21 Things Confident Women Don’t Do

Think of the most self-confident woman you know.

What do these women have in common that makes them face life with such courage?

They parade with an air of success, grace, and determination. When they enter a room, the energy changes.

They are just amazing.

See how many items on this list of mistakes you avoid and also see if you are on the path to being a more self-confident woman.

1. Confident Women Don’t Gossip.

They don’t talk about other women, they talk about their dreams, plans, ideas, and inspirations.

2. Confident Women Believe In Themselves Unconditionally.

They have no doubts about their attitude, personality, and appearance.

You won’t see them anxious to decide something or remain anxious after they’ve decided.

They know what they are doing and why they are doing it all the time.

They think through the decision meticulously, but once they’ve decided, it’s decided.

3. Confident Women Don’t Follow Fashion.

In fact, self-confident women dictate fashion.

They don’t spend time thinking about trends.

Instead, they make choices based on what they like.

They are perfectly attuned to your own needs and preferences.

And they are not afraid to ask for what they want.

4. Confident Women Don’t Hide Their Feelings.

When there’s something on their mind, you’ll know.

They speak the way they are.

With self-confidence comes the ability to speak your mind the way people want to hear it.

5. Confident women never stop taking care of themselves.

They know the importance of always being well taken care of.

They value a healthy work-life balance and set aside time to eat right, sleep well, and tidy up all the little details.

6. Confident Women Are Not Easily Persuaded.

They like to investigate their own evidence before coming to a conclusion.

They think outside the box because if they don’t check the facts, they know they may not see the big picture.

7. Confident Women Don’t Try to Please People.

When a woman is sure of herself, she doesn’t need the approval of others.

It gives her space to be who she really is.

So she knows that people who like her like her for who she really is.

Her attitudes and personality come from the heart, and she has the inner strength to deal with opposition.

8. Confident Women Don’t Waste Time Worrying.

Time is valuable, so spending time on “what if”, “should have” or “could have been” is not helpful for the self-confident woman.

She knows worry is like paying interest on a loan you haven’t even taken out yet.

9. Confident Women Have No Regrets.

They learn from the past and recognize where they went wrong and where they made bad choices, but there are no regrets.

Being able to learn from the past rather than regret it causes a burst of self-confidence.

10. Confident Women Aren’t Afraid To Mess Up.

Of course, they know the value of a good first impression and they like to make a great impression, but they don’t care about rain in their hair or sand on their feet after they’ve walked on the beach.

They just want to know about the pleasure of the experience, and they don’t care if they happen to step into the water can with new shoes and manicured nails… right in front of the restaurant.

11. For Confident Women, Failure Does Not Mean Defeat.

In fact, they know that failure is part of the process and that it is normal to fail an exhausting amount of times.

They recognize that there will always be bumps in the road to success.

The ease of recovering from a broken heart is one of the self-confident woman’s secrets to finding the man of her dreams.

12. Self-confident women are fully aware of their choices.

They are well connected to their purpose and use this to intentionally guide their decisions.

This fearless way of living is part of the secret to attracting quality people into their lives.

13. Confident Women Don’t Ignore Their Instincts.

Even when all the facts seem to point in one direction, if the self-confident woman’s intuition says that the way is another, that’s where she’s going.

She knows that instinct and intuition are the strongest allies in making decisions, which is why she listens to her instincts very carefully.

14. Confident Women Don’t Brag About Being Busy.

Being productive is different from being busy.

They perform any task well and finish on time, without complaining and without feeling overwhelmed.

15. Confident Women Don’t Take Anything Personally.

They understand that your opinion has more to do with you than it does with them.

While I appreciate your comment, if you don’t agree with the self-confident woman’s choices, she won’t change because of you, but she’ll like you anyway.

16. Confident Women Don’t Find Silence Unpleasant.

In fact, silence for them means time to recharge.

They like to spend time alone because they can explore more personal growth.

17. Confident Women Don’t Aim to Be Popular.

They value authentic people and only choose friends who share a deep connection.

They like challenging conversations and that usually doesn’t lead to popularity, but they don’t care.

18. Confident Women Don’t Need Personal Trainers.

They also don’t need an alarm clock to wake up.

They are self-motivated and always extremely excited to jump out of bed early.

19. Confident Women Don’t Want Fans, They Want Supporters.

They probably have 1000 Facebook friends and 5000+ Instagram followers, but they don’t value numbers.

They value content.

They value quality and not quantity.

20. Confident Women Don’t Associate Who They Are With What They Have.

They know that material possessions do not define them. Therefore, their choices for clothes and cars are based on what they like and not how they want to be perceived.

21. Confident Women Have Balance Too.

They may have an extremely healthy diet, but they enjoy ice cream once in a while.

They work out religiously, but they know the world won’t end if they skip a day.

Confident women don’t need anyone liking them.

This is probably why everyone ends up liking it!