28 things you can do with your boyfriend, new and romantic activities

Are you looking for something that gives an excitement to the moments you spend with your boyfriend? It is understandable that after some time together, the routine begins to wreak havoc on the relationship and that is when it becomes necessary to take steps to get excited, relax and have a good time.

Here are some tips that you can put into practice to restore the spark to your courtship.

1. Informal dinner

In many restaurants near your residence you will find that, in addition to good food, they offer live shows and even trivia in which, if you try a strange dish, you get the product for free; there are also others where you can play bingo over dinner.

Just think about it, we all have the desire to win something in our lives! Healthy competition can benefit them.

2. Paintball

It’s super exciting and fun trying to defeat your partner in a paintball game.

Run, hide and finish victorious, if you knew how to properly shoot your target, that’s great!

Just remember to tell your boyfriend that if you manage to beat him, it’s not about anything personal.

3. Play the slot machine 

Have you ever tried to beat this machine? It really is almost impossible, but you can bet with your boyfriend to guess which figures will appear on each occasion and thus create your own game system; in the end, they will see who gets it right most of the time.

4. Lunch in the open air

If the weather allows it, you can organize a lunch outside in the nearest park or in the patio of your residence.

Enjoy the blue sky and the wind while you eat! It is really relaxing and breaks with the routine.

5. Camping

Suppose you can’t go on a trip due to both of your work occupations, but don’t give up on the idea of ​​going camping for the weekend and rejoicing in nature, while reconnecting as a couple.

In addition, they can sleep curled up in a tent and rekindle the flame of love.

6. Organize a prank on a friend

We all have friends who are too gullible about what we say to them. They could come up with a plan to surprise him and have healthy fun with this person.

7. Barbecue

Your boyfriend will love to take you to the stove and take care of everything related to a delicious barbecue at your house.

Invite some friends, prepare board games, and buy some gifts to give to the winners of each one.

8. Canoe ride

This idea is very romantic! If there is a river or lake near your residence, rent a canoe and bring some snacks and a blanket with you.

You will be able to share a very special romantic evening together!

9. Go to the museum

There is a lot that can be learned about your city and even about other cultures when you visit a museum.

10. Try a new recipe

Take a cookbook or go online and choose a recipe for a dish that has caught the attention of both of you.

It could also reconnect them with their childhood if they try to make a dessert that their grandmother prepared for them when they visited her.

Then try to do it by following the instructions exactly.

11. Enjoy a concert

Do you want to dance and laugh? Get tickets to a concert, they will have a great time, meet new people and have fond memories for a long time.

12. Play video games

He won’t believe it when you tell him you’ll be competing against him in a video game!

Men need a bit of competition in their life and if you beat him in his favorite video game, you will blow him away.

13. Photo session

You don’t even need to hire a professional! Ask a friend to take some pictures for you. Or, if you want the shoot to be more casual, dress up and snap some fun selfies.

14. Draw

Choose an object and propose to draw it. If none of them have painting skills, all the better, because surely each one’s sketch will be a disaster. Whoever comes closest to the real image will win.

15. Complete a crossword

Take a crossword puzzle and try to solve it against the clock. With this, they will test mental agility, concentration, and good command of words to finish as soon as possible.

16. Amusement park

Get your adrenaline pumping! Go to the amusement park and test your courage on the roller coaster or practice target shooting, whoever takes away and even manages to win a prize!

17. Go skating

This is a sport that will allow them to tone their muscles while enjoying the scenery. For many, it is as energizing as a bike ride.

18. Zoo Day

Who said the zoo is just for kids? Take your camera and capture each of the exotic animals of the place in beautiful images to remember.

19. Watch a game at home

If you want to spice up an evening, pack enough snacks and some drinks and get ready to support your favorite team.

20. Boardgame

If it’s raining outside and it’s impossible for them to leave the house, dust off any board games you have in store: acquire new monopoly properties or checkmate your king with a game of chess.

There are many options with board games! For example, they can learn new knowledge, make new words, or guess the name of a character.

You will never get bored with these games!

21. Practice ping pong

Following the speed of the little ping pong ball is not as easy as it sounds.

Now, to give your game more exciting, impose some rules, such as that the loser cleans the house or pays for dinner.

22. Take cooking classes

This is not a bad thing for anyone! Not only will you learn to prepare that dessert or food that you have always wanted to taste, but your boyfriend will be able to implement his new knowledge at home.

23. Karaoke

Both of you should practice a bit to get a good duet when performing the song you have selected.

Then arm yourself with courage and face your audience. The thrill of the stage is incomparable! They will have a phenomenal night even if they sing disastrously.

24. Search for treasure

Make a separate clue map, jot down various puzzles, and hide some reward prizes to make the quest that much more interesting.

Of course, the “treasure” must be something chosen by mutual agreement and must be hidden by a third person, otherwise, the search would not make sense.

25. Wish list

All of us have some desires for things we want to do throughout our lives, write them down on a list!

This activity will help them get to know each other better and will even motivate them to plan their next vacation from a different perspective.

26. Go out to a cafe

This is one of my favorite places! When they open a new cafe, I can’t stop my curiosity to go with my boyfriend to enjoy the bohemian atmosphere that these places offer.

Try the coffee with the most difficult name to pronounce or one that you have never drunk, accompany it with a good read, or just enjoy the music.

27. Spa at home

If you really want to leave him open-mouthed, wait for him at home with scented candles, fresh flowers, and some essential oils.

Play soft music and give her the massage of her dreams. He will love you with this surprise. You can feel refreshed and ready to return the gesture.

They can send in a night of intense passion, thanks to the magic of the spa that you created in your home.

28. Go to the movies

Going to see a movie at the cinema will always be an excellent option to share with your partner. It will never go out of style!

Staying in a relationship is not the same as being committed to your partner.

If you want your courtship or marriage to last the time, you will have to fight the routine at any cost.

These strategies that we present to you are just a few ideas that you can use, but we trust that your creativity will allow you to discover new and better opportunities to have fun with them.

We hope you enjoyed this reading! Do not forget that your suggestions are very important to us, leave us your comments!