3 Surprising Reasons Why He Broke Up With You

Everything Was Going So Well, But Suddenly It’s Over.

Here Are Some Of The Things That Went Wrong

You’ve met the guy you want to settle down with.

He’s everything you want in a man, but your relationship is showing all the signs that it’s cooling off.

Then, out of nowhere, he sits down with you to “talk”.

Something has changed, and he’s not happy.

In fact, he asks for a break from their relationship.

You are confused, frustrated and devastated.

Yesterday he was snuggling you on the couch and today he’s telling you he can’t see you anymore.

What happened in the last 24 hours to change how he feels?

The truth is, sometimes men walk away from relationships in which they are truly happy.

It’s not always because he’s met someone else or is having an affair.

So why do men end relationships that seemed to be going so well?

Here are some common reasons…

1. He’s Afraid

Some men really struggle to control their emotions, and many men are extremely scared when they become vulnerable.

If they are starting to develop deep feelings for you, it can become quite overwhelming.

It can become even more overwhelming if you are echoing your deep feelings back to him.

If you start talking about plans for the future, or how you want to be with him forever, it can make him feel completely exposed emotionally.

Some men can’t handle it and literally start pulling away from the relationship altogether.

When a man opens up and reveals his feelings for you , it’s almost like a cat rolling over and exposing its stomach to you.

He has to trust you completely.

How can you help him?

If he wants to talk about his feelings, listen carefully to everything he says.

When you’re talking about the future or other emotional topics, be gentle.

Remember that falling in love is just as scary for men as it is for women.

2. He Prioritizes His Own Freedom

Committing to a man/woman is important, and it’s natural for both of you to worry about losing your freedom.

Men in particular can be very nervous about losing their freedom, especially if they are in a relationship with a restrictive woman.

The best thing you can do is tell your guy to have a day every week where he goes and hangs out with his friends.

Let him know that you’re glad he does his own thing once in a while, and you should do the same.

It’s completely normal and healthy for you to do things on your own.

Just because he wants to see your friends doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to be with you.

Give him his space, and he’ll be happy to keep coming back to you!

3. He Thinks You Want to Change Him

Some women have a habit of trying to change or mother their men.

Nothing turns a guy off more than a woman who keeps trying to fix or change him.

If he has bad habits, you should accept them.

If he has emotional issues that he doesn’t like to talk about, don’t try to force the issue.

If he wants to talk, listen, but don’t force him to open up until he’s ready.

It doesn’t need to change, it doesn’t need to be fixed, and it doesn’t need you to save it.

If he wants to change, it’s okay to support him in his decision, but don’t try to make that change.

It really all boils down to learning to speak the man’s language, and how to communicate in your man’s love language.

If you take the time to understand each other and learn to make each other happy, you can expect a long, happy, and fulfilling relationship.

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