20 signs that you’ve found your soul mate

Are you in love and wondering if you’ve got your hands on your soul mate? Certain signs do not deceive.

1- You are completely comfortable in his presence

With him, you are yourself. It must be said that he loves your jokes and you love his love handles. It helps to feel comfortable.

2– He knows exactly how to cheer you up

An improvised “choreo” just for your beautiful eyes, your packet of favorite cookies, a sweet word, he knows perfectly how to make you smile again. And vice versa.

3- You can understand yourself at a glance

You can read in his eyes and he in yours. And it is very practical if you are in a group and you try to discreetly signal to the other that you want to escape.

4- You love him despite his (small) faults

Some of his attitudes sometimes irritate you, but that does not prevent you from loving him madly.

5- You seem to have known him forever

You’ve only been together for a year and you still seem to have known him forever? This is the magic of amoooour!

6- You agree on the main

Admittedly, you still had trouble approving his passion for throwing peanuts and his obstinacy in wearing panties , but you agree on the things that really matter and that’s the main thing.

7- His family adopted you

Your sister-in-law calls you “my sister”, your mom calls her twice a week, in short your families have adopted you both as if you were one of their own.

8- You feel that it is “the good”

In your life to-do list, you have crossed out the words ” find your soul mate “, because deep down you know that you have found it.

9- You have joint projects

The purchase of an apartment, the opening of a bookstore, the dream of a trip, the adoption of a puppy, the desire to marry or have a child … You have common projects and you intend to carry them out one day.

10- His condition depends on yours

Does he have a cockroach hit or his stomach that makes him suffer? Paf, a quarter of an hour later, it’s your turn. Are you teasing? Well, it’s funny like him too suddenly. Its condition often rubs off on you and vice versa. Between you is total symbiosis.

11- He likes your little fads

Do you eat your lip while sleeping or do you like to crack your toes in the middle of a film? If he likes your weird little tics and you like his, there is big love in the air.

12- You form a team

Not just a couple, you are also a team, partners united for the worst as for the best.

13- You feel protected by his side

It’s true that you let him sleep on the window side in case a burglar decides to enter there, but it must be recognized that you feel safe by his side. And you know that when you need it, you can lean on it, and your shoulder is strong enough to do the same.

14- He motivates you

With him, you want to give the best of yourself, and you feel ready to climb mountains.

15- You no longer imagine life without him

A tomorrow without him? Unimaginable…

16- You stand together

Two of you are twice as strong. So the bad tricks that life plays on you, you face it together. And the good all the better.

17- You feel lucky

When you hear your girlfriends talking about their life not necessarily crazy, you realize how lucky you are to have this man in your life. Even after two good decades.

18- You still find him as s exy

You sometimes look at it with a fresh eye, as if you were discovering it for the first time . And there you realize how charming he still is.

19- You always laugh as much

You know all his joke reserves by heart and yet he always makes you laugh? It is likely that you have picked up the correct number.

20- You want to spend your life with him

If it is reciprocal, then there is no longer really any doubt that you have found the man of your life …