34 Signs He Wants To Marry You

Are you looking for some sign in him that confirms he wants to marry you?

Do you think you’re ready to take the next step and spend the rest of your life with him, but you don’t understand why he hasn’t proposed to you yet?

You’re worried that everything seems right and everything is great, but is there something that’s making him hold back and not ask you to marry him?

Do you simply want to know if this will ever happen?

If you said yes to at least one of these questions, then read on because you are in the right place.

Signs He Wants To Marry You.

Let’s imagine that you are in an excellent serious relationship with a man who is kind to you, responsible, great in bed… in short, meets all your needs and demands.

Both sides of family and friends believe you are in a great relationship… so why hasn’t he proposed yet?

It could be something as simple as the fact that he honestly hasn’t thought about it yet because he’s just happy and there’s nothing wrong with it… or maybe you need more patience.

It’s understandable that need you want to get inside his brain to find out what he’s thinking and if he has any plans to marry you.

This article will help you answer that question.

1. He Uses The Word “We”.

When he refers to the two of you as “we” rather than “you and me”, then that is an indicator that he sees you as one entity rather than two separate entities.

While it may seem like a simple pronoun that he is using, “we” is much more than that because it shows you how involved and invested he is in the relationship.

Many couples who have exchanged rings use the word “we” when talking about themselves because they see marriage as a team that makes decisions together.

For example, a friend asks her boyfriend, “Do you have plans for next month’s long holiday?” and her boyfriend responds with a “We’re thinking of going to the beach ” instead of “I’m thinking of going to the beach”.

This shows that he is thinking of you and him when answering questions or talking about your decision.

2. He Believes In Marriage.

One of the strong signs that he wants to get married is that he believes in marriage and has never said he would never get married or spoken ill of marriage.

Sometimes this fear can be the biggest obstacle to overcome when you’re trying to get a man to ask you to marry him.

It’s an advantage if your boyfriend already believes in marriage.

Rising divorce rates and the high costs of marriage can make any man shy away from the idea of ​​marriage and miss the sanctity of marriage.

If your boyfriend doesn’t have these fears and has already mentioned or left a clue that he’s worth fighting for, then you know he believes.

You probably know a lot of men who see marriage as a piece of paper and don’t see the value of a union, especially if the woman is already living with a man or has children together.

If that’s the case, you have to remind him that marriage is much more than a piece of paper and remind him how important the official union is to you.

3. He Doesn’t Keep Quiet When People Talk About Marriage.

A very clear indicator of whether a man believes in marriage and whether he might one day propose to you can be seen in his reaction when other people are talking about marriage.

In a world where social media is taking over, the subject of marriage comes up almost every day.

If his reaction is “I hate this marriage talk”, then he may not be at the point where the idea of ​​marriage is comfortable for him.

If his reaction is, “If I ever get married, I won’t be obsessed like this,” then you’ll understand that he hasn’t completely ruled out marriage… and that’s good news for you.

If his reaction is, “When I get married, I’m not going to obsess like this,” then you’ll understand that he’s already thought about it and it’s something he sees himself in the future… and that’s great news for you.

4. He is super comfortable by your side.

Having a man walking around the house with old socks with holes and an unshaven face isn’t the picture of romance you had in mind, but he’s very comfortable next to you, which is a good sign.

Don’t think he’s a relaxed man because of that.

If he’s relaxed, he’s at ease on your side.

He’s so relaxed on your side that he doesn’t feel the need to force things or wear a mask every day.

Another sign he’s comfortable with you is if he shows a side of him that even his closest friends don’t know about, such as secretly enjoying watching Disney movies or playing old video games.

If your man is this close to you and so comfortable around you, it could be a sign that he sees you as “the one” and will one day propose marriage.

5. You Are Already Part Of The Family.

If he takes you to see his family all the time, if you’re comfortable enough to go to his family’s house alone, or if your name is on his family’s party invitations, then you know your man and His family sees you as part of the family.

If his family has already accepted you and your boyfriend is comfortable with you around his family, then you can bet that the relationship has a long future ahead of it.

You will know if his family is comfortable with you if you can have long conversations with them and are always invited to family gatherings.

This is a sure sign that one day being part of the family will become official through marriage.

6. He Talks About The Future With You In It.

Another sure sign that he’s going to propose one day is if he talks about a future that includes you.

Many men in relationships talk about the future, but only when he talks about his future, including you, will you be sure that one day he will propose.

For example, if he says something like, “When I’m 40, I’ll be riding a Ferrari,” he’s just imagining himself alone in this scenario.

However, if he says “I can already imagine us living in a beautiful 5-bedroom house in the best condo in town”, you can be sure that he sees you in his plans for the future and that one day that thought will lead to a marriage proposal.

