20 signs that say they are ready to be in an exclusive relationship

Do you want to be more than a date? Do you want an exclusive relationship?

Have you been seeing someone else? No? Do you like spending time with him? Yes? Do you miss him when he’s not around? Yes again? If something exciting happens at work, is he the first person you think of when you want to tell someone about it? Yes? Then you are probably ready to be his girlfriend. If you’re ready to be in an exclusive relationship, but you’re not sure how you feel about being in a committed relationship, go ahead.

Are you ready for you to be his girlfriend and have a stable relationship?

Should you go ahead and ask him if he wants to have an exclusive relationship? When should you ask if he wants to be in a relationship? How should you ask if he wants to be in a relationship? Are you waiting for me to ask you if you want to be in a relationship? Does he already think that you are his girlfriend and that you are in an exclusive relationship? Before deciding what steps to take, you may want to assess your reaction. Consider the signs below, before asking if you want to be in a relationship. Ask yourself how the guy you dated has been acting in these situations or how he would act if these incidents hadn’t happened previously. The answers will be a good predictor of how she will respond when you ask her if she wants to be in a relationship.


You don’t want to go out to dinner and have the following situation with your date

“I meant to ask,” as you grab her hand from across the table. “How do you feel about us?” “Oo-oh,” your date exclaims as she leans back in her chair. “Thank goodness you mentioned it. I also intend to speak with you. “Really?” You smile. You two are in sync. “I have enjoyed hanging out with you.” Your date says as she pushes her chair back and stands up. Your heart swells. He is going to pick you up and kiss you in front of everyone before declaring you his girlfriend. OMG Is he going to ask you to marry him? Is your makeup okay? Let’s hope his kiss doesn’t stain your lipstick. “The last few months have been fun,” says your date before frowning and shoving her hands in her pockets “But I think the other girl I’ve been seeing is the one. I hope you do not mind, but I really need to find her and tell her that I want an exclusive relationship. ” His swollen heart explodes to dust at his feet. That is probably the PG-13 version of what would happen. It would probably be a lot messier than that. You need to have an accurate impression of what your relationship is if you want something more serious.


Signs that you are ready to be an exclusive relationship based on your trustworthiness

1. Trustworthy / Trustworthy: Your date is trustworthy and trustworthy which is necessary for a relationship. If he says he’s going to do something, be somewhere, or call you, follow him. The only time you break plans or don’t follow through is due to an emergency. Even then, find a way to let you know what’s going on so you don’t worry about your safety. He doesn’t peel you off.

2. Break plans: If your date’s friends tell him about an upcoming event but the two of you have already made plans together, he doesn’t ask you to change their plans to fit in with his friends. You miss the event with your friends or ask them to change their plans to fit your old schedule. Putting it first is a good sign for a relationship.


A firm that is ready to be an exclusive relationship based on your reaction to outside influences

3. Friends and family: You have met your date’s family, friends, or both. He has gone out of his way to introduce you to the other people who are important to him and it was more than a “hello” and “goodbye” conversation. They showed interest in getting to know you as a person. This is a good sign for a future relationship. If they weren’t expecting you to be around again, they wouldn’t have wasted time talking about anything but the weather. He may be very fond of public displays of affection, but he has kissed you in front of friends or family.

4. Events: Your date invited you to attend something that you really enjoy doing. A sporting event. A concert. Boys night. Camping. To fish. Ski. Whatever he likes, he wants you to experience the activity and have fun too. If I had never been before he took the time to explain what was happening so he wouldn’t get lost. And he didn’t go to do his thing; leaving you stranded by the snack counter. This kind of worry is important to a relationship.

5. Pressure from family/friends: When your date’s family or friends bring up your future when you are in a relationship, he doesn’t freak out and talks about how the two of you are just friends. He may not have said, “Yes, we are a couple and we are going to be together forever,” but he also didn’t tell them to worry about their own business or seem offended by the idea.

6. Your friends: Your date has voluntarily met your friends and got to know them. He has even expressed that he likes how you interact with them. You may not be friends with them, but approve of their choice in friends,


Signs that you are ready to be an exclusive relationship based on your sharing of personal affairs.

