35 things a man in love does looking for a serious relationship

How does a man in love act when he wants something serious? When a man truly falls in love, the woman he loves becomes his priority. A man in love looking for a serious relationship behaves in a relationship-focused way.

For a man, the woman he loves becomes his greatest promise of a better future. But how do you know if a man wants you for something serious or is he playing games? It’s all in your attitude, it’s not your words. His actions have to tell you that he loves you.

Not all relationships end in something serious. Everyone has priorities. It may be that your crush is far from thinking about something serious with you. Perhaps you want to finish your degree first and have financial stability.

1.- If he treats you as the most important thing in his life, he is serious

One of the main gestures of a man in true love is his focus on you in everything he does. That approach tells you that he wants you for something serious in the present and future.

There is nothing to distract him when he is with you. His look, his details, and his thoughts are with you. That way he tells you that he is a man in love looking for a serious relationship.

1. Often gives you gifts with nice wrappings. In this way, he shows you that, for him, you are the most important person in his life.

2. He knows that you like chocolates or some other sweet and is always in charge of taking you. With that detail, he tells you how much he loves you.

3. He tells you about his dreams and goals where you are the main protagonist. With that, he tells you that he loves you in his future.

4. When he is with you he is always in a good mood. Without any effort, he comes up with things that make you laugh.

5. He always tells you that you look beautiful and won’t stop kissing you. It does not matter if you are not fixed, for him you are a woman’s love.

2.- A man in love looking for a serious relationship looks happy

A good relationship is construction with details where both take responsibility for their individual happiness. When someone wants you in their life they are serious about building their happiness.

When someone doesn’t want you in their life they don’t make you feel important, they forget about appointments and make excuses. For a man who loves you seriously, you are his priority.

6. In the morning he always sends you a “good morning my love” accompanied by other beautiful phrases of love.

7. At night he always looks for you, asks how your day was and when he says goodbye he says “good night my love”.

8. Whenever they are together, they only look at you. There is nothing else that catches your attention. He looks at you, gets nervous, burns you, and kisses you.

9. As long as you have time, it makes casual conversations go on for hours.

10. At any moment he gently embraces you, caresses your hair, and kisses you on the forehead.

3.- How to know if a man wants a serious relationship

Everything is in the details in the gestures of a man who shows that he is truly in love. He doesn’t look for you only when he needs you, but you are his world, he wants you for everything and in everything.

man in love looking for a serious relationship is loving at all times, not just when it suits him. Even when they’re not together, he texts you and lets you know that he thinks of you.

11. When meeting or saying goodbye, he always gives you a kiss, sometimes peeking, others on the cheek.

12. When he kisses you, he is very tender, delicate, and loving. He is as passionate as telling you that you are the most valuable thing in his life.

13. He makes surprise visits to your work, just to greet you, with the excuse that he was passing by.

14. Every time he caresses you, he does it with as much love as if you were a delicate and beautiful flower.

15. He always sends you beautiful love letters or phrases. He also writes you letters on paper showing you how much he thinks of you.

4.- If you are looking for excuses to be together, he loves you seriously

It is not easy to find a man who really loves you and wants to formalize the relationship. It really all starts with you. You are the one who builds values ​​in your life that later become attractive.

man in love looking for a serious relationship when he sees and feels values ​​in you. You really are their complement, not a burden. Feel that he loves you because you love yourself.

16. If they work nearby, he suggests you have lunch together and asks how you’re doing.

17. Whenever they go out somewhere, they will drop you off at your house no matter that they have to cross half the city at midnight.

18. Always find excuses to make surprise visits to you and help you in whatever way you can.

19. Every morning wishes you a good day without expecting anything in return and tells you something funny to make you laugh.

20. Every time he talks to you, he does so tenderly, in a low voice and smiling. For him, you are the girl of his dreams.

5.- A love relationship is built between two happy people

How do you know if you want something serious or are you playing? Don’t expect that because a man claims to be in love with you he will do everything. He may want something serious or be playing games, but what do you want?

What you want becomes your lifestyle regardless of any man. A man in love looking for a serious relationship also wants a woman who loves herself.

21. He shakes his hand at all times and shows it off to his friends. With this detail, he tells you that you are his pride.

22. Always guide you by the hand or back when getting out of the car, going upstairs, or crossing the street.

23. He loves to caress your skin very gently while looking at you with great tenderness.

24. Whenever he is with you he keeps his smile, he is very enthusiastic and creative.

25. Always notice the small changes you make in your appearance.

6.- A man in love seeks a loving relationship and it would be serious if

At all times it makes you feel special. If you are interested in your dreams, goals, and difficulties that you are waging in your life. They are not only interested in how beautiful you are, but they are looking for ways to help you.

It motivates you and inspires you to push yourself and get ahead with your own efforts. A man in love looking for a serious relationship is committed to your successes and difficulties.

26. Any change of mood you have is not overlooked and is interested in making you feel good.

27. If he has a meeting, always try to accompany him.

28. Do not miss the opportunity to ask you out and take advantage of everything to get to know you better.

29. He is interested in your tastes and shares his music, movies, books, and games with you.

30. When they are apart but in the same place, they always try to cross their gaze with you.

7.- How does a man in love act when he wants something serious and lasting?

How to know if a guy only wants you for his fun and not for a serious relationship? A serious relationship does not necessarily have to end in marriage to be serious.

Seriousness is about compromising and getting involved with no strings attached. A man in love looking for a serious relationship works on improving his own self-esteem.

When a man loves himself, all his relationships are sincere. What matters is being honest with yourself. Loving is a responsibility to oneself.

31. He makes you find him by chance in different places and takes the opportunity to tell you that he loves you.

32. Whenever they are together in public or alone, he embraces you or takes your hands with much love.

33. He never misses an opportunity to make you feel that he loves you with one or another detail.

34. Your parents adore her for how much you talk about her.

35. Her parents treat you with great respect because she tells them how much you show her love.