21 tips for a long distance relationship

Maintaining a long-distance relationship is difficult. Many refuse to keep them because they are sure that, just as time heals wounds, separation withers the feeling of love.

Logically it will not be easy for either of them. But if you are confident and committed, here are 21 tips to help you through this stage. If they follow them, I assure you that your relationship will work.

1. Don’t communicate more than necessary

You don’t have to talk many times a day to miss each other less. In time, they will see that it does not take so much insecurity.

The truth is that talking too much can spoil the relationship because you do not give yourself enough space for your daily life. They can end up getting saturated and bored feeling that calls are a must.

2. Take separation as an opportunity

Why view separation as dire when you can transform it into an opportunity to be better?

Each experience offers us learning, think of this situation as an opportunity to grow as people, as a couple, and to strengthen your confidence and feelings.

3. Establish ground rules

One of the biggest fears when two people separate is infidelity. There is no way to control what your partner does when you are not together, but you can make a commitment to respect each other.

The way that has worked best for me is to set basic rules: do not go out with other people, talk every day, do not forget special dates, and plan reunion moments, for example. Both of you must compromise and trust that the other will honor the agreement.

4. Be very creative

Creativity is always a good quality in a relationship, but when it comes to a long-distance relationship, it is even more important to improve communication.

Use emoticons, sweet pictures, voice messages, video calls, and emails to show affection. It is important that they be very expressive and tell the other how much they love him.

5. Do not abandon intimacy

At a distance as there is no way to have intimacy and it can be difficult to manage it from miles away.

But it’s not impossible. The logical thing is that both feel desire and desire, which can turn into frustration if they do not find a way to free them.

That is what language exists for. Exchange sensual messages with each other, in which you can insinuate and tease each other with sensual language. Keep the flame of passion burning and, if you are very confident, you can call each other or even record yourself. What they most enjoy doing.

6. Do not tempt the stability of the relationship

It is not enough just to respect the rules, they must respect each other. Oftentimes, simple behaviors that seem harmless can be dangerous because, without realizing it, they bring them too close to temptation.

Always chat about new people you meet and inform each other when you have plans.

If your partner finds out about your social life from photos on your social networks, they would probably be jealous. The same would happen to you. In those situations, it is usually easier to succumb to flirting, so it is better to avoid them or at least keep in mind that your partner knows where you are. Take care of yourself.

7. Do things together

Distance is not an impediment to sharing. Technology exists for something!

They can watch movies together if they make a video call and one of the two shares the image on their screen, they can challenge each other to play online or share readings. There are always ways to connect.

8. Have common themes

Sharing moments is a great way to generate more common themes between the two of you. If, for example, you watch movies together, follow a series and read similar books, you will be able to have conversations for hours.

It will also help to keep up to date with the news, especially with those that occur in the cities that each one is in. Your conversations will never be boring!

9. Visit each other relatively frequently

Although there are many ways to maintain romance at a distance, a long-term relationship requires physical contact. It is important that you make an effort to visit each other from time to time.

It is difficult to contain love for so long and also reunions are always exciting and romantic. They can be detailed, kiss, hug, caress and have the intimacy they crave. Knowing that you will see each other again on a date is a good reason to move on.

10. Keep goals clear

When the relationship is at a distance, it is important to understand why we maintain it and if it is worth it. Talk frankly about your situation and define your goals, why you want to continue, and ask yourself how the situation will affect you and if it will allow you to reach new goals.

This reflection will help you understand your courtship, your future prospects, and will strengthen your will.

11. Make plans

It is not enough to know that you will visit, make concrete plans for those visits. That each reunion is something planned, expected by both, and serves as a motivator to continue with the relationship together.

12. Enjoy your time alone

Loneliness can be a blessing for you. I know that perhaps you have already gotten used to life as a couple and separating can be difficult, but many times loneliness can help you grow and learn like no other experience.

Take advantage of your time to dedicate yourself. Share with friends, study something new, learn a language, dedicate yourself to your hobbies. Reflect and meditate. Think of yourself as your only priority.

13. Be honest with each other

Sincere communication is essential. Don’t just talk about trivial topics, movies and series. They are interesting, but not enough to cover all your talks.

Take time to express what you feel, dare to share your fears and insecurities, and avoid hiding things that could affect you both. Don’t ignore problems, face them together, and remember that you are there to support each other. They are a team.

14. Exchange your schedules

A good way to make others feel that they are still part of your life is to share your routines and schedules.

This way they will know what are the best times to talk when to respect each other’s time and thus avoid interrupting classes, work, or even sleeping hours.

15. Show your love on social media

It is valid to share photos, tag each other, and show that they continue to love each other despite the distance. As superficial as it may seem, these public displays can help build your confidence that the two of you are still engaged.

16. Give yourself something truly special

It could be a handmade object such as a pendant, ring, chest, key chain, photograph, or anything else that is representative of the two of you and symbolizes your love and commitment during this separation period.

17. Send each other postcards

Handwritten love letters make a unique and interesting gift. You just need to be inspired and let your emotions flow to transform them into words. Postcards always remain as beautiful souvenirs, which are also decorative.

18. Buy something online for your partner and surprise him

Order him a t-shirt with a personalized message, a bouquet of flowers, chocolates, stuffed animals, or any other detail outside the usual dates such as his birthday or Valentine’s Day. Order delivery direct to your home and hope you are surprised by that unexpected detail.

19. Be thankful for having each other.

Few people are lucky enough to find a person to love, with a relationship so strong that they are able to maintain it despite a temporary separation.

Many prefer to break up or make it clear that they will see other people as long as the distance is maintained.

It is only fair that they are thankful for having each other, recognize the value of maintaining their relationship and value the respect and loyalty they profess.

20. Get to know each other again

Being apart will give you a new perspective on your relationship. It is the ideal time to ask new questions, inquire about their lives and reflect on who they are.

They can remember when they met, what made them fall in love, what are the details they miss the most about being together. That sort of thing says more about you than any description that could be made.

21. Learn from other couples in the same situation

Talking and learning about the experience of couples who were able to cope with the difficulties of distance is very encouraging.

This allows them to get an idea of ​​the problems that might arise, the insecurities they might feel, and how to deal with the most common arguments.