20 things we learn about relationships, when we finally know one of quality (love is rarely enough)

Here’s why love is rarely enough. We have to do much more than that.

1. If someone wants to be with you, they will be with you .

2. If someone doesn’t really want to be with you, they will test you. He will explore his feelings for you in depth. It will test you as a partner, without making it official. He will find excuses such as “this is not the right time” when in fact it is just that he does not feel it.

3. When it’s not the right person, it’s never the right time.

4. When it’s the right person, you don’t think about timing or that sort of thing. We just care about redesigning our lives to accommodate this relationship, because it’s like nothing else matters.

5. Love stories are common. Love stories that also become friendships are much rarer, but they are destined to turn into happy and eternal partnerships.

6. You never get lost because of love, unless you want to. There is a strange fear: the fear of being less yourself by getting used to having someone else in your life. But this only happens when there is uncertainty or a desire from the start to escape.

7. In fact, the most extraordinary thing about a quality couple relationship is that it allows us to be ourselves more than ever. It makes us more confident, safer, more motivated and more honest with ourselves than ever before.

8. It also makes us more sensitive. When the child who sleeps in us experiences the feeling of being sincerely loved, his feelings resurface … Especially those that we had forgotten for a long time.

9. Saying that “love is enough” is not only wrong advice, but also bad advice. We should rather say that “the will is sufficient” because love is great, but it is not necessarily synonymous with commitment. Just as being compatible is great, but not necessarily synonymous with love. It is the desire to build a couple relationship that binds us together forever.

10. Interestingly, this will is not born as easily. It only occurs in the face of a combination of compatibility and alchemy so just that separating becomes just unthinkable.

11. Love will never come to you when you most expect it.

12. Love will never take the form you expect.

13. Love will always be different from what you imagine.

14. Life has its own way of excluding people who are harmful to us and putting in our way those who are beneficial to us – even if at the beginning, you do not agree. We don’t know what’s good for us until we try.

15. Others cannot save you, but when we feel loved for what we are and as we are, love can give us the strength to save ourselves.

16. The perfect partner is obvious. If you have too many doubts, you already know the answer and are just afraid of the consequences it will have on your life.

17. The right partner will have enough respect for themselves to ask for yours.

18. If you let yourself be guided by these hopes, you will see that they will transform you into the person you have always wanted to be.

19. You don’t always recognize the person you’re supposed to be with at first glance. The “always” is built on a million little “now” and that is why in order to have a quality couple relationship, it is important to estimate what it is rather than what we imagine that it should be. We must work on her relationship now, rather than hope that it will be different tomorrow.

20. You can’t find your soul mate . Do not listen to what others tell you. We meet our soul mate when we abandon the idea of ​​”finding our soul mate”, when we meet someone who we think is not our soul mate, and we work to build the couple relationship of our dreams. If we sit down, waiting for the perfect partner to find us, it is certain that we will wait for eternity. Quality relationships are built in all conscience.