30 phrases to make a special friend fall in love, the love behind friendship

What is the most beautiful thing you could say to your best friend? The following phrases to make a special friend fall in love may express how you feel about her. The emotions you feel for your friend, if they are strong, need freedom, therefore you must allow them to fly.

Each of the following phrases to conquer a special friend are real cases from my life. I have not all been able to kiss her beautiful lips. Sometimes friendship is over and sometimes love has become part of us.

1.- Friendship is more beautiful when there is true love

You can’t help it, many great loves begin with friendship. If you are afraid to talk to your best friend about the love you feel, it may not be love yet. You like her or you have fantasies about her, that is not love.

The following love phrases to make a special friend fall in love you have to feel as an experience. Love is that you accept and love yourself having experiences that at the end of the day give you satisfaction.

1.- It does not matter if you are my best friend, but you can also be the best kiss I have ever received

2.- Every time I spend a moment with you, at night I keep imagining a whole life with you

3.- You are my sweetest and most loving best friend, just for that I prefer you as a child to your best dessert

4.- I love roses for their beauty and their aroma, I love your lips for your beauty and your friendship

5.- Just to see you wake up I would spend the morning waiting even in the cold morning breeze

2.- Phrases to fall in love with a special and wonderful friend


When your best friend becomes something very special in your life, you cannot stop feeling love. Don’t feel bad if they tell you that you can ruin a nice friendship.

Understand that your happiness is not about her knowing that you love her. The important thing is to know that you love yourself and are willing to become the man she is passionate about.

6.- Sometimes I dream of being a mosquito and walking into your room and pinching your pretty neck

7.- Since you were my best friend I have felt the magic of love in those little details of your look

8.- You are the best friend a man can wish for, but when I tell you I LOVE YOU, I think of the woman you are

9.- I thought that only a good friendship united us until one night I couldn’t sleep thinking about your eyes

10.- I love when out of nowhere we start to play, laugh and fight, but now I dream of caressing your cheek and kissing your lips

3.- When there is love after friendship, the relationship can be more lasting

There are many ways to express our love for a person. The following phrases to make a special friend fall in love can give you that push you need.

11.- There is nothing more beautiful when the friendship of a man and a woman becomes love

12.- Every time I see a pretty girl and I think about making her fall in love, I end up thinking about how it would be to kiss my best friend

13.- I have discovered that my best friend is the reason why I wake up happy every morning

14.- My best friend has a boyfriend and I have become her secret lover, I don’t know what to do if she finds out

15.- Friendship is so wonderful with you, but give that casual kiss I’m feeling the magic of a new love

4.- Falling in love with your best friend means that you must improve your communication


Each of these phrases to make a special friend fall in love speak of the love that is in you for you. At the end of the day your life fills you with satisfaction? Because if not, you will not have love to give.

16.- They say that one cannot live from love, but because of your love I am becoming a better person and that is to live better

17.- Our friendship has become something very passionate so that you are just my best friend, don’t you think?

18. Friendship is the most beautiful treasure, but what happens if you water it with a lot of love? I await your answer tonight

19. Love does not kill friendship, rather friendship sustains love. My friend, if you agree, kiss me now

20.- Friend, I promise to respect that you have a boyfriend, but I also have to respect this passion that I feel for you

5.- The greatest value of love is to serve a friend with your life


Finding love is what gives our life meaning. A life that is not motivated by love feels empty. The following phrases to make a special friend fall in love express that value.

21.- Can you imagine you and me, dear friend, sailing day and night? I put all my love, do you dare?

22.- It is wonderful to go out with you and enjoy our friendship, but last night I dreamed of the magic of love with you

23.- I never thought I would miss my best friend so much until I convinced myself that there is not only friendship in my heart

24.- The good thing about having fought with my best friend is having realized how much love I miss her

25.- Missing your friendship so many times has become the best seed of a love that flourishes abundantly

6.- Friendship is a very important stage in love relationships

Falling in love is not the only stage in love. Love with friendship makes relationships more durable. The following phrases to make a special friend fall in love are a fabulous start.

26.- I love you very much friend, you are so wonderful and I love you so much that sometimes I get confused, whether to call you love or friend

27.- Every time you are away from me, my friend, I miss you so much and I get so jealous … what do you think?

28 .- That you call me means the best moment of my day, I do not understand this friendship, or is it love, what do you think?

29.- I don’t know how we got to have this complicit friendship, now I want to kiss you. Tell me in our park or at the movies?

30.- When you told me “let’s keep this beautiful friendship” I took it so seriously that I began to love you. You don’t know how much, do I tell you?

I hope you liked these phrases to make a special friend fall in love. They are not magical just for saying them to your friend, but for the way you do it. Create the right time and space.

More important than these phrases to win a very special friend, is your congruence. Don’t be just the occasional pretty words. I know little details of love every day.