19 way to know if your new relationship is serious

If there is a scary moment in new relationships, it is the one when you realize that things are getting serious.

When it goes from something fun, easy, and casual to something real. It is still very exciting and it makes you very happy to know that you are with that person.

Even so, you are now in a totally new stage. You know that you love that person and you know that you mean something to your partner too, but you are not sure what that “something” is.

You are at that stage where many questions begin to arise. Questions you don’t even have an answer to like: “What are we doing?”, “What is he thinking?” or “Where is this all going?” And this is enough to make you lose your mind.

Of course, there are the obvious signs that the relationship is getting serious; like when you meet their parents, they tell each other that they love each other or have conversations related to their future as a couple.

But, when you are unsure of the degree to which your relationship is already serious, there are certain clues that can clear your mind.

1. Your things have a place

You can start with a toothbrush that any kind of person would offer when you fall asleep. From there, you can go on to leave basic things at home such as your contact lenses or some garment, and little by little you could even have a drawer.

2. You use each others’ things

Because you have to have a lot of trust with a person to let him use your things. Even more so when it comes to more intimate objects such as deodorant or hairbrush.

3. Think about how you look when you wake up does not stress you

This can become commonplace for you and you stop worrying about looking good all the time. You become more natural and you dare to ask questions as if you had food left on your teeth.

You may also start to get more comfortable with your partner regardless of whether you shaved or not because you know that person thinks you look good no matter what.

4. You are friends of their friends

Getting to know your partner’s friends is a big step toward getting to know that person too, and forging a strong relationship means that.

Knowing their friends is a way to make sure that there is no problem in the relationship, that they support you. But also, you are integrating more in his life.

5. You share the Netflix password

You realize that there is trust when your partner does not care to know that you did a marathon of some strange series. It is a clear sign that the relationship is on the right track if you share these kinds of things without caring if the other sees what you did.

6. You plan your future together

Taking a trip with your new partner can be very exciting. For some reason, traveling as a couple is an omen of good luck, and many times it means that in the coming months, they will continue together.

Taking a trip as a couple now can also be proof that there will be more in the future.

7. You have a routine before bed

Having their own side of the bed, knowing which position they prefer to settle in, or taking turns getting up to turn off the television or go for a glass of water, are all signs that your relationship is serious.

However, if you don’t have a chance to sleep together, the way you say goodbye by message may be enough. That he says goodbye to you and that for a moment neither of you wants to leave can be a sign that your relationship is serious.

8. You know what their favorite food is and how to prepare it

It is always good to know what you like to eat and how to prepare it, even so, knowing where to order it is also an option.

9. You have photos of moments together on your social networks

Letting people find out about your relationship is a step towards a serious relationship. If you’re willing to let all of your followers find out about your relationship, then it’s serious business. Even more so if you add some hearts or a romantic comment that makes it clear that they are not only friends.

10. You have a shared account

Because many times, being together they do not have to worry about some points such as ordering food. With a shared account, they don’t have to remember who asked for it the last time.

They just have to be very careful because if they end up and keep using that account it can be somewhat uncomfortable for both of them.

11. The doorman of his building lets you pass without thinking twice

When you spend a lot of time at your partner’s house, there comes a point where people around you locate you and it is no longer necessary to wonder if you are some kind of psychopath or serial killer.

They spend so much time together that now you can assure that it is something serious.

12. Staying to sleep does not always mean being physical

In general, the first few times you sleep at your partner’s house, they mean having non-stop relationships.

When you can tell him that you are tired or that you ate a lot and just want to sleep, and you lie down together knowing that that is all you want or need, you know that your relationship goes to a new level.

13. Have a huge fight and survive it

You’ve heard it said many times that fighting only makes a relationship stronger. I’m not really sure if this is true or not, but I do know that having a strong fight without ending the relationship.

It means that both are committed to the seriousness of it. That and that they love each other enough to get over that kind of thing.

14. You know what are the most embarrassing moments about each other

Saying something that’s just a little embarrassing doesn’t count. We all have that strange story that we don’t tell anyone because we are ashamed to just remember it.

Perhaps on your first date, a story without much importance does not hurt. But when the relationship gets serious, you can tell your partner that story that no one but you knows.

15.You get ready at his home

Because letting your partner see how you fix yourself is a sign of confidence. In general, your 45-minute routine can be something personal because of everything you wear and all the weird faces you can make.

When the relationship becomes serious, you do not feel sorry that your partner sees you make all kinds of expressions.

16.You know each other’s schedule

You can start making plans according to their schedule knowing that you must also take into account all the plan changes that may occur.

You must take into account that it is you against time and time against you. It may seem somewhat complicated at the beginning but little by little there is a dynamic, so their outings and plans seem to fit perfectly with their schedules.

17. You have nicknames between you

Nicknames and private jokes are something that greatly strengthens the relationship. More if it is something you like. A good nickname that makes you happy can be a sign.

18. Silences are no longer uncomfortable

When you start dating someone, there are usually moments of silence in the conversation. When you have been in a relationship for longer, those silences are no longer uncomfortable and can often be used with a kiss or something like that.

19.You deleted all your apps and accounts on dating sites

You stopped checking the profile of your ex, his new partner, or his friends because your new partner is the only thing that matters. It is important to know that if you are willing to leave everything else for your current partner, then it is a serious relationship.

When you start dating someone you should be sure that you are interested in that person. That is the first step. Then, you must define if what you want is a serious relationship or someone to have relationships with.

But when you’re sure you love your partner, just make sure you’re on the right track. Remember to make your partner feel the way you want them to make you feel. It is the first step to a stable and serious relationship.