7. Insecurities: Your date is comfortable telling you what they are unsure about. Most men, at least in superficial relationships, don’t want others to know about their weaknesses. If your guy is willing to tell you what worries him or what he feels is his greatest weakness (not a pretended weakness to look good), then you confide in him who he really is and is preparing for an exclusive relationship.

8. Controversial topics: if your date can talk to you about religion, global affairs, politics, etc. and these conversations are not one-sided or contentious, so it is more than a brief adventure. He values ​​their opinions and wants to share his with you, important signs of a relationship.

9. Open about finance: like politics and religion, Most people were taught not to discuss their financial situation with outsiders. If your date is open about how much money you own, how you spend your money, your credit score, how you spend your money, and how you save money, you are sharing a very personal part of yourself with yourself. Being open about money is important in a relationship.

10. Know the other’s luggage: Your date has told you about their past relationships. You know the times he was a jerk to a girl. What you are not proud to do in a relationship. The girl who broke his heart by cheating on him when he was in high school. The lines that used to get girls. What do you think of your boss. You have told him about the relationships you regret or about the guys you dated and had no intention of seeing them again. They both agree with each other’s past relationships and haven’t run for the door yet. Accepting each other’s luggage is necessary for a relationship.


Signs that you are ready to be an exclusive relationship based on your future thinking

11. Plans: Your date has no problem making plans with you that are months ahead. It’s fall now, but you’ve already bought tickets for the two of them to a concert in February. He plans for this relationship to last.

12. Messages are not mixed: your date does not go from hot to cold and vice versa. He is consistent in his contact with you, which is a positive sign for a relationship. There are no periods of time where it disappears for a couple of days, a week, or a couple of weeks. It doesn’t go from 10 text messages a day to none for the next week. He’s not talking about seeing other girls or reliving the glory days of all-night parties and random girls.

13. Passwords: Your date shares your passwords with you. You know her phone password. He even asks you to check his phone messages when he’s busy. You know your Netflix account password, so you can choose something to watch while you wait for it to get ready. Sharing passwords is a sign of an exclusive relationship.

14. Keys: your date did not stop at passwords; You also have keys to his place. You can use them at any time. If you’re going to be late for work, you’ve been told to go ahead and use the key to get in and make yourself at home. When you call him to make sure he’s okay, he says, “There’s no need to call. I meant it when I said to use the keys to get in. ”

15. Relationship: The two of you have discussed the concepts of being in a relationship, commitment, marriage, and children. When discussed, his date expressed that he does not want to spend years single and is interested in a long-term relationship in the future. He has made it clear that he plans to settle in at the right time. She likes to play with her nieces and nephews and would like to have children of her own one day.


Signs he’s ready to be an exclusive relationship based on how he values ​​you

16. Priority: Your date has made you a priority. As you continue to value your time: at work, with family, and with your friends; he has created time specifically for you. Again, this time it is consistent and frequent. When he has free time, he would rather be with you than anyone else. A strong sign that you are ready for a relationship.

17. Listens to you: your date doesn’t take away your worries if you tell them you had a bad day. He listens and expresses concern about your feelings and helps you come up with ideas on how to improve the situation. If you bring up something you talked about a couple of weeks before, he remembers the conversation and the details of what you talked about. He’s paying attention to you, which is indicative of a relationship.

18. Phone: your appointment is not continuously on your phone: checking messages, text messages, calling another person, or posting information on social media. He is not using his phone to watch YouTube or play games to avoid having a conversation with you.

19. Other Girls: When you are together, your date is not looking at all the ladies in the room. He doesn’t even peak out of the corner of his eye when an attractive woman walks into the club. If another woman tries to ask him to dance or go out on a date, he politely declines and explains that he is with you. Refusing other options is another sign that he is ready for a relationship with you.

20. Requests: If you ask your date to do something, tell him something you don’t like that you like, or mention doing something new or different together, he is open to the idea. He is not offended by constructive comments. He does not pout or get angry. In turn, he is comfortable telling you things that he would like to be different between the two of you and they do not feel like you are insulting them or trying to change them. A strong relationship is open to improvement on both sides.


How many of these signs does your date display?

Are you already in a relationship? If your date shows most of these signs, you should feel confident in your answer when asked if you want to be in an exclusive relationship. If he’s doing all the signs, you’re already in an exclusive relationship even though nothing has been said yet. He is already referring to you as his girlfriend when he talks to his boss, friends, and family.