25 little signs that prove he likes you (serious)

Determining if someone likes us can be very difficult. And getting into a flirt without knowing if the attraction is mutual is a risky operation. To be able to decipher the behavior of your crush and know if you like it, here is the list of 25 signs that show that it is interested.

Have you met him at a party with friends and find that he looks at you a lot? You met this guy on a dating site, but you don’t know if he will want to follow up after the first date? Your colleague invites you to have a drink , but you wonder if it is a “date” or a work meeting? To avoid getting lost and know if he would like to take the next step, here are a few signs that prove that YES, you like him.

1- He looks at you a lot

Often unconsciously, we cannot help but look repeatedly at the people we find attractive. If he keeps staring at you (and even discreetly), you have your first clue.

2- His pupils dilate

According to Pattti Wood , a body language expert, dilated pupils indicate that you are looking at someone with desire. It is a brain response that occurs if you like or are attracted to something. A detail yes, but significant.

3- He asks questions

“You have brothers and sisters ?” “Where do you live?” We are curious when someone interests us. If he asks many questions, it is because he wants to get to know you.

4- He is creative

It doesn’t just offer you a bite to eat at the local restaurant. Exhibitions, concerts … He absolutely seeks to amaze you with a fun and exciting activity.

5- He makes plans

If he wants to see you again soon, it is because he is interested. No one agrees to meet someone unless you want to hang out with them. Is he planning a new date next Thursday? It’s a very good sign.

6- He makes his body speak

If your arms touch a lot “accidentally”, if your legs cross under the table in a “random” manner or if you are often relatively close to each other when you are chatting: it is not involuntary!

7- His toes point towards you

No, this is not a joke. The toes tend to where the heart wants to go. A revealing clue therefore.

8- He doesn’t talk about his exes

Whether he has a Don Juan record or a lonely life, he won’t tell you about it. Nothing is more prohibitive than a crush that speaks of his past in love. The only one he wants to conquer is you.

9- He asks your opinion

Which movie to watch ? Where should he go this summer? Whether it’s trivial questions or reflections on life, he wants your opinion. And he takes it literally.

10- He puts his tongue over his lips

Apparently, when we are attracted to someone, we produce extra saliva. If he presses his lips or runs his tongue over it, it could mean that you like him. A strange but very important phenomenon in your quest for “does he love me?”.

11- He asks questions about your past

Where you come from, what studies you did … It is curious to know what made you who you are today. And listen carefully to your answers.

12- He sends you small messages

Not just small “hey” (which can still be nice anyway). He sends you links, photos, a whole bunch of things that made him think of you. Basically, he wants to share what made him smile, what moved him or made him angry.

13- He stays with you late

Even if he has to leave for work early the next day, he will chat with you until the last metro. And he doesn’t care.

14- He shares his problems

He doesn’t pretend to be in top shape all day, no one is. He prefers to discuss with you what concerns him, from his worries to his work problems.

15- He is a little nervous when he is near you

At first glance, being nervous is a normal reaction when we meet a new person and are not used to their contact. But if your crush seems to have butterflies in your belly when you are with it, it is undoubtedly excited by your presence.

16- He is true with you

A little grumpy or seriously clumsy, he doesn’t try to hide it. After all, is it not the other’s imperfections that make us crack the most? He does not pretend to be flawless and shows himself in his true light.

17- He is observant

If you have a new haircut or have changed your makeup style, he will notice it because he is paying attention to you.

18- He finds you on social networks

And don’t forget to add you. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, everything goes there.

19- He sends you emails

Or snaps . Either way, it doesn’t just send you text messages but communicates with you through all possible alternatives.

20- He smiles a lot

But really a lot. A broad smile that does not disappear in a few seconds is proof of real interest. Add to that the fact that he smiles for no particular reason and you can be sure that he has affection for you.

21- He invites you to meet his friends

It means that you begin to hold a special place in his life. It is therefore important at some point that he makes you meet his friends, and that they meet you.

22- He doesn’t play with you

When you write to him, he answers. It does not wait three days before you throw a simple “ok”. In other words, playing with indifference does not interest him. He wants to be authentic with you.

23- He’s nice

We forget it too often, but it’s the key. He does not hurt you, does not leave you in the air but is caring and attentive towards you. In short, he is not an emotional bastard .

24- He appreciates your friends

And makes efforts to meet them and get to know them. After all, if they are so important to you, they must be as interesting as you.

25- He picks up the phone

When he wants to offer you something, he doesn’t write to you, he calls you. Much more direct and personal.

If you find yourself in most of these situations, then go for it without fear. He is just waiting for you to start a nice relationship. Go girl!