39 Simple Questions for Couples Who Want to Get Together More

Let’s face it, relationships can quickly get boring if we always follow the same routine and always do the same things.

Doing the same things can also be summed up as “always having the same conversations.”

In order to maintain a strong and happy relationship, both of you need to worry not only about doing new things, but also about talking about topics that you haven’t touched on, that are interesting, and that help you get to know each other a little better.

One of the best ways to do this is to find interesting questions that cover all kinds of topics, opinions and personal tastes, that open new channels of communication and trust between you.

Some of these questions can have short, funny, unexpected answers, and even lead to extremely deep reflections on the part of both of you.

It is proven that doing new things with another person strengthens the bond of intimacy that we have with them.

So asking us, together with our partner, some new question every day, will serve as one of those small doses of emotion and intimacy that will keep the relationship working properly.

The questions for couples that we have selected in this article, in addition to keeping them entertained during idle times when, for example, they are in the car on a long journey or are in a waiting room, they will make them get to know each other more.

Without a doubt with them they deepen their expectations of the relationship and that they dare to be completely honest.

39 questions couples should ask themselves

1.- If you could meet anyone you wanted, living or dead, who would you choose?

2.- What is it that makes you feel most loved?

3.- If you could change your name, what name would you choose and for what reason?

4.- If you had to go to a desert island, what would be the three people and the three things that you would take with you?

5.- What is your favorite dessert?

6.- In what skill would you really like to be better than you are now?

7.- What is love for you? What is the personal description that you give him?

8.- If it were in your hands to save the world, but that required killing a person, would you kill someone else or would you kill yourself?

9.- What would you like the most? To be rich or to be famous?

10.- What is your favorite fictional character?

11.- Have you ever had your heart broken so hard that you thought you were never going to get over it?

12.- At this moment in your life, what do you enjoy doing the most?

13.- Do you consider yourself a good friend? why?

14.- If you could eat anything you wanted at this moment, what would you choose?

15.- Do you have a dream that you haven’t told anyone or that you consider a bit ridiculous or impossible?

16. How would you describe a day that was absolutely perfect from start to finish?

17.- How do you think other people perceive you when they meet you for the first time?

18.- What do you think is your greatest weakness?

20.- What do you treasure the most in life?

21.- What do you consider to be your best and your worst quality?

22.- Are you friends with any of your ex-partners?

23.- Do you think that platonic friendships between people of the opposite gender are possible?

24.- How do you feel about monogamy? And what do you think of open relationships?

25.- What is your definition of being unfaithful? From what point is a person really being unfaithful?

26.- What is the most terrible thing that has happened to you in this life?

27.- What do you consider to have been the best moment of your life?

28.- What is the book that comforts you the most and that you can read over and over again?

29.- What is the best advice you have been given and who gave it to you?

30.- When you feel sad or have had a difficult day, what do you do to feel better?

31.- Who is the person you most admire in life and why?

32.- Who is the person you trust the most in this life and why?

33.- Are you the type of person who exaggerates things, or who minimizes them?

34.- For you, what is the most exciting thing in life?

35.- How do you consider your personal relationship with work and money to be?

36.- If you could go live anywhere in the world, which one would you choose and why?

37.- How do you feel about the idea of ​​going on vacation with other couples?

38.- If you couldn’t have children, would that be a big problem for you in life?


Although here we have seen a small list of questions that work for this purpose, in reality any question that has the objective of having a good time and learning something from the other person is an excellent option, so do not be afraid to invent your own questions. .

Asking these questions is appropriate almost at any time, some situations, especially those that involve lack of distraction or a couple of glasses of wine at hand, are the best that we can take advantage of.

This, to venture into these questions that all couples should ask themselves at least once in their lives.

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