38 topics to talk about with the guy you like

Forget all the compliments you have heard. Why not try something sincere and full of passion like these beautiful phrases that we have chosen?

When you are trying to impress your crush, you can use all methods to like it. However, the best way to impress him is to express your feelings in a sweet and memorable way.

All you need to do is say it at the right time in the right way. But unfortunately, many times that person that we like so much also does not make us feel very nervous and we do not know what to say or we make rookie mistakes.

No, you are not the only person to whom it has happened that everything is going great on a date and when that romantic movie moment comes when you both look at each other and the script demands an emotional demonstration, you say something completely out of character. place Who hasn’t happened to?

You end up saying something too simple for the situation, which can make the other person feel disinterested or overly intense, which can even scare them.

Expressing your feelings can be difficult. You can feel nervous saying what you feel. You also run the risk that the other person may not feel the same as you.

We all go through that. Especially if the person we like is not meant for us.

But keep in mind that you will not achieve anything with that person if you do not try. Why not take the risk and find out if that person feels the same as you? You have nothing to lose. You will feel better knowing the truth than fantasizing about relationships that are not.

In addition, there are thousands of ways to approach the person you like, depending on where they are in the courtship.

We don’t have the same amount of confidence on the first date as we do on the fifth. Nor do we want to appear dishonest by swearing everlasting love from the start. It’s not about that.

So, we already saw that these approaches must be original, honest and sweet. And how you already are all that, we are going to share with you some phrases so that you can fill yourself with ideas to conquer your love and not stop thinking about you.

What to say to who you like?

You can express yourself in many ways. You can give her a handmade gift, write her a poem, or sing her a song. But since practically no one dares to do these things anymore, we have some phrases that can help you.

Note: These phrases should be said lightly, naturally. You don’t want to scare people by expressing your feelings intensely. Do not express them in a joking or ironic tone either. Remember that balance is the key.

When you want me to know that you like …

Breathe, start the conversation, and wait until you feel comfortable and comfortable to say at least one of these phrases.

Note: Do it by looking into the eyes and notice the reaction of the other person.

1.- Why do you always look good?

2.- Why do I like you so much?

3.- Do you have any idea how adorable you are?

4.- I can’t stop seeing you. I just can not.

5.- You attract me. I can’t help it.

6.- You realize that I like you, right? Why shouldn’t I like you?

7.- Why are you so amazing?

8.- I think you are very handsome. But I like you for much more than that.

9.- You are very attractive. I can check it.

10.- Do you notice that I like you? Or should I make it more obvious?

Make note of the little details …

The best way to make your crush feel special is to tell them directly. And of course you can find what you like. The key is to make him feel what you feel; which is great for the things that make him who he is.

11.- What you just did was amazing, I loved it.

12.- Never stop smiling, you look incredible.

13.- You leave me speechless.

14.- We are all special. But I think you were so special.

15.- Keep talking. I love hearing your voice.

16. Can we appreciate for a second how much you care about the people around you? It seems to me one of your great attributes.

17. I think we all agree that you are amazing in everything you do.

18. You made my day. Really.

19.- Thank you for being yourself.

20. I don’t deserve to be so close to you. But I’m still going to try.

When you want them to start dating …

Now that your crush knows how you feel about him, it’s time to really do something about it. Obviously the next step is to ask him out. Here are some phrases to finally get the date you wanted so much and take the next step in the conquest.

21.- You and me, on a date. Think about it!

22.- We should do this more often. Maybe every day or as many times as you want.

23.- This that exists between the two deserves not one, but two lives.

24.- I can’t stop thinking about someone. Do you think it’s you Perhaps.

25.- Why is it so difficult for me to be away from you?

26.- Can I ask you a favor? Can you help me ask you out?

27.- I think it would be great to have a date with someone as fun as you, don’t you think?

28.- What do you want to eat for our first date?

29.- Can you tell me where we are going to go for the date you are going to say yes to?

30.- Do you want to go out with me? Repeat what I’m going to tell you Sure, I’d love to!

When you want to take things to the next level… A relationship!

When you get to know each other better, you should consider what’s next for both of you. If you want to keep moving forward, you can start broaching the subject using these cute and adorable phrases.

31.- I don’t know how much more I can bear not being with you.

32.- I like where we are going. Don’t you think we should keep moving forward?

33.- Stay with me. I like that we are together.

34.- Sometimes, the right person is right in front of you. It’s me in case you were wondering.

35.- When I woke up I realized that it is not the same to think of you as to see yourself in front of me and hear your voice.

36 .- I can not believe that you and I are not dating yet.

37.- Many things can happen in a minute. Let’s make something happen between you and me right now.

38.- I want to be in a relationship with someone who understands me. You understand me, right?

It may seem difficult to say these things. But it’s better to say them than to use the compliments that everyone has heard before. You can rephrase these phrases according to the situation. The important thing is that you say it honestly and with your heart.

Regardless of how you express your feelings, it is the actions that really count. Feel free to make someone you like smile with any of these suggestions. Just go and say “Hello.” After that, everything will happen naturally.