20 things every woman secretly wants

Even though all women are different and have their own unique personality and physique, each of them has the same secrets. These are the little things that will make a woman happy. These little things that men sometimes have trouble understanding.


  1. Measure 1m80 like Nicole Kidman
  2. A man who makes decisions rather than a passive man
  3. Clothes that are prettier on her than on a mannequin.
  4. A job where they are respected for their talent and where they don’t need to be cross-legged to be taken seriously.
  5. Face and skin care creams that are also effective when in the pubs
  6. Make the decisions they want without being seen as a good or bad feminist.
  7. Feel good in … every time.
  8. A bra that is beautiful, comfortable and that makes her more attractive. (It just doesn’t exist at the moment)
  9. Let scientists find a way not to get fat.
  10. A relationship with his friends that is as strong as How I Met Your Mother.
  11. Children who are beautiful and easy to educate.
  12. Holidays on a paradise island
  13. The ability to see who is visiting your Facebook profile.
  14. Having a man who invites them to dinner and to the movies without her having to suggest it.
  15. To be able to wear any outfit, of any color without having derogatory remarks.
  16. Men who understand that being pregnant is no picnic.
  17. Friends who help them be happy every day.
  18. Children who are grateful, even when they are teenagers.
  19. To be able to eat chocolate and drink a glass of red wine without being afraid of calories.
  20. Having a man who respects a woman taking his time in the bathroom to get ready for a night out because that’s one of the funniest things.

If you are a man I advise you to remember these secrets of women. They may one day be able to help you seduce a woman or keep your relationship on top.