35 types of love you will likely experience in your lifetime

Discover all the types of love found in the world, from the terms used to describe love in ancient Greece to modern types of love.

7 Types of love, according to ancient Greece

In ancient Greece, there were 7 words, each relating to a different type of love: from physical love (eros) to purely spiritual love (agape). Here are 7 types of love from ancient Greeks.

1. Eros: Love of the body

Eros is the Greek God of love and desire. He shot golden arrows in the hearts of mortals and immortals. The Greeks were terrified by this kind of love, reputed to be dangerous and likely to bring them problems. Eros refers to divine beauty and desire. Eros love is born mainly from physical attraction and it is moreover at the origin of the term “erotic”.

Example of erotic love: two people who, from the first meeting, feel an attraction and desire for each other.

2. Philia: Love of the spirit

Also known as brotherly love, philia refers to sincere and platonic love. The kind of love you have for your brother, sister or a dear friend. He was given more value than eros. Philia exists when a person shares similar values ​​and temperaments with another and their feelings are reciprocal.

Example of love philia: two friends who talk about their mutual and deep understanding; who say that these feelings of security and freedom allow them to feel comfortable and protected.

3. Ludus: mischievous love

Ludus refers to a charming and teasing love, a love that is accompanied by dancing and laughter. It is a childish and light love. If you think about it, the current generation likes “the playful way” more than any other.

Example of ludus love: modern love at its peak. Ludus love can be perfectly understood thanks to the image of two people who simply want to have fun together, without the need for security or depth.

4. Pragma: ancient love

The eternal love that develops over time within a married couple. Pragma was the noblest form of love; the real commitment that comes from understanding, compromise and tolerance. It is a pragmatic love and it is for this reason that it is referred to via the terms “stay in love” rather than “fall in love”; because it develops over time and requires a deep understanding, between lovers who have been together for many years.

Example of pragma love: think of your grandparents, everything they endured and the fact that they have always chosen to stay together.

5. Agapê: the love of the soul

Agape love is selfless love, love of humanity. It is the form of love closest to unconditional love. The one we give without ever expecting anything in return and which is expressed in charitable acts. It is compassionate love, the one that drives us to be united, to help and to bond with strangers. The world needs agape.

Example of agape love: those people in your life who always give to others and expect nothing in return. It’s the way they show their love and how they get energy from that one. By giving all that they have and all that they are to those around them, they find beauty in life.

6. Philauty: self-love

The ancient Greeks divided love Philauty into two subcategories: one which is pure selfishness and seeking pleasure, fame and fortune (which often leads to narcissism ) and the other which refers to love healthy that one carries oneself. Love philauty is essential to any relationship. You can only love others if you love yourself and you can only take care of others if you take care of yourself.

Example of love philauty: selfish love philauty is the type of love you take, without giving anything in return – it is someone who only uses others to advance without his life. Think of the upstarts of this world … In parallel, the other type of love philauty, positive that one is found in a united couple. Everyone makes their living but they move forward together, support each other and pull each other up.

7. Storgê: family love

Storgê refers to the love that parents naturally feel for their children. It is based on spontaneous feelings and innate love. Storgê is a type of love that knows forgiveness, acceptance, and sacrifice. It is the one that makes us feel safe, protected and comfortable.

Example of storgê love: think of the love of your mother or your best friend gives you. It is rooted in friendship and understanding, but it also involves a deep emotional connection.

8. The new love

Ah, this love is so light. We don’t even realize that we love. It is rather, moreover, that we “like”, because it is difficult to admit that it is really loved. It is not a deep love, but rather a “remind me and above all, do not get hit by a truck!” ” But nevertheless, it is both a lot of stress and a lot of fun. It’s sad because it can disappear in an instant when we hope it will last. It is the most touching love, after the love that elderly people share and that I hope to know one day too.

9. Routine love

You’ve been dating for a while and you love each other. It’s a fact. This person brings you a form of comfort. Routine is perceived negatively, wrongly. It’s simple. There is no doubt. There is no point in hiding your feelings from others and it is great. He is there for you and you are there for him. It is a real comfort.

10. Disgusting love

Take a room, seriously ill!

11. Love

You like the idea of ​​the other. You want it terribly, but apart from that, there isn’t really a connection. This type of love is often fleeting, like the passage of a tornado. You really want to be part of this person’s life but in itself, there is not much going on between you, is it? You like the idea of ​​being with this person and you want to be with them. But once you get to this point, you realize that you are not meant to be together. This type of love is the most likely to break your heart.

12. Love-friendship

You want to love this friend, but you’re not there yet. You love them, but without really loving them. It just isn’t for you. You would go well together, but he does not fall for you and it is for this reason that you are only friends. And it doesn’t matter. You give each other a different type of support, which you would not have in a romantic relationship.

13. Simulated love

You would so much like it to work … But guess what? This is not the case. So you force yourself to believe that this person is “good enough” for you and that you are “good enough” for him. So, you live by the principles that you learned as a child and that there are things to do and things to do in your love life – falling in love, getting married, buying a house, having children, etc… But it may not be the right person. No, cut the bridges and find yourself a ” love made to last “.

14. The “great” love

It’s him. Pure and simple. It may take you some time to realize it, but it will be him. Maybe you will separate, you will get back together, you will separate again and so on … But in the end, you will realize that there is no one else like him on earth. You would give everything for him. It is so perfect that you will hate it because you did not think that one person was ever able to make you feel like that.

