24 Heartbreaking Signs Your Ex Still Loves You (And What To Do)

When one of Gabriela’s ex-boyfriends said he didn’t love her anymore, she was shocked.

She just couldn’t believe that that man massaging her back the day before had suddenly stopped loving his girlfriend for no apparent reason.

Gabriela was confused and devastated.

For many weeks after he broke up, Gabriela stayed up late at night searching the internet for terms like “ signs your ex-boyfriend still loves you ”, “ does he still love me ” and “ signs your ex-boyfriend wants to come back with you”.

She later found out that her ex still loved her, but when he said it was over, he was feeling an avalanche of emotions and needed time to process it.

One of the most painful things that happen during a breakup is that people say what they don’t mean and do things they don’t want to do.

Ex-boyfriends act confused and hard to interpret.

Here are 17 signs that will help you.

Signs Your Ex Loves You:

1. He Keeps In Touch With You When He Doesn’t Need To.

One of the most obvious signs that your ex still loves you is that he keeps in touch.

He might text you out of the blue or call you for some silly reason.

Men generally don’t feel the urge to get their ex-girlfriend’s attention if they’ve completely stopped liking it.

If he keeps showing up in your life, that’s a definite sign that your ex-boyfriend misses you.

2. He Said He Still Wants To Be Your Friend And Tries To Make Time For You.

Most of the time, when an ex-boyfriend says he still wants to be friends, he’s actually saying he’s not ready to deal with the loss.

This is one of the normal things people express when they end a relationship.

He can take that expression literally at the moment.

In practice, trying to continue the friendship with your ex-boyfriend is painful because it keeps the wound open.

The real sign he doesn’t want to lose you is when he tries to stick around when he wants to remain friends.

Unfortunately, this can also be a bad sign, so be careful.

You know your ex-boyfriend better than anyone else.

3. He Has Extreme Emotions Towards You.

The more extreme his emotional reaction to the breakup, whether that reaction is love, hate, or deep sadness, the more confident you can be that love is behind it all.

Love and hate are two sides of the same coin.

The most normal thing to see in a breakup is to see your ex-boyfriend get incredibly nervous after hearing that his girlfriend wants to break up, but then he admits he’s still in love.

Anger is a complicated emotion after a breakup because it usually hides the fact that he’s hurt.

If your ex-boyfriend is really, really mad at you, that doesn’t necessarily mean he hates you.

The opposite of love is apathy and genuine indifference.

4. He Continues Explaining The Separation.

Does he feel the need to keep talking about the reasons for the breakup?

Does he send messages explaining why he broke up?

Does he keep bringing it up even when it no longer makes any sense?

Does he discuss getting back together or “play” with the idea?

All this closeness means he’s still trying to sort things out in his head.

The fact that he feels the need to keep talking about the breakup shows that you’re still on his mind.

5. He brags about his achievements and personal development.

  • Does he make a point of mentioning that he’s going to the gym every day?
  • Is he doing new activities that he knows you approve of?
  • Did he finally get embarrassed and get a job?
  • Does he feel like he’s showing off?

It could be that he is trying to make you jealous.

But chances are, he’s still hoping to get your approval and wants you to notice he’s changed… and wants you to be proud of him.

Nobody tries to show off to people we don’t care about.

6. Friends or Relatives Subtly Try to Convince You to Talk to Him.

A man locked in a woman needs the support of everyone close to him.

If a friend or family member keeps dropping hints in an attempt to let you know he’s hurting and misses you, he’s probably not being subtle when it comes to expressing his feelings for you to them.

When your ex-boyfriend wants you back, his family and friends will try to bring you two closer because they believe in love and because they too are tired of listening to his drama.

7. He’s Not Moving On.

Is your ex-boyfriend not getting to meet another woman?

When your ex-boyfriend can’t move on with life with another girl, it could be a sign that he’s hoping to get back together with you.

He may also be so devastated by the breakup that he can’t imagine dating another woman.

8. He’s “Getting Big”.

Is he making out with one woman after another?

Do you see that none of these women have the potential for him to take on a serious relationship?

Maybe he picked a specific woman to create a routine, but he doesn’t give her the title of girlfriend.

If that’s the case, he probably still loves you.

9. He tries to make you jealous.

You will often see your ex making some obvious attempts to make you jealous. He might start posting pictures with the opposite gender on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. OR he can send his friends to tell him he’s happy without you and that he’s moving on. He may try to show that he is happier than you are.

If your ex is actively trying to make you jealous, it means he is immature. And that doesn’t mean he wants to get back together. This does not affect your chances of reconciliation.

