25 questions of excellence to help you reach your goals

Questions of excellence are a powerful tool for achieving your goals. Here are 25 strategic suggestions (questions of excellence) to help you achieve your dreams.

Our life is a series of questions and answers. But what kind of questions are we asking ourselves? Are they constructive or destructive for us?

To provide support to as many people as possible, the renowned author and speaker, Anthony Robbins, has developed what are today called questions of excellence. I was trained in its approach for a few years.

They constitute a simple and effective method to activate our internal resources. The purpose of what I am going to share with you is to create an opening in our mind, without seeking the answer to the question.

21 days…

A little over 25 years ago, I wrote the following question to myself on a piece of paper placed on my bedside table: “What will happen to me, wonderful, fantastic and extraordinary today? I reread this question morning and evening and often repeated it to myself during the day feeling it deeply, all for 21 days.

Why 21 days? Because it’s the time it takes to create a new habit. I can tell you that since, most of the time, upon waking, it still goes back to my mind and places me in that direction.

When experimenting with this tool, avoid consciously seeking an answer. You just have to ask yourself the question frequently, place it in plain sight, but feel the content. It is not fair to say words to say words.

Your mind will more easily attract and recognize solutions with this strategy. You can do this in all areas of your life. Here are some examples to inspire you to create your own.

  1. What makes me have more and more energy?
  2. What makes me laugh and laugh more and more?
  3. What is it that makes me attract more and more customers or great opportunities now?
  4. What makes me now have the job that suits me, that suits my tastes and for which I am very well paid (specify the desired amount may be preferable)?
  5. What makes me take more and more pleasure in carrying out all my activities, in choosing myself?

“Question” to re-specify the way of doing it, if you say to yourself: “What makes me have more and more energy?” You don’t even have to consciously seek the answer.

Repeating and vibrating this question gives a signal to the mind to turn to what will cause you to have more energy. The game is simple, because the often repeated question will serve to stimulate positive research in the subconscious and help achieve the materialization of demand.

You will increase your chances of seeing things happen more easily and recognize their arrival. It is not a magic wand, an absolute key, but a tool that deserves to be explored seriously.

It stimulates the change of perception in itself which promotes the emergence of vibrations more suited to our ideal. We notice what is favorable to us more instead of focusing on what is shaded as we could say. Really see it as a game that allows you to get out of the limiting comfort zone.

Here are some other question templates that stimulate the solutions!

  1. What makes me a healthy weight, the size I want and the taste, appetite only for what suits me perfectly well?
  2. What causes me to have more and more money now coming to me from all sides?
  3. What makes me feel calm, confident and at peace?
  4. What makes me always in the right place at the right time?
  5. What makes me succeed better and better in everything I do?
  6. What makes me draw sincere friends to me?
  7. What makes me better and better understand my children, my parents, etc.?
  8. What makes me get better and better with everyone?
  9. What makes me more and more cheerful?
  10. What makes me healthier and healthier?
  11. As a couple: What makes us love each other more and more, that we give ourselves more and more quality time?
  12. What makes me have a perfectly compatible spouse now?
  13. What makes it easier for me to take on new things?
  14. What makes me love myself more and more?
  15. What makes me feel happier now?
  16. What makes me now have more and more wonderful and very lucrative contracts that happen to me more easily and regularly?
  17. What is it that makes me happy in love now and that everything is easy, reciprocal, joyful and energizing?
  18. What causes me to have more and more happiness manifesting in my life right now?
  19. What makes me so happy in every way?
  20. And the  ultimate question  : What makes me better and better every day?

Of course, clear answers may also come spontaneously. For example to the question “What makes me love myself more and more?” Perhaps you will realize that it is because you take more time for yourself, that you dare to assert yourself more, eat better, etc.