A lot of men talk about how much they’re going to be earning, what kind of car they’re going to be driving, and how high up their careers are going to be, but pay close attention when he talks about other plans that involve you.

7. He Talks About Having Children.

Maybe you’re watching a movie with him or you find out a friend is pregnant… and the kids’ talk comes up.

If he doesn’t try to avoid the conversation, if he jokes about the names of the kids you’re going to have, how many kids you’re going to have, or who you’re going to pull, then you’re with the right man.

It may not seem like it, but these clues are clear signs that he sees you as the mother of his children.

Talking about kids is a little shocking for men because they don’t like change, and having kids means switching cars for a family-friendly one, moving house, and changing relationships.

If the conversation comes naturally and he’s open to it, then you know he’s 100% immersed in the relationship, just like you are.

8. He Feels Free to Share.

If your boyfriend is comfortable enough to open up about something that’s been bothering him, then that’s a sign that he trusts you a lot and values ​​your opinion.

Having that level of intimacy is a sign that he sees you as “the one” and will see you walking in a wedding dress one day.

If he asks you for advice and opinion to help him make an important decision, like career changes or whether he should buy a new car, you can bet that you are one of the most important people in his life.

As well as thoughts and decisions, sharing things like his bank account or his car are other great signs that he is comfortable in the relationship and that you are an important part of his life.

9. He Mentions Stuff About Engagement And Marriage.

As with the subject of children, if he brings up the subject of marriage and engagement, then you know he is comfortable with the idea, which is certainly a good sign.

However, something more concrete will you have if you ever hear him ask a specific question out of the blue, like “what do you think the perfect marriage would look like?” or “What would our wedding song be.”

These questions show that he is planning to propose to you someday in the future or very soon.

Knowing he’s thinking of proposing is one thing, but knowing when he’s going to propose is something more difficult, and you’ll just have to wait.

Now, if you catch him snooping around in your jewelry box, the proposal is imminent.

10. Is your boyfriend acting weirder than usual?

He says he’s saving up for something but keeps giving vague answers about why he’s saving?

Before you start to think he’s doing something wrong, consider the possibility that it’s something very good.

You will be able to tell by the way he is acting with you, such as being extremely affectionate, sensitive, and taking more care of you.

He may be acting emotional, but he doesn’t really tell you why he is.

Maybe you went to dinner together and for no reason, he’s extremely excited like you’ve never gone out to dinner before.

He might not ask you to marry him tonight, but he’s very close.

Now, if he’s going to the bathroom every five minutes, you can prepare your reaction, because he’s going to propose.

11. He’s Insinuating Things.

Many men don’t give away the signs that they’re thinking about marriage or how they would ask the question, so it can be hard to spot the subtle changes that happen when he’s considering getting married.

In this scenario, the best thing to do is simply ask about marriage.

Of course, you’re not going to ask him to marry you, but you can bring it up subtly to see how comfortable he’s talking about it.

For example, if you are watching a movie that involves marriage, let’s say you are watching the comedy movie “If you drink, don’t marry”.

You can subtly ask if he’s ever found himself in a marriage situation.

This question is not specific, you are not asking him if he would marry you.

He might be comfortable answering and maybe even joking that his bachelor party would be way crazier than the one in the movie “If You Drink Don’t Marry”… my god.

12. His Friends Are Married.

It’s not nice to be the first to do anything, so if none of his friends are married yet, he might still feel like he needs more time.

However, if all or most of his friends are married, then he might think he’s the ugly duckling of the bunch and start considering taking a relationship with you to the next step.

Now, if his friends are getting married and he turns around and says “oh no, another one getting married” or regrets having to go out with just married friends, then you’ll know that even with his friends getting married, he’s still not ready to get married…

If you’ve gone out with his married friends, they can ask or joke about your wedding plans, this is great because you’ll get the opportunity to see how comfortable your boyfriend is talking about marriage with his friends…

13. He Is Punctual.

It might sound a little silly, but if your boyfriend doesn’t delay a second when he’s picking you up at your house or meeting you somewhere else, that means he takes you seriously and is definitely into yours.

He won’t leave you half an hour waiting for him.

If he’s going to be late, he’ll call or text you to let you know because he respects your feelings and will feel bad for limping you.

There are many women who wait for their boyfriends to call or hate it when they are late for everything.

If you are one of the lucky women and a boyfriend who is never late and never forgets to call or text to let him know, you can be sure he will make a great husband.

14. He Misses You.

A really great sign that you’re the only person he cares about is if he misses you when you’re away.

If he hugs you tight when you see him again after a while, if you had a hard day at work and he makes a great dinner when you get home, that’s a sign that he already missed you.

You’ll know if he misses you if you’re not living together and he’s always wanting to see you and go out to dinner or a movie or whatever.