The fact that he goes to the trouble of doing all these things to make you jealous means he cares about you. It also means he’s not taking the breakup well and doesn’t know how to deal with his feelings. Don’t take this as a sign that he wants to get back together with you.

10. His Current Girlfriend Hates You.

This is one of the weirdest signs that he still loves you.

Rebound relationships often involve a lot of emotions because the person who has recently separated and is grieving hasn’t had the time to process the breakup before moving on.

As a result, his new girlfriend has probably heard a lot about you. She probably won’t stop stalking you either.

She’s probably supportive of him, but she also has some feelings about you.

That doesn’t make her a bad person, she’s just human.

If he had forgotten about you, he wouldn’t have shared so much with her.

You would only be a curiosity to her, not a source of extreme emotional reaction.

If she hates you, she probably feels like she’s in competition with you and is trying to mark her territory.

The fact that this is a problem shows his unresolved feelings for you.

11. He stalks you on social media.

Does your ex-boyfriend like or comment on almost all of your posts?

Does he still comment and share everything you post?

These are all signs that he still has feelings for you.

If he didn’t, he wouldn’t be monitoring the content you publish as if it were Globo’s duty.

According to WikiHow, “If he likes every selfie you post, that’s a good sign. Now, an even more indiscreet clue is if he likes old photos of the couple.”

He may also be posting a lot more than usual, showing how incredibly happy and perfect his life is.

If you can, unfriend him or unfollow him even if you think you want to get back together with him because having him in your face all the time isn’t going to help you feel any better.

The temptation to stay up late thinking about what he’s doing can be hard to resist.

12. He Keeps In Touch With Your Friends.

Men without feelings cut ties and move on.

If he’s still initiating contact with your friends or family after the breakup, he may be wondering what you’ve been up to.

This Psychology Online article also explains that your ex wants to stay in touch with your friends because he wants to be relevant in your life, feels guilty, is afraid of loneliness, and still has hope.

13. He Treats You Extremely Well, Even When You Don’t Need To.

The way we treat a person is a mirror of how we feel about them and ourselves.

If he is constantly trying to show you his good side, your approval is important to him, which is a sign that he still loves you.

14. He’s Curious About His Competition.

Does he ask if you’re dating someone?

And if he already knows there is another man, does he keep bringing it up?

It’s completely natural to want to know if your ex-girlfriend has moved on after the breakup, regardless of whether they still love you or not.

People are simply curious creatures.

If your ex-boyfriend misses you, he may act competitively towards your new boyfriend or make negative or strange comments about him.

If you think your ex-boyfriend is acting weird, it’s probably because he’s jealous.

15. He Still Helps You.

Does he offer to fix things, do you any favors, or lend you something without you asking?

Do you think you can call your ex-boyfriend anytime he will help you right away?

Maybe he’s a good guy who cares about you, but it could also mean he misses you and wants you back.

Men’s attitudes are much more important than what they say.

16. Your Ex Says He Loves You.

What better sign to know your ex loves you than your ex directly telling you he loves you? But it’s not over yet. If the two of you broke up, then your ex is simply being honest about their feelings.

Just because he loves you doesn’t mean he wants to get back together. That doesn’t mean he’s forgotten why he broke up with you and why he wants to be separated.

So if your ex tells you he loves you, don’t jump to conclusions. Especially if your breakup is recent. Just listen to him and see what he has to say.

If he says he loves you, he usually goes on to give you a reason why he can’t be with you. Listen to it and try to understand it. You can use this reason to increase your chances of getting it back later.

If you read this guide on how to get your ex-boyfriend back, then you would know about the zero contact rule after a breakup. It’s a short period after the breakup where you take space and time from each other and focus on healing.

17. His New Girlfriend Looks A Lot Like You

If your ex is dating someone who looks a lot like you, there’s a good chance your ex is trying to replace you with someone similar.

The simple fact that your ex is trying to move on too fast, replacing you with someone who looks like you, acts like you, dresses like you, or even smells like you means that he is not over you and that he still has strong feelings for you. you.

The good news is that everything about rebound dating will remind you of you and will only make it harder for you to recover and change after the breakup.

If your ex is in a rebound relationship, he will increase your chances of reconciliation because it will end soon and he will realize that he cannot just replace you with someone else.

18. He Still Contacts You Regularly

If your ex is in another relationship and he still contacts you on a regular basis, there is a very good chance that he has strong feelings for you and that the new relationship is a rebound, rebound or rebound dating.

