3 tips to avoid jealousy becoming embedded in your couple

Harmful to the couple, jealousy is however sometimes very difficult to banish from a romantic relationship. There are, however, a few tactics to avoid being bitten.
Is jealousy proof of love? Not sure. Also, to reduce the feeling of jealousy in your relationship it is not always obvious but we can still avoid it as explained by Psychology Today . Here are some keys.

Rest assured both

If the other does not seem in an “inquisitive” mood, feel calm too. Then, when a thunderstorm – understand a (beautiful) brown that makes your eyes soft – rumbles, discuss it both calmly. Communication is the key to the success of a relationship . When one of the partners feels jealousy appear, he needs a strong dose of comfort. On the other hand, minimizing, getting angry or ironic about his reaction could, on the contrary, stir up his jealousy.

Distinguish the attraction of intimacy

Knowing the difference between a feeling of attraction and intimacy is another key to living peacefully in a couple without letting jealousy take precedence over love . Indeed, the attraction is instantaneous while intimacy takes time to develop . This may help you to better assess (put things in perspective?) The next time it seems that you or your partner is attracted to someone else. Tell yourself that it is only an ephemeral feeling, also human, but that it does not commit, most of the time at least, to anything more.

Tell him you love him

Whatever the moment, in bed, in the supermarket, in the restaurant, when he is having fun with children, learn to re-watch him during real moments of life, as you did spontaneously at the beginning of your relationship. You will then realize how much you love it for a lot of reasons. The next step is to let him know each time you get that feeling and to verbalize the reasons for it. Feeling loved and reassured, it should make you feel the same in return and this should offer both of you a basis of loving intimacy strong enough to face all kinds of obstacles.

Your jealousy remains omnipresent despite everything? Take inspiration from the advice of this therapist to try to remedy it … And if this jealousy is excessive , take your legs to your neck!