20 reasons why you don’t have a boyfriend

If the title of this article caught your attention, it is because you must have some concern with your relationship situation. Maybe you can’t get a boyfriend, or you’re dating a guy but you don’t see any possibilities to formalize the relationship.

You probably continually wonder what you are doing wrong, why all women have such “good luck” in finding their partners and you don’t know how to find a partner.

The news, although it may not sound so good, is that you are not the only one. In fact, it is not exclusive to women, many men also have the same doubts and find it difficult to find a good relationship.

Why can’t you find a boyfriend?

Here are the top 20 reasons you’re (probably) still single:

1. You look desperate

If a guy just asked you out and you’re already obsessed with him, spy on him on social media, write him every five minutes and wait hours for him to send you a message, then you will undoubtedly chase him away easily.

Calm! You already started badly, because trying to speed things up does not produce good results.

Those actions show a desperate attitude as if no man wants to stay by your side.

Take a deep breath and better look at his gifts and attributes, to establish if he can really suit you in the future.

2. You are attracted to athletic guys

When they ask you what kind of man you would like to have by your side, surely you affirm that you want a boy with noble feelings, who treats you well and shares your tastes, but in practice, you care more about the physical than about choosing people with emotional qualities.

It is normal that you have a greater attraction to handsome men, but they are usually used to having all the attention of women and, perhaps because of that, they tend to last less time in their relationships.

You must organize your priorities! As long as you want something, but act in the opposite direction, you show that you are immature and that will make it difficult for you to find a stable partner.

3. You think you are of royal blood

Behaving like a little princess who deserves everything and that is why she does not go out with “just anyone” because her standards are too high and no man can satisfy her, could be the reason for your loneliness.

No matter how beautiful you are, they can’t stand girls who object to everything and everyone who comes close to them. It is normal (and even recommended) that you be selective, but not to the point of discriminating against anyone who tries to be your partner.

Always behave as you would like others to do with you and you will see the desired results.

4. You are too reserved

You want to appear more approachable if you hope to attract a man’s attention.

Excessive shyness, being very reserved, and even pretending that you are not interested in a relationship when it is precisely what you want the most are behaviors that they interpret as a sure rejection.

Naturally, no one likes this to happen to them, so when they see a beautiful young woman, but her attitude does not indicate a desire for interaction, they will simply prefer to stay out of it.

Your purpose is to attract some guy! So smile, make more eye contact, and pay attention to the best candidates.

5. You are very delicate

You don’t like being taken to bars, you don’t eat any kind of food, you don’t go out with your friends, you want them to look for you at your house and return you to it on time, your boy must be light-eyed, well … the list is too long!

Apprehending all the things in your path ends up upsetting those around you. These types of women remain single because no one ends up understanding them and they prefer to go with someone who does not criticize so much and rather enjoys the moment.

6. You lose control

Your social life is very active, you go out to parties and drink drinks without any control. When alcohol goes to your head, you are not in a position to organize your ideas or make smart decisions.

Be careful, because this lifestyle could destroy your image. You have every right to have fun, but no man with the potential to become a couple yearns to date a girl who lives from party to party and loses control of each of them.

7. You play dumb

Unfortunately, the stereotype that men prefer unintelligent women is very popular, but it is really a lie.

It is a stereotype that has been spread in society in an incorrect way, in which it is indicated that “men prefer them to be unintelligent.”

Falling into the game of “playing dumb” is not fun for anyone. Neither for you, who should pretend to be someone other than who you really are nor for them, because they prefer interesting and pleasant women.

Without a doubt, playing dumb will capture everyone’s attention but in a negative way. You don’t look attractive in the eyes of any guy when you pretend you don’t understand what they’re talking about.

Do not stoop to stay with a man who does not value your knowledge, it is not worth it!

8. You are evil

Just as there are “bad men”, there are women who enjoy misbehaving with their partners. These are the ones that make them fall in love and then leave them, without giving them the opportunity to react.

A friend had a relationship with such a girl and even married her. For two years he tried to be the perfect husband, but her plans turned in another direction.

He went out to parties, was not accountable, ended up cheating on him and taking all the money he had and in the end, ended up asking for a divorce.

He was traumatized! If you are a bad girl, or you simply do not enjoy commitment, do not seek formal relationships because the rumor will spread and no one will want to be by your side.

9. You have expensive tastes

You only think in terms of brands, fashions, and the latest trends, in short, you are “superficial” although it is hard for you to admit it.

Although you have the right to have your own tastes, always demanding that they consent to your superfluous and excessive whims will push any possible relationship you try to establish to the limit.