In many cases, an ex does this because he knows the new relationship isn’t great and that he’s just using you to fill a hole in his life.

If your ex is still in contact with you, it’s because he expects you to do or say something that makes him want to get back together.

19. He Posts Photos On Social Media With His New Partner Too Soon

If your ex is constantly posting pictures on social media about the new relationship, it’s more likely that this is done to get you to react or to make you jealous.

This is immature and insensitive to your feelings. So most people who are serious about moving on are not going to do that. If your ex does this, it’s all a game to him and he’s trying to win by showing that he’s doing better than you.

In reality, however, the very fact that he is doing this means that he is actually miserable inside and is probably in denial. He’s trying to convince himself, his friends, and you that he’s doing great in his new relationship. But since it’s a rebound, it’s as empty as his heart without you.

If your ex is doing this, your best course of action is to ignore them and not make contact. Focus on yourself, heal, grow and become a better version of yourself while your ex is playing games and denying your true feelings.

By the time the recovery is over, you will already be way ahead of him when it comes to growth and healing, and he will be very attracted to the new you, full of confidence and wisdom.

20. Your Ex Breaks Up With His New Girlfriend In Record Time

What better proof that this new relationship of his is a rebound relationship than the new relationship ending soon after it started? If your ex and new girlfriend break up soon after starting then it has certainly been the dating peak and that means your ex still has feelings for you.

It sure increases your odds and you have a decent chance if you are following the plan of focusing on non-contact self-improvement and growth.

Make the right moves and you’ll likely have your ex back in your arms soon enough.

21. Your Ex And His Rebound Girlfriend Develop An On/Off Relationship.

If your ex breaks up with the rebound and gets back together with her soon after, it’s also a sign that he still loves you.

The fact that your ex is having trouble in the new relationship means that he hasn’t fully recovered from the breakup and they probably still have feelings for you.

But that doesn’t help their chances of getting back together. In fact, in my experience, this type of relationship usually lasts a long time and it’s because your ex doesn’t want to learn and grow.

If your ex ends up in an on/off relationship with their rebound girlfriend, it’s more likely that one or both of them have a toxic relationship pattern that they don’t want to make the effort to change.

I know it sucks, but if your ex is in an on/off relationship, you should seriously reconsider getting back together with him, because even though he grew up during the no-contact period, your ex has decided to just ignore all the issues and find someone who is. as toxic as he is.

After finishing the no contact rule, you will contact your ex. By doing this, you’ll be able to gauge your ex’s reaction to find out how he feels about you and about getting back together.

22. He Gets Super Excited When He Sees A Message Or Call From You

If you reach out to your ex after a significant period of no contact (2-6 weeks), and your ex is excited to hear from you (even a like or view on their stories or status), there’s a good chance that your ex has missed you.

This likely also means that he has gotten over the negative aspect of the breakup and remembers the good times.

If that’s the case, your ex sure has feelings for you. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s thinking about coming back.

23. He Gets Angry When He Hears News From You

Suppose you don’t have a contact for a while. You’ve healed from the breakup, calmed down, and grown ever since. You learned from the breakup and tried to become a better version of yourself.

You expect your ex to be happy to hear from you, or at least treat you well. But instead, they’re mad at you. He is still hurt and resents the things that happened during the breakup.

What does it mean when your ex is mad at you even after no contact?

An Angry Ex = An Emotional Ex

This means that what happened during the breakup must have really hurt your ex. It also means that you were very important to him. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t be able to hurt him to this extent and he wouldn’t hold on to anger for so long.

In my opinion, if your ex is still mad after you didn’t make contact, he still has strong feelings for you. You just need to give him more space and time before he can learn to forgive you and accept the breakup.

You just need to be patient and say the right things to help him understand your point of view and gain perspective on what happened.

24. He’s Surprised at How Much You’ve Grown.

If you’ve followed the advice on this site, you know you should work on your own growth and self-improvement before trying to get your ex back. The no-contact period is essentially designed to help you heal from the breakup and grow as a person. To help you become your version 2.0.

When you get in touch with your ex after the breakup and stick to the plan, he will eventually notice these changes in you.


Is your ex-boyfriend doing any of these things? Talk about it and what you’re feeling in the comments.

And already anticipating men who will comment that everything they do is a sign that they still love their ex, the answer is a sentence that sums up the entire text:

The opposite of love is not hate. The opposite of love is indifference.

Is his indifference genuine? He doesn’t love anymore. For all the other behaviors listed above, you can be sure he still loves you.