However, if he happens to cancel plans at the last minute to see you again, that’s a sign that he doesn’t miss you.

15. He Doesn’t Look At Other Women.

You’ve probably dated another man before this one who just couldn’t pay attention to you if there was another beautiful woman around.

You sure went crazy with rage and maybe even thought all men were like that.

Now with this current boyfriend, you came to the conclusion that men are not equal because he doesn’t look at other women at all, the problem was with your ex-boyfriend.

You’ll know when your boyfriend is 100% into you when he stops looking at other women.

You can test this out the next time you’re in a crowded restaurant and see if he wanders his eyes or if his eyes are glued to you.

Anyway, don’t get angry about it.

If a waitress shows up to serve you, just because he looked at her to say what he wants to eat doesn’t mean he found her attractive.

16. He Wants To Live With You.

Living together is as big of a commitment as marriage, so whether he’s looking forward to buying a house or asking you to move in with him, you’ll understand that the relationship is heading in the right direction.

There are other big commitments that can solidify the relationship, like buying a dog or opening a joint bank account.

These commitments are great because they are long-lasting.

It’s not easy for a man to walk away from his single life, and when he does, you can rest assured that he’s serious about the relationship.

A big step like this will naturally lead to a proposal.

17. When He’s At Your House, He Can’t Leave.

A big sign that he’s going to ask you to marry him one day is if he enjoys spending long nights with you.

He doesn’t mind missing Saturday night with his friends to be with you because all he needs is you.

If you notice that it’s late at night and he can’t leave your house, it shows that he’s ready to settle down and live a settled life.

He doesn’t need anything else in life but you.

You are his highest priority, which is why this is a sign that he will one day marry you.

18. Your Opinion In A Decision Is Extremely Important.

This has been said before, but it can be added as an isolated signal as well.

If your man always asks for advice and opinions about an important decision he has to make, you know he values ​​what you have to say and respects the couple’s decision.

This shows that he is building a decision process that involves both sides, that is, he sees a long future with you.

Maybe he’s not happy with his job and wants to change careers and asks you what you think he should do.

At times like these, you can tell him that you believe in his potential and support his career change decision.

You’ll be proud that he listens and respects your opinion.

19. His Things Are Your Things.

A sure sign that your man wants to marry you is when he shares his stuff with you.

You may be insecure because you feel that his house is not your house, because he bought it and you have to move into his house.

He can assure you that what is his is yours.

Now, if your boyfriend is a little possessive of his stuff and can’t understand that what’s his is yours, maybe that doesn’t mean he’ll never marry you, the relationship might be too soon yet.

However, if he’s open to sharing his car, his house, or his money, then that’s a sure sign that the relationship is moving towards marriage.

20. He Doesn’t Run In Difficult Times.

Everyone goes through tough times at some point in their lives and if you are going through one of those times and he stands by you, that’s a good sign that he wants to be the man by your side on your wedding day.

When we go through difficult times, our worst side usually comes out. That’s why if your man stays with you when he could easily walk away, then he’s the man of your life.

If he’s not on your side to support you through your tough time, then you know he’s not the right guy to be by your side on your wedding day.

21. He often says “You’re the only one who…”.

A very clear sign that he wants to marry you one day is when he uses these words in sentences: “You are the only one who…”.

This could be “You’re the only one who makes me laugh like that” or “You’re the only person who makes me feel safe about this.”

You can be sure that you are the only one in his life and that, by saying these things, he believes that you are the woman in his life.

This is a sure sign that marriage is a matter of time and one day he will ask the most important question.

This is one of the signs that can actually mean that he is in the mall looking for an engagement ring.

22. He Told You He Wants To Marry You.

Yes, the sign is the most obvious, but it has to be on the list… he said he wants to marry you!

Even if your boyfriend jokingly says something about marrying you, that still means he’s comfortable enough to talk about the idea and make it a reality, which shouldn’t be too far off.

If he actually said that, jokingly or not, don’t get too excited because you’ll look desperate.

Just play along casually and make it obvious that if he proposes, you’ll say yes.

23. He Uses The Word “When” More Than The Word “If”.

Your boyfriend has been talking about marriage with you, and he started the sentence with “If we get married”, but over time that sentence changed to “When we get married”.

This is one of the clearest signs he’s thinking—if not already planning—about how he’s going to propose to you.

Changing from “if” to “when” means he might be about to propose to you, maybe next week or next month, unless he wants to save it for a special occasion.

If he said something like this, you can expect a proposal in less than a year, when he’s financially ready.

24. Joint Bank Account.

If your man suggests a joint bank account or if you come up with the idea and he agrees, you can rest assured that the relationship is stable.

Sharing finances is a giant step in the right direction.

The joint account can be for anything like buying a new car, buying a house, or paying bills.

