men tend to be very little expressive in terms of their sentimental tastes, so it is difficult to understand what it is that makes them prefer one girl over another.

Perhaps we have trivialized them for too long by assuming that they only expect physical contact and a beautiful girl by their side.

The information you will read has been collected after asking dozens of men what things make them fall in love with a woman. Read on and find out which were the 19 most interesting answers.

1. Attitude

If the woman knows how to adapt to the things that happen to her and tries to see life with optimism, without being tied to insignificant problems, surely she will captivate a man more easily than one who does the opposite.

2. Gentleness

It’s not about what you say, it’s about the way you say it!

The girl may be very determined when it comes to defending her rights and imposing herself on a man, but kindness should never be overlooked in the process.

3. Don’t be criticized

If you want to discourage a man, judge him by what he does! They are always ready to try new things and venture into the unknown.

When they achieve the same spirit of freedom in a female, they will be able to feel themselves and will not be afraid to expose their feelings.

Next time, instead of criticizing him, let him have fun!

4. The aroma

A woman’s body odor is attractive or repulsive to guys.

I remember an ex-boyfriend who told me that he had to leave one of his conquests because she did not like to bathe. In addition, when she did, her body scent was always unpleasant, he believed that perhaps it was due to the perfume she used, since when she sweated she always smelled of an old woman’s wardrobe.

That same boy enjoyed smelling my neck, because for him “my scent was like that of angels.”

5. That you appreciate his mom

If you are starting a relationship with a man and you want it to last, you must win over his mom!

The mother directly or indirectly influences many of a man’s decisions (even if they deny it).

This is another reason why he will fall madly in love with you. Become her friend or at least respect her. Your boy will adore you!

6. That his friends like you

Dare to criticize one of his best friends and say goodbye to your boy.

This is a contentious factor in many relationships, as some friends of couples turn out to be quite uncomfortable.

You will have to make some sacrifices and get to know them better. Friends can destroy the relationship of their partners through criticism if they believe that the girl who is with them is not the right one or will affect the friendship in some way.

Remember that before you, they were. Their opinions will outweigh your criticisms of how childish they may seem to you.

Treat them like they matter to you. Hopefully, they will become your best allies.

7. Show concern for him

For a man, it is essential that his girl asks him: “How was your day?”

This shows that he cares, and even if he doesn’t say much about it, he will appreciate it!

8. Respect his space

If things did not turn out the way he expected, he will only hope that when he gets home his partner will support him.

One of the ways to do this is by respecting your space. When he feels better, he will speak for himself about what made him upset or what keeps him worried.

9. Let the girl take care of her personal image

Every man appreciates that his girl fixes up to see him. But this is a habit that you cannot abandon once you have caught their attention because they will be completely disappointed and feel ripped off.

Therefore, never neglect your hair, personal hygiene, oral hygiene, and cleanliness of your outfit.

10. Your desire to cheer him up

Do you want to enter his heart forever? Show a good sense of humor and genuine support when he needs you.

11. That you wear his clothes

It’s attractive for a man to see his girlfriend parade around the house in his sweatshirt. Give it a try and you won’t regret the results!

12. The way you enjoy each of his jokes

He knows that most of his jokes are not even funny, but he is excited by the idea of ​​having fun and seeing the woman he loves a laugh.

If you’ve noticed your boyfriend coming out of nowhere with a meaningless comment to break the rigidity of a conversation, try laughing. He will like that about you!

13. How does his wife look in the morning!

He doesn’t care if you dress up Monday through Friday to impress him, what will really make him fall in love is the way you look natural every morning as you wake up next to him.

14. The messages you send him

It goes without saying, but he longs for you to write him a message loaded with emoticons with which you express your love.

15. The way you lie on his chest

Prolonging a goodbye or waking up in the morning by snuggling up to the man’s chest is a gesture that they hope will happen to confirm that their girls love them.

16. Your creativity

Details feed relationships! Sometimes women take it for granted that it should be the boyfriend who takes care of every special detail and this is really complex for them.

If you are creative enough, you can surprise him every day with little things that you can do at home, using a small budget.

This way you not only make him fall in love, but you also motivate him to be more and more loving and detailed.

17. That you cook

Regardless of whether you are a complete culinary disaster, just putting the effort into preparing her favorite food will be something she won’t forget.

18. How you collect your hair!

For some reason, they love the idea of ​​watching their girlfriends relax a bit and tie all of their hair into a high bun while helping them solve an activity or clean the house.

This simple act will increase your feelings for your partner.

19. Your sensual walk

When you walk seductively, crouch, or dance near him, even if you think he is not watching you, he does and it rejoices him.