At first, some men may agree to it, but you will never be able to have a real relationship. There are too many women out there who are simpler and prettier, who want a formal relationship without financial interest.

You do not have the right to demand expensive gifts from others. Better work, save and enjoy the result of your efforts.

10. You are indecisive

As much as the guys you meet treat you well, you feel insecure about being with the “right one.”

Your thinking is that there are too many options to stay in one relationship so easily. Men notice it! This is why they probably avoid being with you because they know that you will not value them enough.

11. You don’t control your character

When faced with annoyance, you throw a tantrum like no other, going from being friendly to a monster that screams and throws things.

Constantly starting fights, either because you need to impose your ideas, or because it is gratifying to humiliate others, is characteristic of despotic people. A very undesirable feature for men, women, for everyone, basically.

You can raise your thoughts without falling into physical or verbal attacks, which only ruin your image and relationships.

12. You are very depressed

If you are in a difficult emotional moment in your life, you feel melancholic, you continually see the negative side of things, you cry, you regret the bad things of your previous relationships, it is logical that no man is attracted to maintain a relationship with you.

You are not in your best moment to share experiences with anyone, it is recommended that you overcome your personal griefs, and it would not even be bad if you go to therapy with a professional to help you improve your self-esteem, before pretending that a boy approaches you again.

13. You are too homey

Is it difficult for you to socialize because you grew up in a strict family where you couldn’t interact with boys?

It is natural that you have few skills to show yourself as an attractive woman, and that you also do not know what exact words to use to flirt.

Being too homey is adorable because surely you are appreciated for your qualities and your image is that of a woman with values, respect, and calm. but until you learn to seduce and let yourself be seduced, it will be difficult for you to find a partner.

14. You never have time

You have too many occupations, you are anxious and usually cancel appointments because you have to study or work. You never have time for yourself or anyone else!

It is very difficult for a boy to stay by your side because you do not know how to take care of him, nor do you have much time to pay attention to him.

Remember that a relationship takes space and time for it to flourish.

15. Your expectations are unattainable

You have spent your life excited about the idea of ​​getting an elegant, chivalrous man, with economic possibilities, who takes care of you, takes care of you, takes you to travel the world, and is willing to be by your side always.

But the main problem is that he must look like your favorite actor, he must also collaborate in humanitarian missions and, if possible, be a doctor or lawyer by profession.

The higher your expectations, the longer you will be alone! You will not get a man who meets each and every one of your requirements.

So value the feelings of guys who approach you more, rather than physical or money. They are human beings, none of them will be perfect, the important thing is that they can share and enjoy their time together.

16. You have doubts about the past

Has it been bad for you in the past, and you have not managed to get over the bad experience?

Maybe you have fear, doubts, and some resentment. You don’t want to be hurt again, which is why you are on the defensive when a man approaches you. You project that feeling around you and, without realizing it, you raise a wall before those who try to approach you.

Nobody wants to be reproached for the sins of others, that is, it is not fair that you claim your new partner for mistakes of the previous one. You must overcome it yourself, do not wait for a new boy to come to convince you that he is different, kind, and special.

17. You are inflexible

This is another cause that causes problems to establish a stable relationship: you are too inflexible!

If a plan is made and it is not fully carried out, you get upset, you cannot get along with people who suddenly join your group and the worst thing is that you do not hide about it.

Being intolerant is uncomfortable for those around you, and as much as a guy wants to meet you and be with you, he will be equally uncomfortable with your hostile attitudes to the slightest change that occurs at the last minute after planning dates or walks.

You will end up getting tired!

18. You fall too easy

You are too accommodating, no matter how many times your partners have emotionally abused you or made fun of you, and even if they were not very accommodating and affectionate. You always came back!

Value yourself a little! What use has it been to you to forgive them over and over again?

Your problem is that you are not clear about the concept of self-love and until you develop it, it will be difficult for you to make yourself respect and be worth it. Others will see you as the woman they can play with and take advantage of.

19. You go to extremes

You are starting a new relationship and you are already dreaming of your wedding day, the perfect house, the children you will have, the place where they will study, the trips you will make on each anniversary. All without even having had time to fall in love.

That attitude is scary! You go too early to extremes without knowing if they really are his plans. That is why guys leave you too early, inadvertently scare them away by imposing accelerated commitments.

20. You have too much experience

It is counterproductive for you to disclose the number of men you have been with. Nobody has the right to make you feel bad for having had many partners, but it is not the problem of every man who enters your life to know your whole story.

Your intimate life and its details are something private that no man is interested in telling you. You will also not like to know that you are with someone who has more experience than life.

Discretion is a virtue that is often underestimated. Learn to say only what is necessary.