4 magical ingredients to organize an unforgettable “micro-wedding”

In the United States, “micro-marriage” is becoming more and more fashionable. The concept ? Organize a simple, intimate … and unforgettable ceremony.

When you were little, you dreamed of having a great princess wedding . Only here, since, you have grown up and you realize the immense energy and financial expenditure that a marriage with great pomp generates. But just because you give up your little girl dream does not mean that this special day will be wasted. On the contrary: an intimate marriage will save you a lot of stress, will not ruin you and will give you the opportunity to share this moment with the people closest to you. The icing on the cake: getting married this way would make your union last longer, according to a study published in 2016. More and more couples are opting for this formula, especially in the United States where the New York Times does not hesitate to talk about this trend of “microweddings” (“micro-marriages”), a term that could well emerge in France over the next few years. Here is the magic recipe for organizing a simple, but successful wedding.

1- A pinch of guests

Think carefully: do you really want to invite your rascal great aunt that no one can feel? If restricting your budget is your main motivation for organizing a “small” wedding, reducing your guest list to a maximum of 50 people (or even less) will undoubtedly allow you to make the biggest savings. But the financial aspect is not the only advantage. Inviting a handful of handpicked guests will allow you to surround yourself only with people you really feel close to. Especially since you will be able to enjoy each of them more on D-Day, instead of spending your day twirling between the guests to whom you will (for some) have little to say …

2- An intimate setting

The advantage when organizing a micro-wedding is of course to save time and money. But not only that: some people prefer by far to favor the intimate setting in order to avoid running around and having the opportunity to speak with everyone during the evening. Exit the big party rooms or the lush mansions: your thing is rather a roof-top with lanterns everywhere, or a party in the forest with yurts arranged for your guests.

3- A beautiful bridal outfit … that appeals to you

If you swear by the white dress with the long train and the beautiful veil that goes with it, do not deprive yourself. But if this outfit does not inspire you, treat yourself. This is precisely the spirit of a non-traditional marriage: nothing requires you to respect the rules. And after all, it’s “your day” and that, your guests will understand very well. So, if you want to come in a neon pink jumpsuit , in a multicolored flounced dress, in a black suit or in a sequined dress, go for it, as long as you feel good in this outfit.

4- A touch of madness

If despite all this advice, your desire to get married outside of conventions is not entirely satisfied, another option is available to you: ” elopement “. This concept, coming straight from the United States, consists in taking to flight and slapping the budget that you had planned for your ceremony in an airplane ticket for a magical destination … Once there, you don’t all you have to do is find the perfect place to exchange your vows in the presence of only a few people (if only to officiate the ceremony or take photos). A post on Instagram and presto! Your loved ones will be able to attend your wedding virtually. In the intimate and original genre, you can hardly do better.