20 signs your boyfriend doesn’t trust you at all and what to do

Your boyfriend has trust issues

Every relationship in life must be based on trust. Whether it is a family, friendly, loving, or professional relationship, trust is the most important thing for your survival. You have to trust people so that you can be happy and fulfilled. But also, when it comes to a love relationship, your boyfriend has to trust you to have a good connection and stay together. You’ve probably wondered if your boyfriend trusts you. It is normal at the beginning of the relationship if your boyfriend does not trust you 100%, since people often abuse trust. But if you are together for a while, then trust issues can cause problems between the two of you. One of the most common reasons for breaking up is not trusting the relationship. Very often, it is about disputes due to uncertainty, disguised as mistrust. This is a complex situation, especially if there is love between the partners, but usually, the person who has some trust issues will eventually start to ‘suffocate’ their partner, and this is when the problems begin. Read these 20 signs and find out if your boyfriend trusts you. If you find the problem, it will be easier to treat it and find a solution.

20 signs your partner doesn’t trust you

1. You have to show him everything. For example, that you really went with your friends for a drink, because he does not believe what you say.

2. He follows your every step on social media. He knows if he liked some photos if he has a new friend on the list, etc.

3. You must have all the passwords for your social networks. Facebook, Instagram, email… wants to know every password.

4. You don’t want attractive people around you. It’s a sign that they don’t trust you and fear that you might start something with someone else.

5. Ask your friends for confirmation to confirm your story. If you told him you were with ‘Anna’, he will try to confirm this story and ask her as soon as he sees it.

6. He accuses you, but you don’t know the truth. You can make a scenario that doesn’t even exist in the movie, and that couldn’t be further from the truth.

7. He is jealous of everything. Constant bouts of jealousy are a sure sign that there is no trust in your relationship.

8. When you go out with friends, he calls you very often, just to check on what you are doing.

9. When you come home at night with friends, he asks you millions of questions about everyone.

10. You want to check your phone frequently. He picks up his phone and checks messages, calls, and if he sees any unknown numbers, he needs an explanation to do so.

11. When he receives a text message, he rushes to read it with you, or even before you.

12. Appears “by accident” in a place where he knows you will be with your friends.

13. He tries to test you and he catches you in a lie. If you feel like he’s doing some tests that you need to ‘pass’, it’s more than obvious that he doesn’t trust you.

14. Sometimes you feel like you are undergoing interrogation after spending some time with colleagues or friends. Who was there, why, with whom, are the singles … these are just some of the questions that you must answer on a daily basis so that you feel more secure in yourself.

15. He constantly asks you about your ex. This is because he doesn’t trust you enough and thinks that you can still feel something for someone else.

16. He asks you questions to find out if you have cheated on him.

17. When you say something to him, he looks at you suspiciously. Start asking more questions, looking for evidence, etc.

18. He is unhappy when you want to spend time without him. This is also a sign that he feels insecure in himself, but also in your love.

19. He thinks you have stopped loving him and tries to find out if you have another man in your life as the reason.

20. He tells you. The biggest alert that your boyfriend has trust issues is when he tells you. In a situation like this, I suppose that sometimes you have heard the phrase: “I do not trust you.”

Possible reasons why your boyfriend doesn’t trust you


He feels unsure of himself

Extremely insecure people generally have relationship trust issues. Many men successfully mask their insecurity with exaggerated aggression or constant accusation from others. These people will look for signs of something behind their back, always leading the battle and constantly having “enemies”. They really believe that they cannot believe anyone. How can they even when they don’t believe themselves!

Think you are better than him

Men often baffle women, especially those who like them. Perhaps he thinks that you are out of his reach forbidding him to trust you. You may have wanted so much to see the other’s eyes and fear that you might lose him. In their eyes, you are the best girl in the world and everyone wants to get your attention. In reality, he just projects his strong feelings towards you and thinks that everyone else has the same intentions and desires towards you that he has. He is simply afraid that he will wake up one morning, look around him and think “where did I wonder if I would be with this guy, along with so many better guys”.

Caught you lying

Of all the reasons for trust issues that have been mentioned so far, this is the only true one. If he’s caught you lying before, no matter how small the lie is, he realistically expects you to lie again. A little “white lie” that you wanted to tell, from who knows what reason, can lead to permanently shaken trust in the relationship.


Once was fooled

For some people, it is too difficult to let go of the past. Once they are injured, they will always be on their guard and will never be allowed to give up on love, so that they will never be hurt again. This is just your problem and you have nothing to do with it, nor are you obligated to pay for the ugly things someone else has done to you or your inability to deal with life and problems.


How to deal with your partner’s trust issues

Although the only way to deal with and resolve trust issues is to make your boyfriend understand that you are a trustworthy person. It takes a lot of effort and time for a relationship with trust issues to be successful. Of course, sometimes there are reasons why your boyfriend doesn’t trust you. But, more often, uncertainties arise when there are no such reasons. If your partner is good, talkative, loves and appreciates you, but still feels insecure, then you must find a way to dispel those negative thoughts from him. Start with a deep conversation with your boyfriend. The uncertainty and trust issues in the relationship must come from somewhere. Your boyfriend must first answer the question: Are you projecting your concerns from a completely different area than your relationship? – Sometimes when people had some family experience or previous traps, etc. It might reflect those emotions in the new relationship. You have to find out if you are the one making her boyfriend insecure and having trust issues. You did something wrong. Think carefully about this before talking to your partner.


Create an atmosphere of trust for your partner

How can you create an atmosphere of trust so that your partner “risks” speaking from the heart about their vulnerability? If you really want to understand your partner’s perspective and where their trust issues are coming from, you need to learn a few things. First, your partner must be convinced that you really want to hear and understand you and that you will not attack or belittle your feelings, so you will be ready to talk more about your vulnerable feelings and needs. Talk honestly about your secrets, wants, and needs. In fact, it can seem daunting to talk about your deepest and most intimate fears, needs, and desires. What if you open your heart to your boyfriend and he is critical, negative, or even more ridiculous? But only if you are at risk with this vulnerability,

Final word

Stable relationships are built on trust. At the beginning of the relationship, there is usually no unconditional trust, and that’s okay because you haven’t known your partner well enough to trust him completely. However, some people don’t even realize that their partner doesn’t trust them. These 20 characters above can surely show that there is not enough trust in your relationship. It is necessary to build the foundations of a healthy relationship, and it is necessary to have the wisdom to establish a relationship of trust. This is achieved if sincerity, reliability, control of jealousy are denied, and problems are not set aside. For the relationship to be good, the partners need to trust each other. The fact is, if there is no trust in the relationship, it will not last, especially if your partner doesn’t want to work hard to fix the problem. First, you need to become aware of the nature and strength of your partner’s trust issues. To save the relationship, confront your partner about your trust issues, discuss them, and talk to your partner.