22 basic tips to make your relationship last

A relationship that lasts takes work and some good reflexes. Here are 22 great tips to better manage your relationship.

1. Know what you want

It’s much easier said than done… but it’s essential to move forward in life and not stagnate.

2. Don’t hang out with just anyone for any reason.

NEVER hang out with a girl because you think you have to.

Only date a girl BECAUSE YOU WANT TO. Too many guys have made this mistake and ended up with a super miserable life.

3. Lay the rules

From the start of your relationship, be clear about what you want from this relationship / how you perceive this relationship.

If you only want a non-exclusive relationship, when she’s madly in love with you, she’s going to fall downhill if you take 2 years to tell her.

4. No untenable promises

Don’t make promises you can’t keep, even if it’s to make her happy.

5. Accept her faults, fight yours

She is not perfect, but neither do you.

Be aware that you have as many flaws as she does, and try to limit them as much as possible.

6. Keep your eyes open

Be very vigilant for warning signs: if you feel that his personality is toxic, end your relationship as soon as possible so as not to fall into a downward spiral. No matter how much you care about this girl, if she’s poisonous, you won’t be able to change her, and she will hurt you.

Ditto if you think you are toxic to her: if you cannot change what makes you bad for her, leave her to protect her from your influence that is harming her

7. Do not list her family

Even if her family is a problem, avoid clashing with them as much as possible, and make her aware that it is up to her to assert herself

8. Know how to leave her if things go wrong

If you don’t love her anymore, do yourself a favor, do her a favor: don’t hang around, don’t stay with her, and leave there.

9. Don’t betray her trust

Cheating is not just sleeping.

There are a billion ways to cheat someone else’s trust. Do not do it. Don’t cheat on her.

And if you really want to cheat on her, quit her first.

10. Confide in her

Don’t let the unspoken words increase your frustration and eat up your relationship.

You would be surprised what she can understand and accept. Do not hesitate to talk to him about what makes you want.

If she understands and accepts, good for you. If she doesn’t understand, or refuses, you have no reason to stick with her. Serious.

11. Don’t stay with a girl out of obligation.

Only stay with a girl if you want to; that if you still see yourself with her in 6 months.

Life is too short to make yourself miserable, and frustration can drive you crazy.

12. Keep in touch

A couple relationship takes time and listening. Don’t let yourself become indifferent to who she is, what her problems and wants are, otherwise the relationship is dead.

13. Continue to exist outside of your relationship

Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to break up in this relationship.

Remember to continue to exist, with and without it.

You always have the right to have different tastes from yours and to see your friends when it suits you – as long as it doesn’t upset the balance of the couple.

14. Respect her

No one forced you to hang out with her, so if you chose her, stick to her.

It would be reasonable and respectful not to do to her what you wouldn’t want her to do to you.

NEVER be violent with her. Neither verbally, nor physically, nor psychologically.

If you feel it going up, isolate yourself and get help, it can go very badly.

15. If she poisonous, run away (and quickly)

If she has problems she doesn’t want to solve, run away. There is nothing you can do for it, and you will lose your feathers.

16. Know how to say no

There are things you must not accept: disrespect, violence, theft, lying, and manipulation are prohibited in a healthy relationship.

Don’t put up with that of her, and don’t inflict it on her either.

17. Watch out for money

Pay attention to the question of money, it can quickly escalate.

18. Respect her secret garden

Don’t dig into her things, and demand that she don’t dig into yours (she will anyway, but don’t accept that).

Give him the right to have secrets, and not to tell you EVERYTHING. Everyone needs a secret garden.

Allow her to have secrets… and claim the right to have them too.

19. Trust yourself.

A couple without confidence is a dead couple. Don’t give in to jealousy, that weak thing.

20. Don’t become zombies

Do not fall into the trap of the couple who live in isolation in front of the TV.

Keep an active, rich, and balanced social life. Go out with each other, meet people in pairs; and continue to have a life on your own.

A couple is three people: SHE, YOU, and SHE + YOU.

If one of these three entities is unbalanced, or lacking, the whole relationship suffers.

Less TV, more sports, more going out, more friends, more s**x. The equation for a healthy married life.

It may feel slack at times: it’s up to you to take over and manage in these cases; she will do the same for you. Or know how to remind him if this is not the case.

21. Stay healthy

Strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If you live together, keep your apartment clean, and don’t have too unhealthy lifestyle habits (alc**hol, dr**gs): try to keep good habits, you quickly end up with your head under water.

22. Filter your surroundings

If there are strange people around you, cut off the links, and protect yourself from them.

Vampires exist and can quickly screw up the shit. We can’t kill them, but we can avoid them and protect themselves from them.