Any of these reasons show that your man is ready to take the relationship to the next step.

He wouldn’t share his finances or buy a car or house with you if he wasn’t ready to take on a lifelong relationship.

Just look at other couples who have already exchanged rings as evidence that most couples share finances and have a joint account.

25. There is no jealousy.

There is always a touch of jealousy at the beginning of a relationship when both sides are getting to know each other.

However, as time goes on, your man starts to trust you more and more and would never think that you could attract him.

Jealousy can put a lot of stress on relationships.

Without jealousy, the relationship can blossom and grow into marriage.

Your partner will be confident that you love him… and men love women who are loyal.

It’s amazing how many women use jealousy as a weapon to make a man make a commitment, but that will never make your boyfriend propose marriage… jealousy will make him walk away.

26. His Love For You Is Widespread. Everyone knows.

It’s a good sign when your man is open about his feelings, about how much he loves you.

If he doesn’t make any bones about how much he loves you, then he’s super comfortable in the relationship and isn’t afraid to admit it.

A great sign that he is considering spending the rest of his life by your side is when he tells you how much he wants you and how much he wants to grow old with you.

This is a sure sign that he is not dating you for fun and there is a high chance that he will propose very soon.

27. Your Interests Are Important to Him.

If your boyfriend is very interested in your interests, this is a sign that he cares deeply about you.

If he takes the time to discover your favorite food, favorite movies, or hobbies, that’s a sure sign that he wants to know everything about you.

A man who is ready to propose has the confidence to share interests and listen to your opinions and thoughts.

An example is when you love horror movies and he was never interested in them, but now he watches them all with you.

28. He Wants To Know your Children.

If you already have a child or more from past relationships, you know how serious it is to introduce your new boyfriend to your kids.

You don’t let your boyfriend meet your kids unless you’re sure he’s here to stay, because if he disappears he’ll confuse the kids.

So when your boyfriend specifically said that he would love to meet your kids, that will be music to your ears.

It’s no secret that men are a little afraid of children, so you know he’s taking the relationship seriously when he asks to meet the one you love most in the world.

29. You’re in His Circle of Friends.

Your boyfriend has a small, quality group of friends, friends he grew up with.

He introduced you to all of his friends and girlfriends, and now they’re all great friends.

If his group of friends have accepted you and they like you, that’s a great reason for your man to stay with you for the rest of his life.

30. You’re Invited to Company Parties Where He Works.

In the same way that you are invited to parties with his friends and family, another important factor is whether he invites you to parties at the company where he works or if your name is already on the invitation.

The latter would be better because it’s obvious that you’re practically in a stable relationship with him, but any invitation is already a good sign that he wants you in his life.

Sometimes it’s not necessary to be invited to every party as he needs a life of his own too.

Christmas events and awards nights are the parties you should be invited to.

31. He Plays Marriage With You.

One of the biggest clues he’s going to ask you to marry him is if he jokes about being married to you or calls you Senhora Lima (your last name).

Also, you might be watching a movie or at someone’s wedding and they might say something like “if it was our wedding” or “when we get married…”.

Apparently, he’s just joking, but secretly, he’s been dropping hints that this is something he’s been thinking about for a long time and wants to accomplish.

32. He already behaves as if he were your husband.

Marriage can be a formality and you may already be with a husband, you just don’t have one officially.

He is already acting like your husband if he trusts you, asks for advice and opinions on important decisions, supports you in difficult times, and expresses his love for you.

If he is already doing all this, the official union will be a matter of little time.

Make sure he knows he’s acting like he’s your husband so you can be sure it’s official.

He may be afraid that he thinks it will change the dynamics of the relationship or thinks it’s not worth it, but you can reassure him how much marriage means to you and how much you want to spend the rest of your life. with him.

33. Traveling Together.

You know he’s serious about the relationship if he’s planning to travel with you for the holidays, whether it’s just the two of you, his family or yours.

Traveling together is a great sign that he’s fully involved with you and if he’s taking his family along, you’ll be able to build a stronger relationship with them to be seen as part of the family… if you aren’t already.

If he’s planning a long weekend at a romantic destination with you or somewhere you’ve always wanted to go, then who knows… this could be the trip he’s going to propose to you!

34. He Can’t Let Go Of You.

If your man just can’t get enough of you, then there’s no question that he’s totally in it.

Does he love spending as much time with you as possible?

Does he like to spend Saturday night with you instead of hanging out with his friends?

If so, he is likely completely in love and is thinking about taking the relationship to the next step.

Conclusion – Waiting for him to ask you to marry him

Here are the 34 signs he wants to marry you.

If you notice that any of these signs are true, then you just need to wait for him to kneel down with a ring in his hand.

If you’re still not sure, talk to him about it, but remember… don’t force anything.