15. Love made to last

You are made to be together. You will never give up on that. You are partners in the face of life. You could see him having food poisoning and still want to make love to him (a little later anyway). You have experienced things, whether it be losing a job, having a child, buying a house or losing a parent … And he was there. He has supported you throughout. You could not imagine life without him. I like to think that this stage is the one that comes right after ” the great love “because it is an even deeper love.

16. Tragic love

It ended and it shouldn’t have. It is without return. This type of love is deeply rooted in your soul and runs through your body, but you will eventually heal. You will always have reminiscences of this love, but it will never be the same again. And you know it. Even if you got back together, your love would be different. And everyone knows it. Whatever you do or whoever you love next, you will always remember that person. And maybe in another life, you will finally be together.

17. The love of your parents

This love has two dimensions: your parents ‘love for you, whatever you do, and your parents’ love for each other. And this is the last one I’m going to talk about. Their love is not always the most beautiful. They fought. They were reconciled according to a hug. They learned to cross together in their twenties, thirties, forties and so on … And you have witnessed it. They are the ones who have most impacted your vision of love. Maybe it will have disturbed you, maybe not. But in any case, it will have allowed you to know what love you are looking for, the same or one that is completely different.

18. Unhealthy love

We all have an ex like that … He can’t have you then, he wants you. He ends up having you and ultimately he doesn’t want you anymore. It’s a vicious circle. But you hold on to him anyway, because for you it’s deeper than that. After all, you have known other types of love before. You have experienced a new love, a routine love or something else. But it ended, you still care about the other and you know that there can be nothing between you. Point. You are toxic to each other.

19. The love of old people

The most touching love of all, without a doubt. Who hasn’t had tears in their eyes when they saw two elderly people holding hands? They went through everything. All the darkest facets of a romantic relationship and they still held out. It is more a partnership, a companionship than anything else. They learned forgiveness, strength, perseverance through each other. It is a great love. It is also a tragic love because there is one who will leave before the other, but neither of them would want someone else by his side.

A detailed list of other types of love

There are probably as many types of love as there are types of people in the world. Here is a list of these types of love and their meaning.

–  20. Cow love: it is a rigid love where you must be accountable and assume your responsibilities.

– 21.  Unrequited love: this is a relationship in which one of the partners lacks love. In other words, unrequited love is when someone loves and the other does not. As Krizzia Paolyn poetically wrote, unrequited love is “impossible love since the person you love does not love you in return”.

– 22.  Obsessive love: it is a dangerous type of love, which often leads to possessiveness and sometimes to physical violence. For obsessive lovers, love is madness. This type of love is always called “madness” love.

– 23. Forbidden love: these are cursed lovers, Romeos, and Juliets. This love is almost always tragic or it involves heavy family and / or cultural consequences. For those who choose to love someone with whom they have no right to be in love, this love is strong. They are deeply connected to their partner.

– 24. One-way love: it is different from unrequited love. When you have a one-way relationship, two people have entered into a relationship, but one of the partners makes more effort than the other and the one who does the least seems to try to benefit from it.

–  25. Constructive love: this kind of love makes us grow. It is the type of love that we share with our best friend or with a partner who continually wants to help us surpass ourselves. This love reminds us of order, without ever judging us – it helps us become the best version of ourselves possible.

– 26. Permissive love: it is a love that pushes someone to close their eyes to the things on which their partner has to work. It is often a family love that will evolve as soon as the situation requires it. Think of a mother who gives money to her son when she knows he will use it badly. Or to your father saying “if that’s what makes you happy” when he knows you are doing something wrong.

– 27. Competitive love: this love exists between two highly motivated people and can be expressed in two previous ways. On the negative side, it is when two people are unable to be happy with each other’s successes – they are constantly competing. On the positive side, it is when two people are competitive, but support each other and push the other to succeed – they are motivated to become better for the other.

– 28. Embittered love: it is a kind of love that is born in a relationship if one of the partners had to give up a dream, his career or something else. Over time, he ends up resenting his partner and has the impression that he no longer has any reason to live, outside of his relationship.

– 29. Eternal love: it is the kind of love that lasts no matter what. Distance and years can come between them, but when these two see each other, feelings flow. They are still linked, even when they are no longer physically. 

– 30. Artistic love: It is an artist/muse relationship. It is a love that is born between an artist and the person who inspires him the most. It is love often tumultuous and even sometimes one-sided or short-lived if the artist finds another muse.

– 31. Distant love: it is the kind of love that is born at a distance. When you love someone but you do nothing to make it happen. Besides, you don’t know much about the other – you just have strong feelings and prefer to cherish that from a distance rather than break the fantasy.

–  32. Exploratory love: it is the kind of love that makes you shiver, like when you arrive in a new city or a new country and have this powerful feeling of being at home. You may not have been born there, but you know right away that you are at home there.

– 33. Transient love: it is the kind of love that suddenly creeps into you; the kind of love that takes you, when you are sitting with a friend and there is silence. You look at it and you are filled with happiness and gratitude for it. You feel lucky to have it in your life.

– 34. Changing love: one who acts like a switch. One moment, you are totally in love with someone. But as soon as he does something that hurts you or acts like a love kill, your feelings go away. It’s almost like he’s pushing you away and you’re unable to stay with him.

–  35. Curious love: this kind of love is never strong at the start. You are taken by a sweet curiosity that bubbles within you. You don’t like this person, but you know you will eventually get there. You know he will treat you as you deserve.