30 little gestures of love that make all the difference

After the whirlwind of the passion of the first months arrives the true love story where you have to hold on overtime. A daily challenge, but filled with moments of joy and small attentions, which we would exchange for nothing in the world. Here are 30 little gestures of love that are often the magic ingredients of a couple’s longevity.

In a couple, there are a thousand ways to prove that we love each other. Body language and little attentions prove to be just as significant as saying “I love you”. Here are 30 examples of small gestures of love that help keep the flame alive every day.

1- Take out the dog  when your partner is tired (and take turns)

2- Buy your favorite dessert

3- Uncork a good bottle for your film-pampering evening …

4- … and let him choose the film

5- Refuel your car

6- Prepare a good breakfast from time to time

7- Draw a small heart on the bathroom mirror before going to work

8- Warm the sheets for each other before bed

9- Bring your partner breakfast in bed

10- Check on each other during the day

11- Cover him/her with a blanket when he/she falls asleep on the sofa

12- Offer her/him a small gift on her birthday

13- Download the new episode of your partner’s favorite series

14- Join him/her in bed when he/she is napping

15- Put on your favorite song when he/she wakes up

16- Offer him/her concert tickets

17- Write a love letter

18- Compliment your partner (on their outfit, choices, personality, etc)

19- Curl up in their arms

20- Holding hands

21- Send him/her sweet words by SMS

22- Make him/her a good hot bath

23- Go down to the pharmacy when he/she is sick

24- Remember the best moments spent together

25- Let him know what you like so much about him/her

26- Show him/her that you miss him/her when you are away from him/her

27- Kissing

28- Organize a big fiesta for their birthday

29- Having fun together

30- Surprise each other … quite simply