20 ways, how a man in love acts in silence, what they do not know

1.- No matter the place or time, I will pick you up where you are

There are many things that women do not know about a shy man in love. How does a man in love act silently without anyone knowing? They create a world of illusions, fantasies and tenderness with great intensity.

2.- If he says “I’m crazy about you” with words and attitude, it’s true

A man does not like to show his deepest feelings, because they think it makes him look weak. A man always wants to look strong, brave and determined. But if he is really in love, the bravest thing is to say what happens to him when he is by your side or only when he thinks of you.

3.- One way a man in love acts in silence: he always has time

Looking at her, meeting her somewhere, talking to her, is the best thing that can happen to a shy man. Therefore, for a shy man in love, time is not a problem. It does not matter if he is very busy, he finds it or generates it.

4.- A man in love in silence likes to be the only one

Everything happens in his imagination, if someone else talks to his girl he imagines uncomfortable things. He does not like it, he suffers, he fantasizes. So he always wants to be the only one talking to her.

5.- A shy man fantasizes all day about the woman he loves

A man in love in silence experiences love in a very fanciful way. How does a man in love act in silence? For example, before they go to sleep, they think a lot about the woman they love.

6.- They like to write romantic things to the woman they love

One of the signs of a shy man in love is tenderness. They are very romantic. They write nice things so that she always thinks of him. She wants you to know that he thinks about her a lot.

7.- They give their time unconditionally to help

How does a shy man look at a woman when he is in love? As the most precious thing in your world. For example, he will sacrifice his time, sleep and interests just to help her. He will always be on time for the woman he loves.

8.- Characteristics of a man in love in silence: They get depressed easily

A shy man experiences love with very strong emotions. For example, if you think you lost it, you can show it with a strong emotional drop. If you think I win, they get just as excited.

9.- When a shy man falls in love, he suffers more than a woman

One of the symptoms of a man in love in silence is his suffering. Seeing no opportunities to be with her, he suffers. At least he wants to see her from afar, but if he can’t, he suffers.

10.- If the girl sends him an unfinished message … he will fantasize

One way a man in love acts silently is due to his great imagination. For example if your girl writes something like, she was thinking… ha… never mind. It will make him imagine things that have nothing to do with what she was thinking.

11.- A shy man misses the woman he loves a lot

One of the attitudes of a man in love in silence is that he looks for her through the places he frequents. A man who truly loves cannot always confess how much he misses her. But when he sees her, his face light up as if he saw an angel.

12.- How does a shy man in love look: As “precious” or “beautiful”

They treat the woman they love as precious or beautiful. A very common way a man in love looks in silence is in total rapture. For them the words good or pretty are not enough.

The best way for a man in love to act silently is by using the words “precious” or “beautiful.”

13.- A man in love in silence takes time to forget a love

One behavior of a man in love in silence is that it takes a long time to forget a woman. A woman forgets faster, but a shy man, due to his fantasies, takes much longer. Always imagine that something good can happen with that love.

14.- One of the actions of a man in love can be crying

A very notorious way in which a man in love acts in silence is his suffering, which can lead to tears. When a man cries for a woman it means that he is suffering a lot. A man can suffer without crying, but if he cries it means that he suffers intensely.

15.- For a man, love is the beginning of his happiness

They say that for a woman, the first kiss is the end of the beginning; for a man, the beginning of the end. If she falls in love, the end of her innocence. If he falls in love it is the end of his freedom but the beginning of the most beautiful thing in his life.

16.- A man to be strong can pretend happiness

A man suffers when the woman he loves constantly rejects him. If this man is not very much in love, he can pretend that he is happy. But, the way a man in love acts in silence is very different. The body language of shy men when they are in love is a suffering that is noticeable.

17.- Signs shy man in love: He makes gifts

A shy man when he gives flowers, teddy bears or other things is because he feels very much in love. It is one of the signs that a man is in love with a woman. It has already been decided, you no longer want to wait or search for more. He is tired of being disappointed. He has found his perfect girl.

18.- A man in love in silence strange despite the time

One when you walk away from a shy man who loves you, he probably still loves you. No matter how much time has passed, the way a man in love looks at you in time is with love. If life granted him a wish, he would want to come back to your life.

19.- Whenever he has you close, he will look at you in silence

The most common way a man in love acts in silence is with his eyes. When you are within reach of his gaze, he will always be aware. This is a characteristic of men’s body language when they are in love.

20.- One of the symptoms of a man in love is that he does not get upset

It may be that he does not like something you do, how you dress or what you say. He may be upset that you are talking to someone, but he will still think well of you. He will not judge you, he will not claim you, he will simply be willing to help you. This is one of the typical attitudes of a man in love in silence.