20 behaviors that can sabotage a relationship from the start

Make a new meeting can sometimes be a stressful and uncomfortable place. We want to appear to be interested, but not too much, available, but not overly, ready for engagement, but we also don’t want to appear desperate. And sometimes, by wanting to do well, we adopt certain behaviors that can sabotage a relationship that hasn’t even started yet.

Here are 20 behaviors that tend to sabotage a relationship from the start:

1. Be prepared to cancel all of your plans to be with the person.

We’ve all canceled our plans with our friends or stopped what we were doing at least once for a date.

2. Talk about marriage if your date is white.

The best way to scare the person off is to talk about marriage on the first date, even if it’s humorous.

3. Take a tour of his Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Avoid showing her that you are on her Facebook or Instagram account all the time to spy on her every move. The person probably won’t take it very well for you to leave comments on very old photos

4. Go to your partner’s house when he is not responding to your messages.

5. Finding your cell phone and social media passwords.

This is the best way for your partner not to trust you.

6. Ask him/her how much he/she earns.

7. Be tactile from the start.

Some people are not tactile at all or need time to be confident, respect that. This behavior risks sabotaging a relationship from the start.

8. Constantly send messages, call when you think of him/her.

9. Tell him that you have chosen not to renew your lease.

If you tell her early on that you don’t want to live alone anymore, you might frighten her.

10. Ask him or her early on if he or she wants to have children.

You might want to consider waiting a bit before bringing up the topic of children if you don’t want to scare him/her away.

11. Wanting to meet your parents from the start.

12.Present him/her as your boyfriend to others, when you are not even together yet.

13.Keep a little souvenir, like the restaurant receipt from your first date.

14. Invite him to your brother’s wedding next year.

You might want to wait a bit before projecting yourself together.

15. Tell him “I love you” right away.

16. Adopt a cat or dog without telling him.

If you are considering a relationship with this person, you might want to bring up the subject before making the decision to adopt a pet.

17. Add friends on social networks or family.

18. Wanting to do everything with him/her.

19. When he/she sends you a message, call him/her in response.

20. Want to know everything about past relationships.

The past belongs to the past. No need to compare yourself to its former partners. If he’s no longer with today, it’s for a good reason, so you don’t have to worry.